The secret of health - health, not disease

Spectrum 2013-1-15We feel that the "health" is very important. In other words, "I feel I am very healthy, very energetic, very stretch, the


Spectrum 2013-1-15

We feel that the "health" is very important. In other words, "I feel I am very healthy, very energetic, very stretch, the state is very good, I like myself." Only this sense of health, better than countless supplements.

If you often pay attention to their own disease, please pay attention to your health. Pay attention to your daily experience, themselves and others all in good mood, good thinking, good health, good family atmosphere, feel the merits of others, others do a thing well done, good social atmosphere, you will be more healthy!

If the news or TV programs make you more concerned about the disease, corruption, social chaos, after reading make you worry more, more repressive and complaining, but do not trust others and society, please stay away from the news or TV programs, to the sun to the park, watching the children laughing and running! What is real? The bright sunshine in the yard yard and the laughter of the children are not real TV will not release such a "real", because it is too real "ordinary", every day in our side, but we can not see. Please pay attention to your intake of spiritual food, it will cause the unbelievable effect on your body and mind.

I've been a psychiatrist for years, and I've seen a lot of people living in a world of extreme pain. There is an extremely painful family, colleagues, and so on for every patient who is extremely painful. Pain like ripples, waves spread out. And health is like a ripple, a wave of spread out. I would like to be a mental health agent, so that a wave of health spread out. Where the light comes, the darkness is gone.

Focus on health, not disease. Pay close attention to our thinking, pay attention to our words, pay attention to our behavior, pay attention to what we are concerned about, let us bring health and happiness, let us bring health and happiness.

In other words, to help others is to help themselves, in turn, help yourself is to help others, both of which. If you look deep enough, you will see that "self" and "others" are the same thing.

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