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A dream in life to be a cut 2 cm......13:19 Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Zhou calls: a man, 36 years old, the whole thing was someone with a knife


A dream in life to be a cut 2 cm......

13:19 Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Zhou calls: a man, 36 years old, the whole thing was someone with a knife cut off, is said to have emotional problems, was sent to Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital......

Verify reports: man is sent from Zhuji town shop, in the local hospital after a simple dressing, was first sent to Hangzhou Second Hospital of Zhejiang, and then transferred to Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital.

The man surnamed Chen, 36 years old this year, Guizhou, together with Hangzhou, as well as his wife, Ms. Chen, Chen's brother, sister-in-law and other fellow, a total of more than and 10 people.

8 in the morning received her husband's phone

"I was cut down!"

3:00 pm, Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital, operation room, the 6 floor of the door, Mr. Chen's wife hook sat on the bench, and constantly on the side of the villagers said, wearing a printed with * * company, the words of the gray overalls.

Ms. hook said that more than 7 she went out to work in the factory, go, her husband and daughter are still sleeping.

"More than 8 points, the husband called, said the family had an accident - he was cut under the!"

Home to see Ms. hook, her husband was sitting on the bed wearing pants, the body is full of blood.

Two people did not say anything, immediately contact the elder brother's wife and a few fellow, opened the van ran a few hospitals, said no such surgery, and finally sent to Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital.

And we have a very good relationship with the woman

Missing after the accident

Ms. hook married more than ten years with Mr. Chen, claiming to be stable feelings. She worked in a factory, Mr. Chen did not work, usually do chores. Before the accident, two people also returned to his hometown in Guizhou, on the 25 day of the month before returning to Zhuji town shop.

I have a female fellow, living in my house next door, opened a mahjong room last year, sometimes mahjong machine is broken, she called her husband to help." Ms. hook thought, said.

"Homegirl is married with three children, I was her child's godmother, two family relationship is very good, often go to her husband, she often came to my house. Someone started talking outside, and then she got divorced......"

Yesterday evening, when the lady went downstairs to buy mineral water, a fellow at the hospital door to tell her, the woman, who did not run to find, but her parents are in!"

Ms. hook said, "he (Mr. Chen) after the operation. Now pay 20 thousand yuan operating expenses, do not know how much money to spend it! It is best to find the woman, do not alarm, this thing is not good ah!"

The operation lasted until 4:30 p.m.. Mr. Chen came out from the operation room, Ms. hook busy from the chair stood up and asked the doctor: how?

Doctors said the surgery was a success, Ms. hook patted his chest, sighed.

"That, that thing can be used?" Ms. hook.

The doctor said, but also to observe a period of time, ms..

This is the first case of penile surgery in Hangzhou orthopedic hospital, such as replantation survival, function can be restored at least 80%

Mr. Chen's surgery, penned by the Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital president Yao personally.

This is since 1985 the hospital Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital since the first penile replantation surgery.

Yao said the president, the hospital has done a lot of transsexual surgery, but the male genital organs were completely cut, or the first encounter.

"The man who came in was sober, and he said he was sleeping, and was cut off by a woman with a pair of scissors. Cut length of 2 cm." Yao said the president, Mr. Chen was a lot of blood flow, about 100 ml. "We'll give him to do some preparation before surgery, such as blood routine, blood pressure, skin tests, and preoperative epidural anesthesia (under spinal anesthesia) and so on."

"Human genital nerve tissue is very rich, is so directly cut, replantation surgery need to do a lot of blood vessels and nerves, urethral and tissue repair surgery." Yao said the president, penis replantation surgery is very cumbersome.

The operation lasted for 3 hours, a total of Mr. Chen received a total of 7 vessels, the nerve of the 4.

Yao said the president, Mr. Chen also need to stay in hospital for 7 days. If replanted, genital function can recover at least 80%.

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