Opinions of the national health and Family Planning Commission on promoting telemedicine services in medical institutions

National Health and Family Planning Commission of People's Republic of China 2014-08-29National health medical hair [2014] No. 51All provinc


National Health and Family Planning Commission of People's Republic of China 2014-08-29

National health medical hair [2014] No. 51

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Department of Health (Health Commission), the Health Bureau of Xinjiang production and construction corps:

In order to promote the sustained and healthy development of telemedicine services, optimize the allocation of medical resources, to achieve high-quality medical resources sinking, improve the medical service ability and level, to further implement the "CPC Central Committee and State Council" on the deepening of the reform of medical care system, we will promote the medical institutions telemedicine services put forward the following opinions:

First, strengthen co-ordination, and actively promote the development of telemedicine services

The local health planning administrative departments at all levels should be the development of telemedicine services as an important means to optimize the allocation of medical resources, to achieve high-quality medical resources sinking, the establishment of clinics grading system and solve problems actively promote people to see a doctor. The construction of remote medical service system in the regional health planning and medical institutions, provide appropriate financial support and funding the development of actively coordinating the finance department at the same level as remote medical services, coordinated development, price reform, human resources and social security and other related departments, for telemedicine services create a favorable policy environment for the development of. Encourage the exploration and establishment of telemedicine service platform based on regional population health information platform.

Two, clear service content, to ensure the quality and safety of telemedicine services

(a) content of telemedicine services. Remote medical service is a medical institution (hereinafter referred to as invited) to invite other medical institutions (hereinafter referred to as the invited party), the use of telecommunications, computer and network technology (hereinafter referred to as information technology), provide technical support for the medical activities of medical clinics. Medical institutions use information technology to provide medical services to patients outside the medical institutions, which belongs to telemedicine services. Telemedicine services include: remote diagnosis, remote medical images (including images, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, ECG, EMG, EEG) diagnosis, remote monitoring, remote consultation, remote clinics, remote and case discussion at or above the provincial level health administrative department of the other provisions of the project.

(two) to comply with the relevant management standards. Medical institutions shall strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, standards and technical specifications in carrying out the process of telemedicine services, establish and improve the remote medical service related management system, improve the quality of medical care and medical security measures to ensure medical quality and safety, protect patient privacy, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of patients. Non medical institutions shall not carry out telemedicine services.

Three, improve service processes to ensure the quality and efficiency of telemedicine services

(I) have the basic conditions. Medical institutions have medical subjects and adapted to carry out remote medical services and personnel, the corresponding technology, equipment, facilities, can carry out remote medical services, and assign special departments or personnel responsible for remote medical service equipment, equipment, facilities, information system, regular examination, registration, maintenance, transformation and upgrading, ensure that the remote the medical service system (hardware and software) in normal operation, in accordance with the remote medical health information standards and information security, to meet the needs of medical institutions to carry out telemedicine services.

(two) signed a cooperation agreement. To carry out telemedicine services between medical institutions, remote medical treatment to sign the cooperation agreement, cooperation, cooperation of medical damage objective conditions, the content of cooperation, remote medical procedures, rights and obligations of both parties, risk and responsibility sharing and other matters agreed upon.

(three) informed consent of patients. The invitation party shall inform the patient and obtain the written consent of the patient, and shall not be informed of the patient's consent.

(four) serious organization and implementation. We need to invite and invited parties by remote medical services to carry out case discussion, to be invited party invitation, invitation invitation shall at least include reasons, purpose, time arrangement, and invited the relevant medical patients physician professional and technical qualification. Upon receiving the invitation of telemedicine services, the invited party shall promptly make a decision on whether to accept the invitation. If the invitation is accepted, it shall inform the inviter and do the relevant preparatory work.

The invited party shall arrange to have the appropriate qualifications and technical ability of the medical staff responsible, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and treatment requirements, provide remote medical service, timely inform the inviting medical opinions, and issued by the relevant physician signature medical opinions report. The invited party has the right to medical treatment of patients, according to the patient's clinical data, reference to the invitation of the views of the diagnosis and treatment decisions.

(five) properly preserve information. The invited party and the invited party shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the medical record writing and keeping the relevant medical records, the original documents shall be filed separately by the inviter and the invited party. Remote medical service related documents can be sent by fax, scanning documents and electronic documents such as electronic signature.

(six) Streamline service processes. The inviting party and invited parties to establish targeted aid or other cooperation, the implementation of auxiliary examination by invitation, invited parties to issue a corresponding auxiliary examination report, remote medical service process agreed by the inviting party and invited parties in remote medical cooperation agreement.

(seven) standardize personnel management. The medical personnel to the medical institutions outside the patients directly provide remote medical services, should be approved by its practitioners registered medical institutions, and the use of medical institutions to establish a unified information platform to provide medical services to patients.

Four, strengthen supervision and management to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients

(a) the name of the institution. The administrative departments of health and family planning at all levels should strengthen the supervision and management of telemedicine services. I have not been approved by the Commission, any conduct telemedicine services medical institutions, not as "China", "Chinese", "national" and other means, implies the country or across provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) the meaning of the name.

(two) control of security risks. Medical institutions in carrying out the process of telemedicine services, changes in major professional and technical personnel or key equipment, facilities and other auxiliary conditions, can not meet the needs of telemedicine services, or the existence of medical quality and safety risks, and the emergence of telemedicine services directly related to serious adverse consequences, telemedicine services must be stopped immediately, and in accordance with the "Interim Provisions" of medical quality safety events reporting requirements, planning administrative departments to report issued by the "" practice license of medical institutions and health.

(three) strengthen routine supervision. The local health administrative departments of health found remote medical service medical quality safety related or received the relevant report in the process of supervision and inspection, timely organization of telemedicine services medical conditions demonstrated by proof does not have a remote medical service condition, to propose corrective measures before the implementation of corrective measures shall not continue to carry out telemedicine services.

(four) handling according to law. In the process of medical service in the field of medical disputes, the invitation and invited by the parties in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the agreement reached by the parties to deal with, and bear the corresponding responsibility. Medical personnel directly to the patient to provide remote medical services, medical institutions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, bear the corresponding responsibility. Medical institutions and medical personnel in carrying out the process of telemedicine services, in violation of "medical practitioners", "medical institutions management regulations" and "Regulations on handling medical accidents" and "nurse regulations" and other laws and regulations of the act, the health administrative department of health in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

Use of information technology among medical institutions, the use of related equipment in a medical institution, accurately control the other party medical equipment (such as surgical robot) for patients with real-time operational examination, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, medical care and other activities, the management and the relevant standards shall be formulated by the Commission I. For the purpose of carrying out telemedicine services between medical institutions and medical institutions outside the territory of the people's Republic of china. The relevant problems in the implementation process, please contact my medical affairs authority.

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August 21, 2014



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