Self regulation of patients with borderline personality disorder

Self regulation of patients with borderline personality disorderBeijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University Huang Jianj


Self regulation of patients with borderline personality disorder

Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University Huang Jianjun

Published in the Journal of psychology and health - 2013.11

Borderline personality disorder (Borderline personality)

Disorder (BPD) belongs to the category of personality disorder, and it shows abnormal psychology in adolescence. Mainly for emotional instability, interpersonal relationships, self-image disorder very often change, impulsive behavior, or light or heavy following performance: Dutch act, self mutilation, drug abuse, drug abuse, beatings, addiction, multiple sexual partners, the treatment is relatively difficult.

However, after suffering from BPD, we can not blindly pessimistic, through positive psychological counseling, medical treatment and other medical help, can gradually get better. Studies have shown that some of the symptoms of BPD, such as impulsivity, decrease with age. If I were to hold an open attitude, take the initiative to understand the clinical features and possible pathogenesis of psychological factors, positive self conditioning, coupled with professional psychological help, will get rid of the disease problems. Improve the following four psychological ability is the key to self conditioning:

First, enhance their cognitive ability

Have a clear and rich understanding of one's identity, thoughts, and emotions, and be able to separate them from the identity, thoughts, and emotions of the outside world. BPD patients often think of their own ideas as others, such as a woman to call her boyfriend, the other did not answer. She have a habit of thought: I paid too little attention, even I would not answer the phone; maybe he has a new love, dumped me. In fact, the reason why her boyfriend did not answer the phone came from her own speculation, but she put the speculation as her boyfriend's real idea, which led to her strong anger or impulsive behavior.

Self reflective ability. BPD patients often lack the appropriate capacity for self reflection, such as a woman is afraid of her husband and asked her husband to abandon their own, 24 hours with her, one can not see the husband are very anxious to know where he is, and who together to watch her husband up, she could not bear the husband control, put forward to break up with her. At this time, the woman still thought that her husband did not like him, but could not understand his husband's strict restrictions on her husband pushed away.

From the overall perspective and the reality of themselves and others, but not black and white, or Overgeneralization, casually assume. BPD patients are often difficult to tolerate the other side's refusal, neglect and requirements. When meet and get attention, they will give each other very ideal, think the other incomparable good, but if you have been a rejected or ignored, it will be very easy to each other from heaven to hell, extremely belittle each other. We can't regard each other as both good and bad, and they can't feel themselves on the whole.

Two, improve self-control

Have a good ability to manage the inner impulse and desire: to be able to actively contribute to the impulse and desire, but also to a certain extent, bear the anger, loneliness, fear and other negative emotions. Patients with BPD often have the internal desire and emotion into action, such as when you think the other on their own do not care or abandoned, they would be mad to find each other or fling caution to the winds, a slapstick abuse, or to hurt themselves to threaten each other do not leave their. In fact, patients with BPD need to enhance the ability to contain these negative desires and emotions, you need to think about how to do to win the other party's acceptance of their own, so as not to have played a role in the destruction of the relationship.

When the value of the self is threatened, it can be adjusted and restored in time. It is easy for BPD patients to feel that they are worthless, especially in the context of their sensitive "neglected" and "abandoned" situations. At this point the need to mobilize their resources to see their strengths and values, the so-called "useless" and "not lovely" in fact, from the early upbringing of the environment in the wrong treatment, rather than the real self.

Three, cultivate a wealth of emotional ability

The dominant emotional experience of BPD patients is fear, anger, emptiness, lack of security and a sense of pleasure. BPD patients not only to experience these negative emotions, but also to be aware of their own in these emotions, the need to take the initiative to guide.

Need to have a positive imagination, such as for the other did not reply your SMS or phone, in addition to think of each other but also actively ignore themselves and think of other possible factors, such as the meeting is not in the side, mobile phone and so on, can become emotional language to communicate with each other, and put yourself in the feelings of others situation and mood. Actively cultivate a happy, safe emotional experience, try to understand each other's words and deeds.

Four, the ability to form attachment

Each of us has an internalized object, which comes from the parental rearing patterns and special experiences of the early years of life. Previous studies have shown that BPD patients often experienced too many setbacks in their early years, including mental and physical abuse, sexual abuse, excessive parental control, denial, criticism, rejection, and less emotional warmth. The new internal object actively, in order to establish a good, positive, positive, rich and colorful inner object, which was full of care, for their comfort and encouragement, let the heart calm, take responsibility for yourself.

To establish a good relationship with others, not too dependent on the relationship, nor excessive avoidance, which is an equal relationship between each other. That is to maintain a close relationship, but also to maintain a certain distance, both sides have a certain space and autonomy. Not blindly to each other and completely compromise, loss of self, do not require the other party to completely abandon his / her own. To consider the interests of others and to promote to achieve win-win in the relationship.

The biggest challenge for BPD patients is to face an interruption in their relationship, and their anger and sadness will reach its peak. In the separation of the object and the attachment, try to endure the pain and express enough grief, as time goes on, to try to withdraw the emotional bet from the lost object and develop a new attachment.

The above four kinds of ability is each of us should have the ability, but BPD patients appear weaker. Since it is ability, there are strong and weak, through the training and the passage of time, with the growth of individual psychology, will gradually improve, which is the process of psychological maturity.

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