Psychological characteristics of pregnant women

ReprintThe first 3 months of pregnancyPregnant women's psychological fluctuations are often associated with the emergence of pregnancy. At f



The first 3 months of pregnancy

Pregnant women's psychological fluctuations are often associated with the emergence of pregnancy. At first, she could only imagine feeling abdomen small life, imagine what he looks like, even to imagine his embrace in the bosom of the feeling. There is no doubt that the mood at this time is very sweet. Soon, she began to nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and even all night insomnia, made her terribly fatigued. So she began to feel depressed and worry: worry about pregnancy failure, fear of childbirth, anxiety abdominal fetal health, depression and anxiety and even rather baffling. In short, the first 3 months of the pregnant woman's inner experience is contradictory, both happy and worried, psychologically there is a well-known early pregnancy depression".

3 months of pregnancy

With the continued progress of pregnancy, pregnant women's mood has changed, the initial symptoms of pregnancy gradually disappeared, appetite and sleep returned to normal. Especially the movement appears for the future mother is tantamount to a tonic: the fetus really alive, and his ability to his mother's self introduction, the pregnant woman is a great comfort, fear of failure pregnancy plummeted, but more happiness and a sense of pride. So, these 3 months of pregnancy is the golden age of pregnant women psychologically.

The last 3 months of pregnancy

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women to feel depressed and anxiety, the body appear the more discomfort, so they began to worry about whether the birth and fetal health, at this time, her energy often are betting the foetuses. With the approaching date, she can't wait for the children early birth, to relieve the burden. This anxiety, to a certain extent, alleviate the pregnant women's fear of childbirth.

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