Common mental health problems of pregnant women

In the first three months of pregnancy (early pregnancy), psychological changes and physiological changes of pregnant women are intertwined,


In the first three months of pregnancy (early pregnancy), psychological changes and physiological changes of pregnant women are intertwined, forming unique behavior and signs of pregnant women, she will feel joy and proud mother, but because of the body's adrenal cortical hormone with hyperthyroidism, cause some pregnant women to produce psychological stress, especially the early response of women, the body is weak, will cause aversion in pregnancy, fear of fetal malformation, fear of abortion and so on tension, which is unfavorable for fetal education. As the pregnant women themselves should be aware that this is the physiological changes during pregnancy, although sometimes pregnancy reaction is very uncomfortable, this is a temporary phenomenon, generally after three months of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction disappeared, without fear, nervousness and anxiety. We should think of the fetus from the fertilized egg to embryo to become a fetus, these changes are not simple, as the mother of the future, should to be a smart, lively, healthy baby and the dedication of the great maternal love. As a family member, especially her husband should be more than a hundred times the care of his wife, let her happy through the early pregnancy.

In the second trimester of pregnancy 3-7 months, pregnant women on the physiological and psychological changes have the ability to adapt, early pregnancy reaction also reduced or disappeared, so the mood is more stable, very beneficial to the physical and mental health of pregnant women. Some people on the second trimester of pregnant women were tested, showed that the reaction rate of intelligence and things of this period can be decreased slightly, sensitivity to environmental changes are not as good as early pregnancy, this is a normal maternal defense mechanism, can reduce the adverse reactions on the environment caused by the psychological reaction of energy consumption. During this period, pregnant women are very concerned about and concerned about the fetus, to avoid fetal risk, but also very worried about fetal malformations. Due to physiological changes, pelvic blood supply and increased vascular congestion increased, so the sexual desire strong, should abstemious sex. At the end of the 7 month of pregnancy, the fetus is growing very fast in this period, and the burden of various organs of the mother is also high. Pregnant women will feel fatigue, action is not convenient, but also the need for family attention and care. At this time the spirit of tension, fear of childbirth, fear of fetal accidents....... The fetal education is bad. Pregnant women want to eliminate concerns, emotional stability, happy to meet the birth of the baby.

In short, good mood is the basic condition for maternal fetal education. Always maintain a smooth and cheerful mood during pregnancy. Husband to create all the conditions for his wife, to ensure that pregnant women happy, physical and mental health.

Q: what are the mental health problems of pregnant women?

A: anxiety, depression of women due to pregnancy, childbirth brought about by a variety of stress reactions, resulting in some psychological changes in pregnant women, including anxiety, followed by depression. The results showed that 63.8% of pregnant women were anxious, and the incidence rate of depression was about 48.8%, which was characterized by persistent mental stress, emotional depression, slow thinking and will activity. Can lead to endocrine disorders, pregnant women, elevated blood pressure, fetal hypoxia, intrapartum and postpartum uterine atony postpartum hemorrhage.

Just pregnant pregnant women are often psychological fear, worry too much, overwhelmed, and there will be a kind of self - centered psychology. Anorexia, fatigue is a normal early pregnancy reaction.

Therefore, we must let the mood of pregnant women to maintain a relaxed and happy; self-learning some health knowledge, in order to fully understand the early pregnancy reaction, lifting the psychological burden. Her husband's consideration, relatives can be concerned about the dissolution of pregnant women's concerns, and enhance the confidence of pregnant women to overcome the reaction of pregnancy; in addition to the need for a comfortable environment, can reduce the symptoms.

Q: what are the emotional and psychological changes in pregnant women?

Answer: pregnancy is a special period in women's life, due to fetal growth and development, leading to the burden of all aspects of maternal stress. Because most of the women is the first pregnancy, some older, and had a child, may appear on the pregnancy problems do not understand, do not know what is what is the pathological, physiological, so pregnant women can appear nervous, confused, worry and fear and other psychological problems. These adverse psychological problems may affect the health of pregnant women and fetal growth and development and delivery. For many years of infertility after marriage, once pregnant, will be overjoyed, for those unmarried pregnancy and fetal posthumous women, there will be fear, fear and anxiety, the psychological pressure is greater than normal pregnant women.

Q: what are the effects of maternal mental health on the fetus?

A: Although fetal growth in the womb, seemingly isolated from the outside world, but the mother's physical and mental health has an important impact on the fetus. The psychological effects on the fetus is the most depressed mood and emotions of pregnant women, pregnant women, sadness, sorrow, anger, depression and shock stimuli are detrimental to the fetus. Such as maternal anxiety, panic can cause fetal insecurity, not easy to form stable character and temperament, the study found that the fetus in the 6 months after the nerve system has been developed to a certain degree, can hear the sound, and can make all kinds of reactions, such as fetal heart rate increase, etc..

Although there is no direct contact with the maternal and fetal nervous system, but when the mother mood changes, can stimulate the activity of the autonomic nervous system, the nervous system endocrine glands secrete a variety of hormones, these hormones into the blood circulation through the placenta, the placenta blood component changes, so as to stimulate fetal activity. Some experts believe that the peace of mind and mothers during pregnancy, fetal movement and emotional stability, and regular, while pregnant women emotional, can cause excessive activity and accelerate fetal heart rate. When this bad mood, for a long time, the intensity and frequency of fetal activity can be increased by 10 times, and continued for a period of time, so as to bring different harm to the fetus.

A study found that pregnant women in anger, the hormone will increase, affect the fetus through the placenta, cause leukopenia, immunity and disease resistance will be reduced, early pregnancy can lead to anger, fetal cleft and other organ malformation; late pregnancy, fetal movement will increase the number of times, leading to miscarriage, dystocia etc.. In addition, the negative emotions of pregnant women, will affect the circulatory system and digestive system function, but may also cause hypertension, peripheral vasoconstriction that affect the supply of oxygen to the fetus, fetal brain development impact, will lead to serious fetal death. According to statistics, if pregnant women mood not long-term excessive tension, such as anger, fear, pain, fear, anxiety or severe irritation, will cause adverse effects on the fetal hypothalamus, the risk of mental illness resulting in the increase of the day. Even if it can be spared, often low birth weight, such infants active, unstable mood, crying, increased incidence of digestive disorders. In the mood of anxiety of the mother during pregnancy, if pregnant women or long-term depression, depression, often restless children restless, not love to sleep, eccentric personality, mental retardation, children grow up poor adaptability to the society.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain physical and mental health of pregnant women during pregnancy, positive emotions can increase blood is beneficial to the health of chemical substances, such as in unpleasant or suffer from mental trauma, try to self control emotions, to adjust the mood, to ease the tension of pregnant women and fetal development. Modern psychology that pregnant women during pregnancy should maintain a calm mood, stable mood, and to a positive state of mind to meet the birth of new life, which is also important for the mental health of the fetus. On the contrary, if pregnant women worry, anxiety, upset, or frightened, excited, often resulting in blood increased caused vomiting of pregnancy, sometimes the accumulation of changes in mood can accelerate the contraction of the uterus, causing miscarriage and preterm birth. In this mood, even if the child is normal childbirth, which grew up, often emotional instability, low self-control, gluttony, hyperactivity, crying, and often vomiting, diarrhea and other illnesses.

Therefore, pregnant women often keep a good mood, insist on walking, listen to the music more gentle and beautiful. The husband should be considerate of his wife, and strive to create a comfortable and peaceful family atmosphere.

Q: pregnant women how to maintain mental health?

A: first of all, pregnant women should believe in themselves, to establish the determination to overcome difficulties. Encounter not satisfactory thing, you can tell yourself: do not worry, do not be afraid, do not angry, I believe they can do. Secondly, take part in the appropriate social activities, to make some optimistic friends, so that their emotions have a positive infection, and enjoy the enjoyment of friendship. Again, when you are unhappy, you can talk with her husband or friends, for their own decompression. Or to participate in some of their favorite activities, such as listening to music, outings and so on, so that the mood from anxiety to happiness. Pregnant women should also do some exercise, such as walking, doing exercises, on the one hand can enhance physical fitness, for the baby to prepare, on the other hand can also relieve the tension, to feel more comfortable. Finally, pregnant women can also buy some of the favorite ornaments or clothes to dress up for their own to add a light Li, so that they maintain a good mood.

In addition, the husband and other family members should be more concerned about, care, care for pregnant women, so that they feel happy during pregnancy, full of optimism.

In short, pregnant women should try to create a good mood, you can listen to love music, love to see the books, think of the future baby cute. At the same time, don't eat too much chocolate, sweets, meat, because of excessive consumption of these foods can increase children catecholamine levels in the blood, and irritability, love temper, easy sadness and other negative emotions.

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