Table card song

Hot body chills and floating pulse. For more cheap sweating.Zhong Jingyun. Pulse float should be solved by sweat.To be brothers all around.


Hot body chills and floating pulse. For more cheap sweating.

Zhong Jingyun. Pulse float should be solved by sweat.

To be brothers all around. Do not want to like water dripping.

Golden cloud. All these are sweating foot week. A good time. But do not want to wander. If the disease is not clear. When the heavy sweating. Sweat more than death. Yang not retransmission of sweat.

Light and reconciliation. It shall be when the onset of heavy damage.

Zhong Jingyou reconciled. A person who has a positive influence. If the settlement is also small chaihuguizhi. It is also like if ephedra.

At the beginning of the weak Yin Shang Sheng chun. Not to take a disturbing search. The summer heat pulse afraid. Open the door when the Khan Khan easy to seek.

Spring Yang weak. No big sweat to interference between yang. Summer Palace Zexuan sweat breaker. Yi khan.

No Khan and weak micro pulse. And slow feet midrib.

Golden cloud. Micro pulse non sweating. There is no reason. And cloud. Delayed ulnar vein. Rong insufficient. Less blood gas. No khan.

Weak without Yang and blood. Encore for ephedra divergence. And more blood nvxue.

Zhong Jingyun. Home cannot sudoriferous bleeding. Sweating forehead is depression. Hemorrhagia home cannot sudoriferous. It is especially and vibration.

How the temperature and humidity. Deficiency of the bad disease. The difference between abdominal yi.

This is not a five card. Solution in thirty-first.

When the woman came to the water. This is a small Bupleurum syndrome. Suddenly mistaken for the interior and exterior. No man shall take yu.

The woman is suitable for water. Xiao Chaihu syndrome. Mistaken perspiration. To take a fancy to others.

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