Acupuncture treatment of internal tendons disease (two)

2, the ancient physicians practicing internal strengthThree times the famous doctor Hua Tuo Pyonex superb, known as the needle God, I think


2, the ancient physicians practicing internal strength

Three times the famous doctor Hua Tuo Pyonex superb, known as the needle God, I think this and practice is inseparable from the perennial adhere wuqinxi. According to the "Three Kingdoms" records: "Hua Tuo, character, copious country Qiao people...... Xiao nature of the operation, when people think that year and 100 years old, and have strong capacity of appearance...... When the needle, but also one or two, under the words "when a guide to Xu, if the word". The words "to", he should pull the needle, disease is also poor." If not to high strength practice as the foundation, it is difficult to reach the level of acupuncture to reach the acme of perfection realm. Then the Wu Pu, learning from the situation of fan Argentine Wuqinxi, and "quasi treatment by Du Puy Tuo, the whole economy."

Sun Simiao is a medical doctor in the Tang Dynasty in china. Since the "young was air-cooled, repeatedly made the medical information industry, medicine, peter." And long, Tong Lao Zhuang and 100, and a good buddhist. Determined to study medicine at the age of eighteen, pojue Wu, and foreign. Ecuador, many economic benefits. First in Taibai Mountain, the introduction of gas line of road. He does not act as an official, in seclusion, had entered the Mount Emei practice of Taoist neigong. Personally for treatment of leprosy patients more than 600 cases recovered up to ten percent, but is not infected, and at the age of more than white, medical experts, so long and rare, and the perennial adhere to internal work has a direct relationship. The Northern Song Dynasty Chongning two years, was made a "Miaoying reality". His guidance for the operation of gas are mainly contained in the "prescriptions, volume twenty-seventh:" gender ", although often take bait, and not the nature of the operation, it is difficult to longevity. Support of the road, often for small labor, but very tired, and not worthy of ear. And the water does not rot, with its movement is also a door-hinge is never worm-eaten ". "Both the screen edge, shall keep five God (liver spleen lung and kidney), from four (words, words and deeds are sitting) most may not Fusi delusion, thought to do evil, big. So Confucius cloud: thinking also. Often when Xi emperor as the deposit method, want to miss, to see if the five hanging chime, the color is clear, also do not stop. At the beginning of each day can, for lunch, show hands on knees, eye view of gas into the top, to Yongquan, Dandan so called Ying qi." Only in the exercise in clinical weekdays, when to do after "the husband for the needle, away from the heart, the mouth with cable, eyes to see inside, news of Qi and blood, to forget for." [6]

Ma Danyang was from the meaning of the word should be renamed Fu Yu, word Xuanbao, Ni Youko, the old man called ma Danyang. Good at acupuncture and moxibustion, its summary of Ma Danyang star twelve points are still widely used in acupuncture clinic. Jin Dading in July seven, Wang Chongyang went to Ninghai to preach, Danyang with his wife and Sunbuer division of the matter, after the abandoned huge family business, a monk, our bitter day, and quiet. Kublai Khan yuan six years to the "Danyang hold a real Wuwei" title, known as the "Danyang real".

Yang Jizhou in the Ming Dynasty physicians practicing Qigong on Sunday, two big puleses and five for gas guiding practice, and has been recorded in the "acupuncture": "to know the two big puleses power, the four door closed, two orders within. Meditate on Millet bead, right main yellow court. But slowly died one mouthful, slowly into the pubic region. Red lead Du tail between Mingmen, rise of clay, after Ren Yuan, Paris and lead down, return to sea. Two veins, such as rotating circle; before or after the drop, in a continuous line. Xinruzhishui, the body like the empty pot. The Valley Road light, breath gradually closed. If the shortness of breath, slowly swallow; if God faints, often want to add. Italy tired put ginseng, long and close, open orifices, vein circulation, not all." In addition, the book also has about five guidance in detail, such as wrote: "in the lungs guided the lung for guidance: five internal organs of the canopy, the sound from the skin, but also moist lai. But internal causes six exogenous, and respiratory access is not fixed, so do not clear the lung. But you want to have interest, interest Qingfei gold tone with moving away, and from static fire. A person with ease, two wide body, three times to the gas pores and general avoidance, and fine heart, this is really little interest, interest. Cover information from the heart, calm atmosphere, in the interest rate, the mother of dan." [7]

Professor Li Ding pointed out: "Young's five Zang and Du two veins of guidance, which is regarded as the meridian theory in clinical practice, and learning is similar to acupuncture, so as part of the book, for doctors and patients exercise is important. The doctor's focuses on Regulating Qi and treating God, qigong by my self adjust gas two-phase with the rule of God, for preventing and treating diseases, can play a better role. "Lingshu" Shi pointed out: as treatment must be "will make the God in the needle ', through specific methods to make patients actively cooperate in order to shift its gas to God, but Hugh" stage. The combination of acupuncture with guidance, not only lies in the treatment of treatment, but that after recuperation, with appropriate guidance by guiding method, nature is beneficial for the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease." [8]

3, modern doctors practicing internal strength

The famous acupuncturist Mr Cheng Danan, stressed the importance of practicing internal strength, argued: "a former study in Acupuncture Acupuncture, is the most important practice and practice the force of this gas, accounting for almost 2/3 of the time to learn. Practice gas is called internal repair." "My father in earnest to practice gas as well, because he could not explain why the practice of Qi, which can cause my confidence in the clinical treatment experience on acupuncture effect I total less than my father; after my father taught that pay attention to Qi, acupuncture effect was increased, so in 1935 the return from Japan to do Acupuncture Institute, in the course of practicing acupuncture added exercises lesson." "God's disciples and needle Huangshi screen I commune for many years...... The leaves come to Jun Wei Jun every day practicing boxing and Qigong, and to twist drill needle mud wall, long time, work very hard, the results are very great." Mr Cheng Danan in order to make students pay attention to practicing internal strength, Ziyun people have the name, to emphasize the importance of practicing internal strength: "the pain, depends on energy, Qi deficiency, its not, Qi Road, Yin Shi up, sitting futon, bipedal plate, hand on the knee, waist straight chest mouth, close their eyes, like meditation, broad-minded, a number of interest, from one to 100, repeated continuously, the vibration has been around, clothes, plot days after year, not the not, have enough gas, evil invasion". [9]

Fang Shen the cover of vessel for food in 1937 of the "golden" esoteric book, a detailed record of acupuncture in three years in Huangshi senior screen after Yuan Shikai was invited to the specific treatment of headache: Yuan "due to the wind too long, when feel headache, once thought too that, after three years...... Brain pain before and after the disease, the first day of the second day needle acupuncture Baihui, Fengchi, fengfu...... The first needle in mind that, Yuan hair loudly, rushed down the wall out of a wall, then the needle if taken in Croton, rhubarb, stomach and straight. The master said: This is the wind cooling down of the elephant, the president said the yuan Qi not to Houxie." As to why we can achieve such a magical effect, in addition to the original selection of points, skilled outside. There are more the key point is easy to be ignored, that is in the acupuncture to achieve "the rule of God", is "concentrated, lift the body force, pay attention to the point of a needle" ("Huo Yuanjia and God" yellow needle). As Mr Huang Shiping himself said: "I was learning Shaolin luck for years, to extract in the finger, then the trial on acupuncture point, lily is available but also." It can be seen that the first to study internal luck for years, can be extracted to refer to, before we talk about the trial on acupoint and acupuncture manipulation, otherwise it is difficult to achieve this realm reach the acme of perfection. According to Huang Suisong, "Huang family" a book about acupuncture, acupuncture has the characteristics of Shiping, must finish the Shaolin boxing and Qigong, will be fine, gas, God Sambo body in two above the mean, applied to the affected parts of patients, and has unbelievable wonderful. Second, with pure gold for Lily, smooth and not rust; the soft, not to hurt the bones; its taste is sweet, can fill fill empty Baidu Qufeng, Lei, Qi and blood, dredge the meridians, with different stone. Huang's needle, soft thin and long, as long as one foot three inches, the shortest is four inches, with Yin Jin can not enter. Third, take points with points, slightly different. Depth, reinforcing and reducing, with the attack, priorities, subject and object, and so on, and abdominal viscera and meridians, pulse differentiation and so on, all under the former will be. Huang Suisong in the memories of the screen when treating scenarios in Huangshi said: "the first clinical palpation, after a long time, made clear, students will be about murderous, his hands clenched capacity, only to hear the finger bone Lala. Then hold needle in hand, rubbing the needle several times around the fingers, to straighten them several times, the title in the mouth, such as hand holding a tiger, such as the potential to capture long, so with the left thumb in patients by acupuncture point, right hand holding the needle in according to the set point in point, the needle slowly to Yin into the muscle strength, the patient felt pain to sickness, and suddenly." [10]

承邦彦在《民国名医黄石屏》一文中写道:“黄父命石屏拜圆觉为师,读书习武,时已三年,未言针事,三载过半,老僧开始教以练针运气之法,以朱笔画红圈于白墙上,命石屏离红圈数步,用铁针击之,每日击红圈,红圈也日日缩小,步子日日放长,铁针也逐渐缩小,后再改成小钢针,而每针必中,后再改画成铜人经穴图刺之,穴无不中,再后以软的金针,亦能插入墙壁上几寸.圆觉曰:’功力已到’乃再授人体穴位及治病补泻各种手法.” [11]黄石屏先生的针灸学习方法及经历应当引起我们的高度重视,他的针灸学习经历是:“读书习武,时已三年,未言针事,三载过半,老僧开始教以练针 The law is equal to "luck reading cultural learning, in addition to the three years basically is the martial arts, and the future study is the study of" practicing acupuncture method of luck". When practicing "to draw a bronze figure meridian thorn, all points, and then with a soft needle, also can be inserted into the wall a few inches." At the same time, "is to teach the human body acupuncture points and treatment of various methods of reinforcing diarrhea". This Mr Cheng Danan said: "before the practice of acupuncture in acupuncture and moxibustion at home, is the most important practice and practice the force, it almost accounted for 2/3 of the learning time." It's exactly the same. The strict training in basic skills, why not fine needle? The lack of our current acupuncture in teaching is the key link to internal work.

Old Mr. He Puren, young began practicing baguazhang, this year more than eight years, is still the daily Buchuo practice. Ten years ago, when I ask the effect of exercise on the therapeutic effect of acupuncture, he said: "the old first refers to the power, this is the necessary basis for acupuncture practice, further can foster their own spirit, through the needle body and the technique, can drive the human body disease pathogen, only is to effect achieve the ideal. The needle into the seemingly casual, but very fast, the patient did not feel pain. I have seen several people ask how to learn the needle manipulation, he is the one I asked, only smiled but did not reply, "you are not using Piquan up into the needle?" He said: "yes."!" And asked my practice. Later he used to study with him say: "small Xu Shilian dachengquan!" He means that students should have to go to practice, but few people understand his intentions.

As a good Shaoshanhuo and cool producing needling famous acupuncture Master Mr. Zheng Yulin, the acupuncture manipulation is always respected by acupuncture, in addition to its unique style, it also has a great relationship with practicing internal strength. Zheng old had an early and an old hall local acupuncture and learning skills, as well. He believes that the combination of acupuncture and skills, not only into the painless needle, and easy to observe the needle under the gas, easy to gas and gas to the disease, curative effect than simple acupuncture, and told the students: Acupuncture home many special skills are very deep attainments of strength. 12 Acupuncture Acupuncture not only Master Mr. Jiao Mianzhai, also skilled in martial arts and skills guidance, and combine it with acupuncture, can obviously improve the curative effect of acupuncture. I ask to use Taixi for the treatment of rare diseases and the famous Mr. Zhang Shijie acupuncture tips, old Zhang told him to practice zhanzhuang's rule of God, his teacher is Mr. Qin Zhongsan.

During the 198 years, before I go to school at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, often in the school garden we meet a famous typhoid Liu Duzhou teacher, he also love acrobatics, and very often to ask my amiable and easy of approach, a variety of problems, including the problem of practicing internal strength. In 1986, Zhao Shaoqin went to the teacher all febrile disease consultation in our ward a have a fever do not retreat patients, I ask to the drug problem, old Zhao did not answer for a moment, but when I do know dachengquan and often push hands, even happy to say: "we Yeliang if live well, every morning can. Push push!" Zhao is practicing Tai Chi, and Tai Chi Master Mr. Liu Wancang is a friend.

4, the internal work content

As early as in the last century in 80s began to practice a variety of Qigong and martial arts, 1983 in the Acupuncture Department of Dongzhimen hospital internship, see the department director Professor Gao Hongbao in the treatment of infertility and other diseases unbelievable effect, determined to learn acupuncture. I asked him why he was so good curative effect, high teacher said the secret lies in practicing internal strength, and said he was an apprentice Master Wang Xuanjie the understanding of martial arts. I was not too understanding, then come into contact with the chance of dachengquan, amazing big boxing into practical fighting action. When reading the dachengquan master Wang Xiangzhai's works, as it contains profound philosophy including traditional Chinese medicine by theory, then realized the dachengquan reality includes the essence of martial arts and skills, then choose the official worship Jay door in the old Xiang disciple, has been involved in repair of dachengquan skills, and to combine it with Acupuncture manipulation, and finally realize the "Shenguang in Ying, intended to pin first, intended to bring gas, gas to the disease by acupuncture points". In the past twenty years practice hard, won the teacher pass, like martial arts, especially in pushing hands, currently dachengquan eight black belt.

Boxing skills based method is mainly zhuanggong, beginners can practice the muddy pile: the body's natural stand, as for Taijiquan, feet shoulder width apart, a toe, hands refers to the chest, bending the elbow by both hands like holding a balloon, relax the body such as the bath water, feeling comfortable for a long time is free, I have forgotten objects, like heaven and earth melt into one, is a natural breath. 13 long time practicing this pile refers to the power surge, clinical use, there will be unbelievable wonderful, either acupuncture needle or experience deep needling sensation and long needle acupuncture tendons, will have to hand your turn, from hand feeling, can be described as "God exists in the heart of the occasion, can the solution and can not have words".

Emphasize the role of acupuncture in practicing internal strength, and not ignore the importance of manipulation, but require more skilled manipulation of acupuncture. For example, in the treatment of muscle disease, we often see a lot of muscle tension spasm of patients, this is the "big band Ruan HuangDiNeiJing" in the sense of "short". In this case, if the way is not enough skilled and that force is not enough, because the needle generated when the pain is likely to cause muscle spasm patients even more tense, especially in the case of acute muscle injury. So my teaching method is that students first exercise that power, requires the same thickness with the number thirty and bank card penetration acupuncture plastic card, and then use the thumb to practice hard rubber thickness along its longitudinal axis into the needle, acupuncture, from the center to the center of the side wear on the side, to exercise control of the long needle ability. And then teach the learning method of acupuncture Dinghou Lu teacher, is the use of long needle lesion through muscle (skeletal muscle). Ten years ago, I asked the teacher Lu Dinghou on demonstration of acupuncture manipulation, its curative effect makes me as the acme of perfection! For beginners, especially female students, if the finger is too poor, then the use of acupuncture can be used to press the newspaper, with the increase in the thickness of the newspaper. Can also use the ball exercises, the thin, soft rubber, and then use a hard thick rubber exercise needle. In addition, you can also use waste film, cork and a variety of leather exercises, in order to mold the needle like different human tissues, and gradually enhance their own fingers and feel. More exercises after a certain period of time, it refers to the force, force will be greatly improved, but the distance is still "rule of God" is still a large distance, to further enhance the level of acupuncture, should be practicing internal strength. Besides the dachengquan, you can also practice some other boxing such as Xingyi, Bagua boxing, Tai Chi etc.. Through in the martial arts zhuanggong, try to force and repulsion, force practice, make patients Qi filling, and may at any time to end the so-called meaning to luck, gas, gas to force, the intention is not in force condition, inner strength reached through the finger tip, and the tip effect on the human body. You can imagine, by controlling the use of martial arts skills produced by the explosive force acting on the body using the tip of the needle insertion process of natural, quick and painless. Martial arts boxing exquisite spiral force, which is characterized by deep stability strength and direction, the trajectory of the bullet is similar, if you are using the needle acupuncture needle, the needle is spirally instantly penetrate the skin. In acupuncture, God requires patients not to overflow, not exposed, relax body, shoulders elbows, gas through the whole body, the capacity of finger tip. In order to move the needle into the human body, the patient has a lot of pain. 14 through the station zhuanggong, strength, footwork and push the practice, not only can improve finger strength, can also increase the finger touch sensitivity and the operation of its own power. The characteristics of internal operation and the combination of acupuncture is the organic unity of divine power, so that the performer can better observe under the needle feeling, in order to achieve the "spirit" realm. In the acupuncture occasion, the performer must first enter into action, "the heart without love, such as to be elegant, no sunset", "as if, such as hand holding camp in the tiger, God", luck in the means, and then treated by acupuncture.

After such a hard practice, the most obvious harvest is to be able to initially painless into the needle, the so-called painless into the needle, refers to the patient in the needle when the needle is felt, but can not feel the pain. At the same time, the psychological suggestion to divert their attention, and even make it do not know the needle has been stabbed in order to eliminate the fear of acupuncture. How can we do painless needle? Specific needle method, capacity refers to the end of his mind, use the wrist shake, the needle pierce the skin quickly. All patients should be loose and tight, can not have the slightest, the movement coordination of natural and agile, control the piercing strength size, the depth of acupuncture, acupuncture points accurately into the selected. In the long needle treatment of tendons disease, acupuncture in the limbs is relatively safe, but in the neck, chest and back, waist and abdomen etc., especially the occiput, scapula with deep puncture long needle, if experience is not rich. There is considerable danger. But if after the above exercises practice hard, plus a lot of clinical practice, you can safely use the long needle treatment of tendons disease. After entering the needle, along the long axis of the pathological changes of muscle (skeletal muscle), we can clearly perceive the position of the needle tip and the feeling of the needle, so that the needle can reach the required level and depth.

5, conclusion

Even later in "a Book of the times" by the Yellow Emperor, practicing internal strength is one of the compulsory content of each doctor, "guidance" and "Qi" stone, poison, Ruo, micro needle moxibustion are put forward, which not only can make the doctors of their health, but also to guide the patients to practice, more important by practicing internal strength will make the acupuncture performer touch is more sensitive, the action is more precise, the spirit is more easy to concentrate, look more stable. In the use of long needle acupuncture treatment of tendons disease, we can clearly perceive the location of the needle and the feeling of the needle, which is the premise of good results.

For more than a limited outlook, limited to the author's knowledge, mistakes can hardly be avoided, looking superiors and fellow generous with your criticism.

Note: all the (from the original "pivot" all out: Hebei medical college. The school release Lingshu Ming, Zhao Fu Ju Jing Tang edition. Beijing: People's Medical Publishing House, 1982. From "plain questions" for the original: Shandong College of traditional Chinese medicine, Hebei medical college. Neijing Suwen school release. Beijing: People's Medical Publishing House, 1982. Citing a lot of original text, it is not annotated

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Xu Xu, male, 48 years old, chief physician, Department of acupuncture, China-Japan Friendship Hospital. She is a member of the Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion Institute, a member of the Beijing Acupuncture Association, a member of the Specialized Committee of acupuncture and moxibustion, and a managing director and vice president of the China Dacheng Boxing Association, and the eight section of the great black belt. Research direction: the "Yellow Emperor" health thoughts, and internal Ashi acupuncture therapy, acupuncture treatment by muscle disease and spinal related disease, specializes in the use of fire needle therapy on asthma, varicose veins and skin disease. Teaching and practice tasks has undertaken postgraduate class of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Peking University medical college undergraduate class, served as the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of health sent the national foreign aid medical team of experts, and by the Ministry of foreign affairs commendation, Romandy MONTREUX served as the center of Chinese medicine Chinese experts, Japan Kansai Qigong Association advisor. The three point is the "national standard" fire needle improvements are applied, and report to China Acupuncture Association record. Love the textual research and collection, possession of stone Neolithic and bronze age ancient jade, bronze needles, the Warring States king gold inscriptions Ge (beryllium) and the Warring States period and the Warring States Bronze Sword gold inscriptions ink book of bamboo, the Song Dynasty Cizhou painting pillow, to study acupuncture needles to provide the original data and related real.

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