Why feng shui will affect future generations ancestors funeral?

I think most people have been to the temple. I do not know whether you pay attention to the environment around the temple, especially in the


I think most people have been to the temple. I do not know whether you pay attention to the environment around the temple, especially in the mountains of the temple, surrounded by mountains and rivers are very imposing.

To tell you frankly, the temple should also pay attention to Feng shui. Buddhism in China prosperity for nearly two thousand years, has a great relationship with the temple of Feng shui. Monks also know Feng shui.

When Liuzuhuineng at the Chogye temple, followed by Zen flourishing, is divided into five branches, continues today.

The monks, I remember his name is Xuanhua people. After the liberation, he went to the United States, in California opened up a Buddhist Pure Land, call center. There is a modern advanced detection technology gally, did not find the water there. But according to people on the designated place wells, every day can take eight hundred thousand gallons of water. An engineer is said to be surprised and asked the question. The man said with a smile: here are two underground water, one has dried up, there is a very rich water. The well is set on the water.

Since the location of the temple is very good feng shui, then the ruins of the temple on the tomb line OK? Give you a piece of advice, don't do this, otherwise it won't be long before you, this one will be cut off incense.

In Feng Shui is very exquisite Dragon (the mountains and rivers, but also has the trend of dragon) and the vast veins of shengmai. The temple was built in the general vast veins, because the monks will not get married and have children, so there is no menace from the rear. And those of us not only to the laity, the continuation of incense, but also hope that children have a better life, so it can only choose to build grave in Shengmai.

After death, the body will decay, makes the blood into the veins, and began to affect children. This land will affect the wealth and rank of future generations and weal and woe, first of all will be reflected in the structure of the eight children.

Now because of the shortage of land, and the need for environmental protection, our country generally practised. Then the ashes buried, there is no requirement for Feng Shui? Of course there are requirements. But the influence is much smaller.

Among the dead are buried, usually called the living place and house; usually called yang. The Amityville Horror about feng shui, also should pay attention to Feng shui. If the bad feng shui, a great influence on a person's health.

Since the founding of the country, the feng shui is classified as a kind of feudal superstition, so now do not pay attention to the architectural design of Feng shui. I was in the house to help people find that the existence of such a residential or so Feng Shui problem. Is not a problem in the room layout, is the location of the house door is not good, had to try to make up for the decoration.

In each person's character, will be more or less there is a disease of negative information. If the residential Fengshui is not good, the negative information in the eight for amplification, the positive information and narrow. Therefore, we call the feng shui design - Optimization of space.



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