Changping second college entrance examination to receive psychological training

JINGWAH timesStudents through the way each other to relieve the pressure of the shoulder. Newspaper reporter Ouyang Xiaofei photoReport from



Students through the way each other to relieve the pressure of the shoulder. Newspaper reporter Ouyang Xiaofei photo

Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Qiumeng) take a deep breath, slowly relax, imagine yourself in the most beautiful scenery...... Under the guidance of experts in psychology, hundreds of students to close your eyes, just slightly anxious face gradually a smile. Yesterday, a number of experts came to Huilongguan hospital psychological experts in Changping II, to the entrance of the students on a special lesson. College entrance examination soon, there are a number of High School Psychology Department of Huilongguan hospital seeking psychological support.

3:20, 4 college entrance examination class of the students gathered in the classroom, although it is known that the psychological relaxation training, but some of the students still brought counseling materials and test papers on the 160. In the first of the respiratory training, the students have to take the glasses off, loosen tight belts, and keep the body in the most relaxed state.

Imagine where you are, or what you have been to, and remember the best things you've ever seen, and then imagine that the best is the best...... In the "guide" under the guidance of the expression of the students relax apart, or to the arm as pillow lying on the table, or to do "meditation", beautiful fantasy experience because of busy learning and forgetting. "Think of themselves in the endless prairie, really feeling a lot of light", liberal arts Kou Yanan woke up, smile.

Subsequently, in order to further achieve the effect of reducing anxiety, students also carried out a series of shoulder massage and physical training and self suggestion training.

4 Changping college entrance examination class II, "countdown from 65 days of college entrance examination as an inhibition, make each students all to attend to other, to count every minute and second so hard. The students every day to study late into the night, due to excessive tension and pressure, they not only class yawns, test scores are not decreased.

> > expert weapon

A positive attitude can develop

Expert Psychology Department of Huilongguan hospital Liu Huaqing introduction, moderate exam anxiety contributes to the ability to play, but if the pressure is too large, not only prone to memory loss and learning efficiency decline, but also affects the normal level of play. Candidates are advised to do three to three do not, at the same time, parents should also relax, eat more light food.


To have a fixed timetable; to have a kind of exercise for his epigrams; have a motto to relieve the pressure of attitude adjustment.

Three do not.

Don't stay up late; don't sleep late; don't change their habits.

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