Don't go with the correct calcium advertising

Now enter the "universal calcium" stage. Would you like to advertisements, calcium, calcium, we still need to have their own ideas.1, accord


Now enter the "universal calcium" stage. Would you like to advertisements, calcium, calcium, we still need to have their own ideas.

1, according to a survey of preschool children in our country calcium malnutrition rate of 50% due to a lack of vitamin D, which caused the prevalence of rickets in children more than 30% pregnant women; low calcium symptoms of postpartum rate was 60%, the prevalence rate of osteoporosis was more than 10%. The prevalence of osteoporosis in menopausal women was 40%. Some people in the media for commercial purposes, much speculation, advocating universal calcium, the calcium, calcium more calcium, can cure all diseases, the abuse of calcium has become a kind of fashion consumption Chinese.

2, the correct understanding, don't go with advertising. Don't be confused by the calcium loud name of commodity, remember such commercial terms is purely speculation, does not exist in nutrition. Calcium or to choose according to their own needs.

3, don't believe the hype. As some calcium products advertising called "good deposit, fast absorption, people mistakenly believe that the body's absorption of calcium is a simple process, in fact we should enter the blood calcium into the body, and then the formation of calcium cells, then through the process of complex change through hard layer on the outside head, fixed to the inside of the bone in. The advertised product "small particles than the general products several times", actually particle size is only a physical change, and can essentially improve the body's absorption of calcium, calcium products in current human body to the calcium absorption rate is only about 30%. The absorption rate of the so-called "95%" does not exist in fact. Selection of calcium preparations, the first look at the percentage of calcium in the preparation. If you want to add: 600mg calcium, calcium carbonate for as long as 1500mg, calcium citrate to 2717mg, calcium lactate 4615mg, calcium gluconate 6667mg, amino acid calcium is also more than 5000mg. There are some calcium preparations on the market, its molecular formula is also more complex than calcium gluconate, to take 600mg need 10 ~ 15 restraint agent, it is impossible to do so. Some companies claim that they have high rates of calcium deposition in the bones, and there is a threshold for calcium deposition in the body. In general, the threshold of calcium in the body is 1000 ~ 1500mg, calcium intake and more, the threshold of calcium will not rise, so it will not be deposited more calcium.

From the "family nutrition maintenance" disease of children, people's Medical Publishing House, 2009, edited by Wang Xinliang

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