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Wuhan morning news 20100414 new health clubWrite / reporter correspondent Yuan Li Gong Hong46 year old Yao was diagnosed with breast cancer,


Wuhan morning news 20100414 new health club

Write / reporter correspondent Yuan Li Gong Hong

46 year old Yao was diagnosed with breast cancer, filled with fear and anxiety. She learned that, after breast cancer surgery, the affected side of the chest will have a long scar, but also arm swelling, numbness...... She wants to give up treatment. An accidental opportunity, she heard the Sixth Hospital of Wuhan, a breast surgery has a different way of surgery, that is, transverse incision surgery, surgery can also wear suspenders skirt, they decided to do a surgery in the hospital breast surgery. The operation, as expected, was a great success.

The Department Director Zhao Jianguo said that since the last century, they took the lead in the domestic launch of the first and second stage breast cancer underwent breast resection plus axillary lymph node dissection, with an average of 22 lymph nodes resection, postoperative according to lymph node status and estrogen receptor levels, and treatment options of auxiliary endocrine therapy. At the same time, to ensure the best surgical quality, to reduce the trauma of breast cancer surgery, no surgical complications, short recovery time, high quality of life.

A breast surgery using the method for the treatment of breast cancer, but also keep the pectoral muscle, intercostal nerve and thoracodorsal nerve preservation, does not affect the muscle function and limb sensory function, so that the postoperative upper limb movement, sensation and force were not affected, can resume normal activities such as preoperative and labor. Such as washing, playing, dancing. Taking the advanced ultrasonic knife cutting technology, it will reduce the influence of upper limb lymph backflow, and no postoperative edema of upper limb. In addition, the incision is beautiful and smooth, does not affect the dressing effect of beauty, is conducive to the day after the breast reconstruction. In recent years, also carried out the operation of breast cancer and skin sparing nipple sparing, more conducive to breast reconstruction, in the pursuit of health at the same time, to meet the needs of the patients.

After the operation, three early treatment was carried out, that is to say, in the postoperative nursing and rehabilitation training, the drainage tube was removed early, the rehabilitation training started early, and the function of the upper limb was restored. The treatment of the patients with breast cancer after operation without subcutaneous effusion, skin flap necrosis, second days after surgery can wash hair, a simple action, after sixth days of upper extremity rehabilitation gymnastics can be substantial, within two weeks after surgery for upper extremity functional recovery to preoperative status.

International guidelines: breast cancer surgery to obtain at least 10 lymph nodes. The hospital can achieve a maximum of 60 breast surgery lymph nodes, with an average of 30 lymph nodes. What's the point of getting lymph nodes? Axillary lymph node is one of the indicators to reflect the severity of the disease, the more lymph nodes, the more accurate judgment of the severity of the disease. Why do you get so many lymph nodes? In addition to the exquisite technology, the pathology department of the hospital is the first in the lymph node specimens to obtain the lipolysis in all lymph nodes and lymph nodes, each 6 slices, the false negative rate to a minimum, the purpose is to ensure that patients can get the most accurate diagnosis.

According to the international guidelines for breast cancer patients to take the best treatment program, to ensure the efficacy, reduce the side effects, patients with a small degree of injury, postoperative aesthetic effect, etc.. It is understood that the Department of more than 300 cases of clinical treatment of up to 10 years survival rate of more than 90%.

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