Excimer laser surgery notes

Dear patient:Welcome to the first hospital in Shijiazhuang to accept LASIK surgery, in order to get a good surgical results, you must pay at


Dear patient:

Welcome to the first hospital in Shijiazhuang to accept LASIK surgery, in order to get a good surgical results, you must pay attention to the following:

Preoperative guidance:

1, at least half a month before contact lenses.

2, pay attention to personal hygiene, the day before the proposed bath, shampoo, cut nails, disable cosmetics.

3, 3 days before the operation of anti-inflammatory eye drops.

4, each eye diopter.

Two, intraoperative guidance:

1, before entering the operation room with hats and shoes.

The rest 2 points, closed after anesthetic, disable to touch the face and head after disinfection.

3, please overcome the tension in the operation, the spirit of relaxation, actively cooperate with the doctor, the body lying flat, the head is put forward, the whole operation process is not allowed to move, if you can tell the doctor.

4, the operation, please trust the doctor, under the guidance of the doctor, solid green light. The key moment not forced wink. Should keep the eyeball motionless, in the course of the operation, both eyes should be open, when the laser launch sound, do not panic.

Three, postoperative guidance:

1, back to the examination room after surgery, observe no adverse reactions can go home.

A closed 2, after returning home, not to open the eye.

3, postoperative discomfort symptoms: pain, fear of light, tears, foreign body sensation, individual degree of severity, slight is a normal phenomenon, serious contact with the doctor immediately. The time of postoperative visual recovery was gradually restored due to individual differences.

4, after a late night lying supine, try to rest with eyes closed early the next day, the operation of 8:00 dressing to the hospital review, not to open the eye.

5 and 3 days after surgery to wash, but the need to avoid the dirty water into the eye or touch the eyes.

6, within one week after the operation can not rub the eyes, pay attention to protect the eyes.

7, according to the doctor's advice in the postoperative 1 weeks, 1 months, 3 months, 6 months after the review.

8, windy weather, should prevent sand into the eyes.

To avoid the dirty water into the eye 9, after the operation, avoid eye makeup, hair within one month after operation, pay attention to the protection of the eye, to swim within 6 months after the operation, a year not diving.

10, one month after the operation may be appropriate to watch TV, computer and reading a lot of books, to avoid excessive use of eye etc..

11, postoperative fasting spicy food, areca, pepper, smoking, wine, etc..

12, within one month after the operation should not pay attention to the eye, especially pay attention not to participate in confrontational activities, such as boxing, football, etc..

13, postoperative patients according to the order of medicine or review. If you have any discomfort, please contact the hospital in time, or go to the hospital for examination.

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