The incidence of gastric cancer is becoming younger in China (Figure)

The prevalence and mortality of gastric cancer in China are 2 times higher than the world average, and there are about 1 people die of gastr


The prevalence and mortality of gastric cancer in China are 2 times higher than the world average, and there are about 1 people die of gastric cancer every two to three minutes.

Tianjin Cancer Hospital, director of gastrointestinal oncology professor Liang Han introduction, the current diagnostic rate of early gastric cancer can reach about 10%, the cure rate of early treatment is as high as 95%. However, at present our country hospital cases, more than 90% of the patients with gastric cancer is advanced to have medical treatment, and the 5 year survival rate is less than 20%; even the leading domestic hospitals, patients with 5 year survival rate can reach 46.3%, and the international advanced level there is a certain distance.

The peak age of gastric cancer is generally 50 years old -80 years old, but the incidence of gastric cancer in young and middle-aged people is increasing rapidly. In the past 5 years, 19 years old to 35 years old young gastric cancer incidence rate than doubled in 30 years.

Deputy director of Zhongshan University Guangzhou cancer prevention center Professor Xu Ruihua stressed that the removal of most experts agree with the gender, genetic, once benign chronic stomach disorders, smoked food, smoke and other relevant factors, a serious lack of sleep, diet, work and psychological pressure, and stomach discomfort or Helicobacter pylori stomach the infection is more and more not to regard it as right, young people the main factors for gastric cancer. Young people suffering from high degree of cancer of the stomach, rapid development, combined with easy misdiagnosis, diagnosis of gastric cancer has often been in the advanced stage, the treatment effect is often poor.

Professor Liang han to remind young people to maintain healthy habits, once appear abdominal discomfort, chest pain, postprandial fullness, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, indigestion and vomiting often overnight without bile juice, or black stool tarry and other symptoms, should as soon as possible. Gastric cancer in high-risk groups, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric polyps and malignant anemia, after subtotal gastrectomy and family history of gastric cancer population, more regular gastroscopy, early detection and early treatment. Zhang Jianxin (source: Beijing daily)

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