The effect of cholecystectomy on the body and diet

What is the effect of the removal of the gall bladder?With concentration, storage and emptying of gallbladder bile, so as to adjust the inte


What is the effect of the removal of the gall bladder?

With concentration, storage and emptying of gallbladder bile, so as to adjust the internal pressure of the biliary tract function, these functions disappeared after resection of the gallbladder, bile secreted by the liver is continuously flowing into the duodenum, so, in the digestion stage will look into the intestinal tract bile is not enough, and in the non digestion stage, into intestinal bile cannot play its role. This situation after a period of compensatory compensation, bile duct thickening, instead of gallbladder function, bile duct sphincter will be long and have a closed or open rhythm, in order to adapt to the need of digestion. Therefore, some patients have poor tolerance to fat digestion in the early stage after cholecystectomy. In fact, there are a lot of patients before the gallbladder has no function or function decline, lesions of the gallbladder will affect the patient's digestive function, but also acute biliary colic or bile attack, even cancer, the patients after cholecystectomy, not only postoperative digestive function is not good, but for lesions of the gallbladder improve digestive function, improve the quality of life. A small number of patients after cholecystectomy, bile reflux gastritis may occur, a small number of clinical, drug treatment is better.

After cholecystectomy, a short time may have a cause to, but after a period of time as compensation normal work and normal life, to human body health not what great influence.

Diet after cholecystectomy

Cholecystectomy should be noted that the diet, eat more meals, diet should be rich in nutrients, less greasy, taste appropriate, easy to digest. To encourage patients to eat, only nutritional supplement it, in order to make better and faster recovery of disease control, high cholesterol food to reduce the disturbance of cholesterol metabolism, for animal offal, egg yolk, Salted Duck Egg, egg, fish, crab and other food containing high cholesterol food limited.

Should be limited to edible seaweed, seafood, you can drink some yogurt, can be appropriate exercise, just after surgery, it is recommended to rest more, the specific cause of the pain, you can review your doctor.

To avoid alcohol, to avoid the condition, according to the general rule, within six months after cholecystectomy, the diet should grasp the light, less oil, high protein diet (do not eat egg yolk), the principle of high calorie, feeding method can take smaller meals, especially for a time to eat too much animal fat foods, such as fat, pig's trotters. After a period of time (about half a year), the body recovered well, you can add a small amount of fatty foods in a row, so as not to cause abdominal discomfort and diarrhea and other indigestion as the standard.

Reasonable arrangements for meals: light based, eat more crude fiber food, drink more water, to prevent high blood pressure, high blood lipids, habitual constipation, etc.. Develop good habits, can prevent and effectively control the occurrence and development of many diseases.

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