Love to do, there is no time and space barrier?

Love to do, there is no time and space barrier? Wrong is wrong wrong is wrong. The Chinese classical medicine since Zhou Dai had the "big Su


Love to do, there is no time and space barrier? Wrong is wrong wrong is wrong. The Chinese classical medicine since Zhou Dai had the "big Sunday" (nature) and "Sunday" (body), the concept of xixixiangtong. Since the day of 24 hours of temperature and humidity are different, so human nature also has ups and downs; projected to gender issues, is the different time sex taboo. Do not say, modern medicine has also proved that the human body under the guidance of the biological clock, the secretion of hormones do have a fixed cycle, which is still a very scientific basis for sex.

Son: for most people today, this is usually sex time.

But the best time to adjust the skin and body organs are at this time, to her face and your health, or try to make sex a little earlier -- unless it is fast to sleep as the theme of sex.

Choushi: "cold, warm and there is gas", meaning that this period of time, the external energy consumption of human body into the lowest point, and the internal energy accumulation began, which coincides with the "dumb organ" -- the liver and kidney metabolism. So, you should follow the Choushi animal hibernation, slept like a bear on!

Many men feel shy: Yin Shi said, at night they suddenly demand. It is not difficult to understand the corresponding line of five hours. After the first stage of deep sleep adjustment, both sides of the body are in an excellent state stage, this stage to the highest sperm quality, born offspring of the smartest strong -- this is our ancestors thousands of years after the conclusion of the.

Mao: the so-called "midnight dream recall", appeared at this time. This period of time is very sensitive to sleep, "pneumatic body virtual", it is easy to be affected by external fluctuations; but this sleep also directly determines the working condition after lunch. For the sake of the afternoon migraine, or to breath better.

Chen Shi: "Mister", this is every man will encounter the situation. No more than 10 minutes of sex is good for your health, but it's a big problem for your partner to have sex with a full bladder.

Time: at the end of the week will often choose this time to have sex, then fell asleep for a long time. However, it will automatically adjust your circadian clock to get up at noon so that you can nod off early on Monday morning.

Noon: This is a very strange time. On the one hand is elevated blood sugar, drowsiness; on the one hand is high sexual desire. The only explanation is that hormones play. Basically, after half an hour after dinner sweet understandable, but you need to remember not excessive overdraft physical.

The 1: creative industry "brainstorming" usually started at this time also, you can also have a sex brainstorming. The characteristics of soil is not changing its shape, you can also find each other at one more at this time.

Full time: it is said that this time is when I was browsing porn sites surge. Maybe it's going to be about getting off work, maybe it's related to hormonal changes in the body, but what we're seeing is that men's fantasies are much higher than those of holidays.

You: why people of all countries have a talk with eloquence after dinner habits? Facts have proved that this period of time the strongest language expression ability. Similarly, to talk about love, is to talk about this time.

Wushi: "heaven and earth after the intersection, to change the things", this word is enough to explain everything. If you have a lot of ideas to fall in love with sex, turn off the computer.

The introduction: Haishi, this time is high sex, it may be difficult for you to sleep in the next time, or a proposal to put a soothing rhythm.

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