Precancerous lesions are not cancer, most do not evolve into cancer.

Precancerous lesions are not cancer, nor are they at the early stage of cancer. They are qualitatively different from cancer.Precancerous le


Precancerous lesions are not cancer, nor are they at the early stage of cancer. They are qualitatively different from cancer.

Precancerous lesion is the name of pathological diagnosis. It is a transitional stage from benign to malignant. Due to a misunderstanding of precancerous lesions has been expanded, many do not belong to the precancerous lesions are treated as precancerous lesions, such as Behcet's disease, oral ulcer,..

Precancerous lesions is how to produce it? The normal cells in the human body in the long-term effects of different carcinogenic factors, the first performance of the increase in the number of cells, but at this time the cell morphology has not changed, the pathology is called "simple hyperplasia". At the same time, with the increase in the number of cells, the morphological differences between the cell morphology and the origin of the tissue will gradually increase, into the precursor stage of cancer, that is, precancerous lesions.

Precancerous lesions must be transformed into cancer under certain conditions. Different tumor, the odds are high and low. Moreover, all of the malignant tumors have precancerous stage, if timely detection and treatment of precancerous lesions, most will brink, only a very small part of the precancerous lesions will continue to develop and evolve into cancer.

Most precancerous lesions have to be checked to find. The most common precancerous lesions has 8 kinds, one is mainly leukoplakia, leukoplakia and oral erythema, digestive tract, vagina mucosa, and oral lichen planus, oral Candida cavernoma; two atrophic gastritis; three cervical erosion, cervical erosion is severe; the four is the breast cystic hyperplasia; five elderly actinic keratosis; six is the pigment of dry skin disease; seven were gastrointestinal polyps, especially familial and multiple polyps; eight is some benign tumors. Cancer cells are not detected in any precancerous lesion, and only a small part of them may develop into cancer.

The pathogenic mechanism of cancer is complex, often a variety of complex factors, as well as the interaction of internal and external factors. Precancerous lesions develop into invasive cancer generally require 10 years or so, only to find precancerous lesions, do not confound, should take a correct attitude, need surgical treatment should be actively surgery, drug treatment need to regularly review it should take the initiative to check regularly. The abstinence from smoking, drinking and other bad habits, should get rid of as soon as possible. Active exercise, must not be worried about, carrying a heavy burden of thought. Long term mental stress can reduce the body's immune system, and even lead to normal cell canceration.

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