How to cook traditional Chinese Medicine

At present, many hospitals can decoct Chinese traditional medicine, but some patients think they still willing to ask how often decoction, d


At present, many hospitals can decoct Chinese traditional medicine, but some patients think they still willing to ask how often decoction, decoction.

Chinese herbal medicine is mostly crude, before the sale are generally carried out in the processing, generally do not need washing before decoction. If you do feel that some herbs dirty, you can quickly rinse with water before soaking, do not soak wash, in order to prevent a large number of soluble components in the effective loss of water, thus affecting the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.

In general, decocting vessel crock casserole as well, enamel, stainless steel can be, but do not use aluminum, iron, bronze, metal goods and prevent reaction of these drugs, the impact of drug efficacy or even cause harm to the human body. Now the general is a cover ceramic casserole.

Soak the medication into the medicine pot out flat, then add cold water to a height of 0.5 inch flat medicine, soak 1 hours. If the winter with warm water 20-30 degrees can shorten the decocting time, but can not use boiling water immersion, so as to avoid certain plant cell proteins in sudden heat coagulation and outer compact capsule formation, or make part of polymer material to form colloidal negative active component. However, soaking time should not be too long, especially in the summer, so as not to cause drug enzymatic hydrolysis and mildew

If the party in mosaic drugs, a large amount of water, decocting should be added to water, the water is higher than the drug level about 1 to 2 centimeters.

The heating furnace in general use of force in the drug before the boiling (emergency fire), after boiling simmer (slow) should be changed. But some traditional Chinese medicine treatment of exogenous disease can also be boiled after simmer, then continue to boiling for 5 minutes.

The decocting time should be based on the nature of the drugs and diseases, effective components dissolution and drug use may be difficult. Generally speaking, the first dose in boiling began counting time 20 ~ 25 minutes, two fry for 15 to 20 minutes, diaphoretic head for 10 to 15 minutes, two minutes for 10. The head of nourishing Decoction 30 ~ 40 minutes, two for 25 to 30 minutes, there is need to first medicine decocted for 10 to 30 minutes after the drug should wok in the last 5 to 10 minutes.

The two fried (fried fried after the head of complex), will filter out the medicine juice, to add cold water high medicine plane about 0.5 - 1 cm, to high heat until boiling after boiling for 15 - 20 minutes slow fire boiling.

Some drugs are special decoction method, such as fried, fried, after, blunt, Yang etc.

The purpose of decocting is to increase the solubility of the drug, reduce the toxicity of the drug, give full play to the efficacy.

The ore types: testacean, angle of drug a, because of hard texture, effective component is not easy to fry, fry must first. Such as gypsum, calcite, halloysite, Magnetitum, red ochre, pumice, chloriti, natural copper, oyster, abalone, mother of pearl, sea clam shell, concha Arcae, turtle shell, turtle shell, pangolin, keel, dragon, turtle shell, water buffalo and so on, can be broken to fry for 30 minutes.

The toxic drugs such as aconite, aconite, pokeweed and so on, to fry for 1 to 2 hours, first fried, fried for a long time can reach attenuated or detoxification purposes.

Some medicinal plants such as: tabasheer, huomaren, Dendrobium, only the first decoction is effective.

The purpose is to reduce the loss of volatile oil, the active ingredient from decomposition.

The fragrant volatile oil of drug, such as peppermint, patchouli, Costas, Amomum villosum, cardamom, grass cardamom, sandalwood, rosewood, incense, sweet wormwood, asarum and so on are after, generally in the decoction of Chinese medicine decoction before 5 ~ 10 can be divided into.

The not long fried drug, such as rhubarb, senna, uncaria, almond and so on should be after.

The fried package drugs such as pollen, pollen, pollen powder; small seed drugs, such as Tinglizi; drug powder, such as indigo and so on should be fried package.

The contents of starch and phlegmatic more drugs such as Plantago easy to stick pan gelatinization, coking in the boiling process, so it needs to be fried package.

Attached to the villi of drugs, such as the rotation of flowers, etc., to take the package fried, can be avoided by the fall of the hair mixed with soup to stimulate the throat, causing coughing.

Into the show

For some kind of adhesive or sugar, viscous, such as gelatin, antler glue, honey, caramel and so on, should add appropriate amount of boiling water dissolved into the soup, liquid or liquid melt taking into the soup. If mixed fried, will lead to the viscosity of liquid medicine, affecting the dissolution of other ingredients, glue is also subject to certain losses

Decoction instead of water

The huge volume of water generally a large amount of drugs such as loofah, stove, subsoil loosestrife, glutinous rice root etc. first appropriate with water decoction, drug juice from dregs after frying his medicine.

Melt into

Such as Glauber's salt, also can dissolve into the decoction of Mirabilitum dehydratum application

Stir fry

Some expensive drugs such as ginseng, American ginseng, pilose antler can be decocted separately, the juice mixed with taking decoction of.

Raw juice into

Such as fresh rehmannia juice, pear juice, leek juice, lotus root, ginger juice, juice, juice of Rhizoma imperatae, not fried can be blended into the cooked in taking decoction.

The combined drug.

Some valuable medicine effective ingredient in drug dissolved in the water or heating after some effective components easy to decompose, such as ginseng powder and bezoar powder, antelope powder, 37 powder, musk powder, scorpion powder, cinnamon, Euphorbia powder, powder for mixing will have fried decoction after service.

Generally speaking, a traditional Chinese medicine effective components contained in the decoction after two times has been greatly reduced, it is better to decoct two times. But for larger drug prescriptions, more effective components in two times after the decoction may remain, can fry third times to 3 times a day to take to save resources of traditional Chinese medicine, and to a certain extent, can improve the curative effect.

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