Dr. Jiao Yumei dynamic group psychotherapy recruitment

Have you ever thought about how to live and how to live?Do you always get along with people who are close to you?Do you feel that you have w


Have you ever thought about how to live and how to live?

Do you always get along with people who are close to you?

Do you feel that you have worked hard, but you still don't get along with others?

Do you feel limited by your inner conflict?

Do you know how much your native family and your upbringing affect you?

Do you want to know more about yourself and want to live more comfortably?

Do you want to have better relationships in the workplace?

Do you want to experience a different mirror in the group interaction?

Do you want to experience the real flow of inner subconscious power in a real community?

Psychological treatment is a kind of special relationship based on talk therapy, a treatment mode is people with the therapist through conversation reached the goals of treatment, and group psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy consists of several group members and group therapists.

Dynamic group psychotherapy is the relationship among the members and members with the therapist, understanding the dynamic relationship between important people with family members in the subconscious conflict into the consciousness of inspection, to reconstruct the personality system of the parties, to achieve the purpose of treatment. The treatment group itself in a symbolic way to reproduce the original family, so that each member of the past history of the group in front of the group. The treatment process is to group the re creation of the original family, with the treatment group specific factors, such as support, provide the community care, emotional catharsis, interpersonal interaction as a foundation, to help members analysis, discussion, explanation and interpretation of resistance and defence of past experience on the subconscious level, aware of unconscious motivation. To solve the member in infancy dysfunctional mode, to solve the problems caused by the family to their problems, and make a new decision based on the new understanding of the.

By taking part in this group, you can help with the following:

1 improve interpersonal and communication, improve the ability to deal with intimacy;

2 learn to feel, listen and give;

3 accept and provide support and feedback;

4 enhance the ability to change the status quo;

5 ability to cope with anxiety and stress;

6 enhance the ability of emotional management;

7 build your own sense of security and trust;

8 improve self-confidence, self-image and self-esteem;

9 learn how to love yourself, love your family, love your friends, and thus gain more love;

10 gradually understand what you don't know, and promote inner self growth.

The team recruited:

1 want to know yourself, to enhance their mental model, so that they are more mature people;

2 people who want to improve their interpersonal skills and improve their communication skills;

3 hope to understand the mood, learn how to ease the mood, manage stress;

4 people who want to understand and improve their relationships;

5 people who want to learn how to love.

Conditions of participation:

1 motivated, determined and determined to change, and ready to change;

2 willing to accept challenges, willing to participate in treatment, perseverance, self exploration and discovery;

3 to be honest and frank expression of their feelings and the feelings of the other members of the group, and willing to touch the feelings of their own deep feelings;

4 have enough psychological maturity, can reflect on themselves, pay attention to others, can tolerate the temporary disappointments in the treatment process;

5 Sunday afternoon can arrange their own time.

The basic requirements of the group:

1 age of 20 to 65 years old, junior high school education;

2 therapists accept one to two times the interview about 10 to 30 minutes, to understand your personal circumstances, you enter the goal, (every group member needs to have at least one group, group therapy is of course function practical, comprehensive goal) to consider whether you fit into the group treatment;

3 the requirements of the group are true; once it is determined to join the group, each member must sign a group treatment agreement;

4 respect for the group during treatment.

The group settings:

1 rounds of treatment for the first time, once the round is closed group therapy, that is, no longer join new members in the middle of the 25. After the 25 time if the old team members to quit, you can recruit new members to join, but also once a new round of start, no longer join the new members.

2 the treatment time and frequency: 90 minutes / time, 1 times / week (national holidays and therapists due to work out the meeting or research, treatment time is postponed to next week, usually at least 3 days notice in advance, the treatment group members) is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

3 adhere to the principle of confidentiality: each team member has the responsibility and obligation to confidentiality of the members of the group as well as the interaction of all the words and deeds of the group to be confidential.

4 charges: yuan per person /25 times, one-time payment of fees, the cost of withdrawal is not refundable.

5 present: open group, requires every time to participate, not to the cost still charge, and to the therapist leave, it is necessary to discuss the future of the next reason within the group; for tardiness should have an open attitude, can discuss in groups. After the decision to withdraw from the group in advance to 4 to 6 times to inform the group members of their exit plan, and can be open to discuss in this group.

6 take part in a group process can be open, introspective, enthusiastic attitude, and be sincere face of the group and other members of their own, and even conflict in the face of team members of different opinions, can bear certain pressure and unpleasant, can express their feelings and thoughts by speech, but prohibit the use of any action the expression (mainly refers to the behavior of out of control).

7 can do in group therapy beyond time try not to socialize with the other members of the group, to avoid double relationship, even if there is a party in the group, to discuss with all team members in the next treatment group. In the event of a sexual or sexual relationship between the members, the group will no longer be allowed to enter.

Brief introduction to the group therapist:

Jiao Yumei: female, deputy chief physician, Fudan University School of medicine in psychiatry and mental health professional master of Medicine (currently pursuing the PhD), national two counselors and psychotherapists. For a long time, engaged in the clinical work of mental health, good at the dynamics of individual and group counseling, long-term dynamic orientation of psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy. The main training: participating in the project dynamic psychotherapy of continuous training in Germany, under the tutelage of Dr. Klaus Kocher analyst Germany and group analyst, analyst supervisor and trainer Alf Gerlach, Dr Werner and Dr Beck, long-term at home with Su Xiaobo teacher, Professor Zhang Haiyin, Professor Du Yasong's personal experience in training and supervising. Group, experience a total of nearly 200 hours, there are thousands of hours of psychological counseling and treatment of clinical experience.

Main monograph: "open the door of the masters," one of the series of "unusual treatment" (Su Xiaobo and Jiao Yumei), will be published by China Light Industry Publishing House in the near future.

In order to better group therapy, this group of patients in particular invited Wu Qiongye as a therapist.

Wu Qiongye, female, graduated from East China Normal University professional mental health education, mental health center of Shanghai City nurse director, national two counselors and psychotherapists. Shanghai Mental Health Association (Psychotherapy) member. He has long been engaged in the clinical psychological and nursing work, and has been working in the psychological counseling clinic of Minhang Hospital of Shanghai mental health center for 2008.12 months. The main training: participating in the project dynamic psychotherapy of continuous training in Germany, under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Wolf analyst in Germany and the German group analyst Friedrich Markert and Dr. Laimbö ck of Austria group analyst; Dr. Annemarie, in China and accept advanced images of counseling and psychology training, EAP consultant training and family therapy training. Ceng Qifeng, Meng Fu teacher guidance and experience. It has been nearly 5 years in the field of psychological counseling.

For those who are interested in participating in this group, please note that:

1, this group is expected to enroll 10 members to 15, effective registration number reached 10 after the official start the first round of treatment, no longer included in the crew, places are limited, register now.

2, the registration fee for the treatment group effective successively as the standard, the fee is 100 yuan / times, 25 times for a wheel, in order to ensure the atmosphere and set the group interaction, a round of treatment cost of a hand, don't stop any reason to take part in a non refundable fee, please register in advance considering this factor can not guarantee the treatment time please do not rush in. (declined any form of bargaining)

In 3, the group treatment steps: (1) to look at the Jiao Yumei doctor (the old doctor Jiao Yumei can accept patients in the outpatient and consult previous follow-up assessment, preliminary conditions into the group has never seen a doctor Jiao Yumei suggested to outpatient psychological counseling in Lingling road 604, doctor Jiao Yumei in July 4th July 11th, July 18th, the first to consult, and accept the assessment of initial conditions into the group); (2) after the initial assessment were eligible and I have decided to participate in the group treatment in July 10th and July 24th 2:30 to 3:30 to No. 604 Lingling Road, go through the formalities (hang in a doctor Jiao Yumei the floor of the ordinary psychological counseling, and then to the designated consulting room procedures).

The start of the 4, the group after the treatment are located in Lingling Road No. 604 building 3 groups (specific you can ask the third therapeutic room nurses; pre treatment time) on Sunday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00; the frequency of once a week (individual time for the national holiday hospital Tingzhen or therapists have other work arrangements and be postponed to the next a weekend in the same time, each member in advance will have a specific schedule).



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