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Is all the compulsory rehabilitation for orthopedic postoperative headache caused by joint, because there is no good treatment and the patie


Is all the compulsory rehabilitation for orthopedic postoperative headache caused by joint, because there is no good treatment and the patient is what painful death, each treat patients only looked at patients suffering expression to encourage them to return only then endured the pain, there are so many patients were not discharged but give up treatment, this is a great blow to the family of each patient, for such patients we have been looking for compelling reasons caused by joint and pathogenesis, and later through the efforts we summed up a set of treatment of compulsory rehabilitation training methods, because the force is due to adhesion of the muscles around the joint and muscle contracture caused some joint trauma patients there may be a cause for capsular contracture, muscle contracture combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory we specially configured for appropriate joint force The Chinese medicine medicine fumigation, fumigation of Chinese medicine can be softened by muscle to restore muscle and soft tissue elasticity and capricious, muscle soft after manipulation of adhesion muscle is separated from the surrounding tissue to restore the original trajectory, then the contracture muscle stretch training, although said before but after the relaxation therapy in the stretch training process is still a great pain to bring pain to the patient, then we carry out acupuncture anesthesia for pain, the effect is good but the acupuncture mechanism is to improve the domain patients did not take long to adapt, so the effect is not ideal, then try to release through the tough needle, slowly groping to find the best treatment site and methods in the treatment of patients can now immediately after you can see the degree of recovery, but a lot of pain relief, there is a problem with this counter Play very much, our team discussion shows that extracorporeal shock wave effect is good for the hospital to buy a department for the search of information, through a large number of experimental patients are well reflected at least that you can see the degree of recovery, the best one can recover ten degrees, but the rebound is very powerful but ill by herbal fumigation, way to relax, muscular tension, tough needle releasable, with shock wave and Kerotherapy, patients feel rebound much better, although each will rebound, but can reduce the patient's recovery to see, also see confidence.



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