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Three gynecological diseases caused by men:First, leucorrhea abnormal. After puberty, women sometimes appear on the transparent colorless se


Three gynecological diseases caused by men:

First, leucorrhea abnormal. After puberty, women sometimes appear on the transparent colorless secretion, which is a large number of ovarian secretion of estrogen after the development of the impact of the medical called leucorrhea. It can be moist or lubrication of the vagina, every time stimulated, a few days before and after menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy will increase vaginal secretions, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Normal leucorrhea is colorless and transparent, no smell. If the leucorrhea, a cheese or bean dregs like odor, yellow or green, it is abnormal leucorrhea, it is usually the performance of genital tract inflammation. Experts pointed out that although there are a variety of reasons in female genital tract inflammation, but sometimes this responsibility must be borne by men, if he did not wash their hands in the hands touch, long nails do not pay attention to cleaning and shelter evil people and countenance evil practices; the same room before, especially the usual health habits of the poor; or is suffering from phimosis or redundant prepuce, etc.. In this case, the female afterwards too lazy to micturition and cleaning, it is easy to cause the abnormal leucorrhea.

Two, is chronic cervicitis. Data show that the incidence of chronic cervicitis in married or sexual life of women as high as 50%. Unmarried women because of the barrier of hymen, bacteria difficult to invade, so rarely cervicitis, after having sexual life, the vagina is in a relatively open state, to the bacteria can take advantage of the machine. Normal, pay attention to the health of sexual life is not to bring any harm to women. Vaginal secretions of women also have self-cleaning effect. But in some cases due to the reasons for the male, leading to bacteria invade the vagina, increasing the possibility of female genital inflammation. Male wrapping is too long, wrapping dirty is the place such as bacterium, virus to breed a place, be able to be transmitted to the other side easily through sexual behavior. Early ring resection and the use of condoms have a preventive effect on cervical cancer. To take a shower, wash pudenda before sexual intercourse between men and women, so as to reduce the chances of infection. Men want to flip the foreskin, especially to the Yin neck coronary sulcus of cleaning the dirt off.

Three, pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the inflammation of the female genital organs, including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and surrounding connective tissue, pelvic peritoneum. Young girls who did not come to menstruation, unmarried women who did not have sex, or postmenopausal women rarely had pelvic inflammatory disease. There are many reasons causing pelvic inflammatory disease, mainly infection, postpartum after abortion, or do uterine cavity surgery such as uterine curettage, fallopian tube etc.. But still a gynecologist again blaming male friends: some men in the woman's false requirements and sexual intercourse, results caused by pelvic inflammatory disease.

Prevention method is to do surgery to remove the foreskin, the foreskin is too long, there are many hazards, the impact on the woman's great harm, a little attention will be repeated.

We are now carried out by the root of the penis skin circumcision circumcision treatment in the front of the penis does not leave scars, the shape of the penis is not affected, the effect is satisfactory.

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