Visit 16 not found in gastric cancer stomach pain frequently need to be vigilant

2008 09 - 18 10:10Source: - Health times Author: Zhao Qingqing white Yi Yanong: Nanwang Shanghai tumor hospital chief physicia


2008 09 - 18 10:10

Source: - Health times Author: Zhao Qingqing white Yi Yanong: Nanwang Shanghai tumor hospital chief physician, Professor of abdominal surgery, gastric cancer multidisciplinary treatment group deputy chief expert.

Specializes in the treatment of gastrointestinal tumor, retroperitoneal tumor, soft tissue tumor, malignant melanoma.

Work time: Thursday morning, Monday afternoon (VIP Clinic)

Liang Han: Director of the Department of oncology, Tianjin Cancer Hospital, chief physician, professor.

Good at surgery and comprehensive treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, gastric cancer lymph node metastasis has deep research, peritoneal chemotherapy and thermotherapy in gastric cancer.

Work time: Monday morning

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Plaintiffs win, a hospital affiliated to the Second Military Medical University to compensate the plaintiff medical expenses, disability compensation and mental damages totaling 11 yuan." July 24, 2008, Shanghai, Huangpu court made the decision.

Things have to start with the Spring Festival in 2005, when Ms. Wang felt a little uncomfortable stomach, aching, "who is not a stomach, anyway also not too serious, Renren passed." This forbearance is more than a year.

February 7, 2006, Ms. Wang felt stomach pain more and more heavy, accompanied by his son, came to a nearby hospital affiliated to Second Military Medical University, hung up the old doctor of internal medicine, dr..

The doctor did not give a simple understanding of the disease, Ms. Wang did not open any check list on the prescription to write diagnostic results, write only a prescription: Jianweiyuyangpian (Chinese) 60 x 5 bottles, oral, 4 pills each time, 3 times a day."

"Should be the common stomach, insist on taking medicine on the line." Take the medicine from the pharmacy, Ms. Wang is very relaxed mood.

Home for half a month of medicine, the symptoms did not reduce, but also appeared diarrhea. In February 21, 2006, Ms. Wang hung up the number of Dr. zhang. This time, in addition to Doctor Zhang gave her a 5 bottle Jianweiyuyangpian, also opened 2 boxes of Nexium, which is a powerful anti acid drugs used in the treatment of gastric ulcer, or not to let Ms. Wang do any checking.

From March 8, 2006 to February 13, 2007, Ms. Wang suffered repeated attacks because of stomach trouble, and has been in the hospital for 13 times. In order to use the Nexium, oak, Tagamet, Jianweiyuyangpian, talcid and other acid suppression, antacid etc.. However, the symptom is more and more heavy, from "still have abdominal pain, acid reflux," hunger pain "to" anti water "to" shapeless stool "to" vomiting". So many visits, doctors have not issued any checks to Ms. Wang, there is no clear diagnosis of the disease.

March 9, 2007, 62 year old Ms. Wang sat in the consulting room, Dr. Zhang for the sixteenth time. Listen to the complaints of Ms. Wang, a doctor a few brush pen written on prescription. "In addition to the original drug, plus a talcid acid resistance." Then, a doctor immediately accepts a patient.

March 12, 2007, Ms. Wang after severe stomach pain, came to Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, the doctor heard her 16 visits, the condition did not improve the situation, immediately opened a gastroscopy.

In March 19th, the results of endoscopic biopsy pathology report came out. More than a year after the treatment of stomach cancer! The same day, Ms. Wang was admitted to the Shanghai Dawn Hospital, and in March 23rd made a radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Postoperative pathology confirmed as "poorly differentiated carcinoma of the stomach, part of signet ring cell carcinoma", and has invaded the serosa, involving nerve. That is to say, gastric cancer has progressed to the third stage.

"If a year ago can be found in gastric cancer, probably still in the first phase, is completely curable, but now, the treatment effect is not optimistic." The doctor said, let Ms. Wang and their families remorse. A paper petition, once 16 times a hospital affiliated to Second Military Medical University hospital to court.

Li lawyers say

Liu Ye, a lawyer at the Shanghai maritime law firm, is a solicitor for the plaintiff and a former doctor.

As a professional lawyer main agent of medical litigation, Liu Ye took over the various types of medical disputes which gastric cancer misdiagnosis be too numerous to enumerate, but to the case he left a deep impression. "I took several cases of this type of case. And many of them have some common features: old and sick, see the same doctor."

These symptoms are not typical, showing stomach pain, acid reflux symptoms, and gastric ulcer is very similar. Some people itself is suffering from years of stomach, perennial in the same doctor visits, prescription, so there is no doctor caused vigilance. Until the emergence of gastrointestinal obstruction and other serious symptoms, such as repeated vomiting, go to other doctors at the time of treatment, only to find the stomach, but when the disease has often progressed to the middle and late, missed the best treatment time.

Lawyer Liu Ye wrote in the court statement: the doctors there are two serious errors: 1, too confident, not according to the patient's condition changes to consider the diagnosis of gastric cancer, nor do gastroscope and X-ray examination, so that more than a year of missed diagnosis of gastric cancer. In February 7, 2006, Ms. Wang to the hospital doctor first. At that time the chief complaint of abdominal pain, acid reflux for more than one year, nearly again. According to the complaint, take account of the patient was 61 years old, according to medical practice, cannot be excluded for patients with gastric cancer, doctors should endoscopy or barium meal examination was performed to exclude gastric cancer. But the doctor did not make any inspection. In the treatment after more than a year and the invalid situation, doctors still did not consider the existence of gastric cancer, serious medical negligence.

2, medical malpractice and the patients with gastric cancer progression to stage three and there is a causal relationship between adverse prognosis. Due to medical negligence, in patients with gastric cancer growth a year and 1 months. According to the tumor doubling time every two months doubled in volume, more than a year before the patients was not excluded, the stomach is a phase, namely early gastric cancer, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of the doctors, and patients with gastric cancer continues to progress to the three stage and poor prognosis of the causal relationship. According to foreign records, the five year survival rate of primary gastric cancer was about 83.3%, while the survival rate of the patients with stage three gastric cancer was only about 22.1%. Therefore, the case should constitute a medical accident.

According to the medical accident identification results of the Shanghai Medical Association, the case for the final judgment of grade two (a most important cause of death in patients with severe disability, the C) medical accident, a hospital affiliated to Second Military Medical University for the plaintiff medical expenses, disability compensation and mental solatium total of more than 11 yuan rmb.

- the doctor view electronic gastroscopy pain

Speaking of the gastroscope, let a person think of is the thick rubber tube is inserted into the esophagus, nausea and vomiting, make people miserable. Some people are afraid of so doing gastroscope, think this process is very painful. In fact, gastroscopy now is very advanced, not only the diameter of electronic gastroscope was more slender, and hard tube before the improved hose can be turned with the body's natural curvature. As the chief expert of gastric cancer in Shanghai Cancer Hospital multidisciplinary treatment group deputy, Professor Wang Yanong to claim the body, he felt sick in the stomach will do gastroscope, less than 10 minutes to complete the examination, very convenient.

Now many hospitals are equipped with electronic gastroscope, some large hospital endoscopy room even with music, plus some local anesthetic before surgery, the patient simply feel no pain. For patients with special needs, some large hospitals have also carried out painless gastroscopy, that is, patients under anesthesia to complete the inspection.

Professor Wang Yanong believes that, although the Japanese like the promotion of the national census of gastric cancer is difficult, but the high-risk population must have regular gastroscopy, such as suffering from gastric ulcer, atrophic gastritis, part of adenomatous polyp of stomach and gastric resection in patients with gastric cancer in high incidence area, and family history of gastric cancer should be checked once every half a year ~1 year.

Gastric cancer is found early cure rate is high, from the clinical statistical data, radical surgery for gastric cancer, early patients 5 year survival rate was above 80%, and only in the late 20%~40%, if the standard treatment in hospital, early gastric cancer cure rate of up to 90% ~ 95%.

Symptoms have changed to be vigilant

Liang Han, director of the Department of oncology, Tianjin Cancer Hospital, said: do not have the effect of old stomach patients. If the symptoms are similar each time, the risk is not great. But if the symptoms suddenly increased than before, such as seizure frequency increase, increased pain, no law, and even bleeding, emaciation, melena, must be early to the hospital for gastroscopy, in order to find the cancer, improve the cure rate.

For usually never appear abdominal discomfort, stomach pain and other symptoms, we must attach importance to "for the first time". When the first symptoms appear, do not endure not cure, or just to the pharmacy to buy medicine for stomach to eat, must go to the hospital to do a gastroscopy, the investigation of gastric cancer, do not self medication.

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