How far is gastritis from gastric cancer

Reporter correspondent Zhao Ying Cai Shuo City ExpressMr. Wang is a middle-aged man, the cause of the rise in the country, the pace of daily


Reporter correspondent Zhao Ying Cai Shuo City Express

Mr. Wang is a middle-aged man, the cause of the rise in the country, the pace of daily work fast, the work pressure is relatively large. Six months ago, Mr. Wang found discomfort in the upper abdomen, did not cause enough attention, he bought some stomach medicine after taking the symptoms eased, but often repeated attacks.

Had been to a small hospital near the unit, was informed of gastritis. Until half a month before the obvious abdominal distension, decreased appetite, the hospital for gastroscopy and ultrasound examination, found to be advanced gastric cancer and liver metastases and ascites.

City Cancer Hospital, director of the Department of oncology Liang Han told reporters that such patients are not uncommon in clinical practice, found that about 95% of patients with gastric cancer have been advanced. According to the Department of gastric cancer tumor hospital of the latest statistics: in recent 15 years, more than 7000 cases of gastric cancer patients, the onset of symptoms within 3 months of being diagnosed patients less than 1/3, nearly half of the patients in the first half of the year after the onset of the disease was not diagnosed until late, some patients were diagnosed. Liang Han introduced, although the early symptoms of gastric cancer is not obvious, but we can according to some traces, timely treatment for early detection of tumor.

The early symptoms of gastric cancer are similar to gastritis

Professor Liang Han introduction, early gastric cancer presented with epigastric pain, bloating, anorexia, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms. Because these symptoms are not typical of early gastric cancer, so it is easy to be diagnosed as general stomach, this is one of the reasons for late patients. The expert reminds: men over the age of 40 (addicted to alcohol and tobacco should be relaxed to 35 years of age) of the symptoms of unknown causes should be paid attention to. In addition, the symptoms of dyspepsia is obvious and the duration is longer, the clinical treatment of symptoms is not obvious, should consider the possibility of gastric cancer.

In recent years, the trend of young gastric cancer, more than 40 years of age. Young people suffer from stomach cancer with rapid progress, short course of disease and so on. The direct cause of the consequences of the young people often do not pay attention to early signs of gastric cancer, usually in the stomach during the attack, opinionated ordinary stomach trouble is not timely treatment, endure it. Coupled with the fierce social competition, work pressure, fast-paced work, frequent social activities, irregular diet, to "take advantage of a weak point in gastric cancer". Generally people tend to feel luck, not easily believe will suffer from cancer, early diagnosis of gastric cancer often bungle.

Five types of people to become the edge of gastric cancer"

1 gastric polyps, the evolution of gastric cancer probability is 3% ~ 10%; chronic atrophic gastritis, the canceration rate is 2% ~ 8%, especially gastric sinusitis; malignant anemia occurred 4 times higher than the general human gastric cancer.

2 people who had undergone gastric resection had a higher chance of gastric cancer than those of normal subjects.

3 in recent years, the clinical discovery of Helicobacter pylori is one of the important factors of gastric cancer. The risk of gastric cancer in patients with positive Helicobacter pylori infection is 3 to 6 times higher than that of patients with negative infection.

4 the study found that people with type A blood have a higher incidence of gastric cancer than those with other blood types.

5 gastric cancer is also common in close relatives, with genetic factors.

In addition to the above the crowd, Professor Liang Han also introduced the three aspects of the cause of gastric cancer: a high salt diet, intake of salted food and smoked food too much; low protein diet increased the incidence of gastric cancer; bad eating habits become the cause of gastric cancer, such as overeating, eating hot food, eating fast dry, irregular diet, eating. In addition, the incidence of gastric cancer was significantly higher than that of non-smokers.

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