Non drug therapy for hypertension

Hypertension is a common disease, frequently occurring disease, often accompanied by decades of patients. And with the extension of time, th


Hypertension is a common disease, frequently occurring disease, often accompanied by decades of patients. And with the extension of time, the complications of hypertension will be more and more, more and more heavy, such as heart failure, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction caused by hemiplegia, serious impact on health and life threatening.

Generally have a high blood pressure, the doctor's advice is to take antihypertensive drugs for a long time, one can not do, two, not yet, on the 3, the 4, and even the general use of the 5 can not control high blood pressure. Therefore, the long-term treatment of hypertension, but the use of drug control, is far from enough, but also some non drug methods to control, desirable good effect, conducive to long-term stability of the body.

Commonly used non pharmaceutical methods are

1, exercise: you can choose to walk, Tai Chi, cycling, etc.. Through exercise can improve the body's own internal antihypertensive substances play a role in reducing blood pressure, but also to lose weight, reduce blood lipids, blood sugar rise or higher benefits.

2, light diet: taste should be light, fried foods, fat, egg yolk and other high-fat foods as much as possible, but the quality of protein such as egg white, lean meat can be appropriate to eat. Eat more fruits, vegetables, such as fungus, celery, tomatoes, onions, etc., but too sweet food, fruit can not be too much, to moderate.

3, emotional stability: to slowly develop a gentle, tolerant, generous, optimistic attitude, to avoid the volatility of compassion, rejoicing, anger, panic and other emotional, can cause blood pressure to rise sharply.

4, rest rules: for example, to have enough sleep, your blood pressure is very good. Can't stay up too much.

5, quit smoking, limit alcohol. Long term alcohol will increase blood pressure and accelerate vascular sclerosis. Quit smoking, blood pressure will be reduced.

6, weight: one is the movement, but not eating and drinking, overeating, avoid the meal, especially the dinner to control. Because sleep at night, the heat generated by the diet, can not be consumed will be deposited in the body caused by obesity, blood lipids, blood sugar levels.

7, to avoid fatigue, work should be calm, relaxation Zhang, which is very good for your blood pressure control, but also to avoid sudden disease events such as cerebral hemorrhage, sudden cardiac death, etc..

These measures can not only make your blood pressure drop, but also for other organs have a very good protective effect, such as: improve immunity, improve organ function, improve work energy, etc.. Long term you will gain infinite.

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