Breast silicone prosthesis breast safe? (with a new surgery)

Many women want to have a pair of plump upturned, satisfactory shape of the breast, for flat and lactation after breast collapse of the beau


Many women want to have a pair of plump upturned, satisfactory shape of the breast, for flat and lactation after breast collapse of the beauty, we can use the method of silicone implants to obtain satisfactory breast shape, we are concerned about the following problems encountered Amy often in clinical work

Prosthesis is safe?

Nearly half a century of clinical practice has proved that the medical silica gel on the human body non-toxic, harmless, no side effects, will not lead to autoimmune diseases, and human tissue can be a long time peaceful coexistence. In 05, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the long-term application of silicone prosthesis for the safety of the human body, that silicone prosthesis in the human body for a long time no problem.

Silicone implant into what level?

In general, the breast breast flat, fewer patients, we choose into the back of the pectoralis major lacuna, contour can't detect the prosthesis, touch feel better. For more breast but with a mild ptosis of the beauty, we can choose the gland after cavity, can get the dynamic nature of breast.

Does prosthesis augmentation affect lactation and check?

The answer is no, because in general the pectoralis major muscle prosthesis or behind the front, there is no damaging effect on the nipple and breast tissue, so the impact on fertility and lactation will not, it will not affect the breast tissue examination and X-ray examination

The patient was 32 years old

Three months after surgery

Preoperative oblique view,

Postoperative oblique view

Postoperative view, bilateral symmetry of nature

After half an year, axillary wound was not obvious

The patient was 29 years old, and the breast was not full and the nipple was not at a level

After February, full of beautiful natural breasts, nipples, at the same level.

Preoperative oblique photograph

Postoperative oblique photograph

Postoperative image. Cleavage significantly. Nipple symmetry

23 year old female, poor breast development

In January, the breasts were symmetrical and plump

Preoperative oblique view

Postoperative oblique view

One month after the operation incision is still a bit red, but hidden in the axillary folds.

The patient was 35 years old and had a flat breast after birth

Postoperative positive view

Preoperative lateral view

Postoperative side view

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