Lao Li heart happy where the six main manifestations of depression?

Lao Li's daughter is my good friend in psychology, we often meet together and play therapy techniques. On Sunday afternoon, she called me fo


Lao Li's daughter is my good friend in psychology, we often meet together and play therapy techniques. On Sunday afternoon, she called me for help: she said that her father had just retired for a long time did not have a happy expression, there is a month not to go downstairs, eat no appetite, can not sleep at night, wake up early in the morning very early. The previous day be happy with a little grandson, go shopping, play games, have no mood to accompany the child. Sometimes, it is not good to live, it is better to die. Anxious Li asked me, "what happened to my father? Where is the bottom of my heart?"

According to Li daughter short story, I initially considered Lao Li suffered from depression, positive suggestions with his father to the hospital for treatment of li.

Depression is the basic performance of depression. Generally speaking, is the mood is not good. Normal people may sometimes have bad mood, so, what kind of mood to a diagnosis of depression? Diagnosis of depression must meet 2 criteria: (1) the severity of depressed mood: must to distress and almost flooding of the degree. The extent to which a person's mental or social functioning, such as school, work, housework, social interaction, etc.. (2) course of disease: the above conditions occur every day and last for at least 2 weeks.

Highly educated or introspective and not shame people tend to form their own bad mood for psychological problems, can take the initiative to speak vivid and specific, these people suffering from depression by doctors more easily found. More patients due to various reasons, do not talk about the mood and only sushu physical symptoms, which requires physicians not only pay attention to the patient's body, but also caring their spiritual life and inner experience, grasp the relevant knowledge and special skills of depressive symptoms questioning. Only in this way can we find out the truth of depression.

There are six main manifestations of depression. A doctor can talk to each patient around each other.

1, loss of interest or even loss: a wide range of hobbies, once suffering from depression, it is easy for the surrounding people aware. However, even if there is no any hobby, if the daily work and life and enjoy the happiness of a family union are totally uninterested, not to feel happy, you can certainly interested in obvious loss.

2, hopelessness: patients feel personal everything is bad, there is no hope of all future dim and dark. In contrast, normal people have hope for the future, such as academic progress, career success, family health and longevity; also often have a variety of small desire, such as saving money to buy a luxury goods, enjoy a beautiful music, weekend family outings. Loss of hope for the future is a manifestation of depression.

3, helplessness: this feeling is very painful, especially the patient is difficult to express. Many patients are reluctant to seek medical treatment, they are sure that doctors can't help you, because he felt that with all the other people are not the same, seems to have left the world, fell into the deep valley, all have been irreparably, who can't save. The patient feel seems like a strange loneliness, and people have the sense of alienation.

4, self comment down: the patient feel that he actually has nothing, nothing can not do, is full of waste. At the very least, patients feel that knowledge is not as good as before. Some of the patients have deep feelings of guilt and guilt.

5, the loss of vitality: the patient felt his whole "man" has collapsed, collapsed, scattered the shelf. He is very clear that the main body is not the strength, but the spirit of the loss of power, what to do (including self-care) need others to urge or push him, or do not want to move. Many patients struggle to cheer up, but they can't hold on. The patient sees itself as a "mud - not help."

6, feel that life is meaningless: patients do not feel a certain way of life meaningless, but feel that life is fundamentally meaningless. Not only the meaning of living, to suffer ill die. Patients often have suicidal thoughts, and even commit suicide.

The above six as long as there is a clear or prominent, we have to think about the possibility of depression. Depression is a syndrome, of course, there are more than one symptom, but some symptoms can not be obvious. If suspicious and difficult to diagnose, you must consult a psychiatrist.

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