Mesenteric artery compression syndrome how to do?

Patient:Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, hospital, etc.):More than a year ago, going to the bathroom, stand up suddenly



Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, hospital, etc.):

More than a year ago, going to the bathroom, stand up suddenly feel flustered, heartbeat, until now has been more than a year. My stomach to eat the old feel uncomfortable when the urine wore comfortable, pull after feel heartbeat, not very straight, I feel the stomach wore, bent on the trip more comfortable. I had a barium meal, said I was the superior mesenteric artery syndrome. The stomach is a little pendulous,

I would like to ask the doctor, I have a meal is not comfortable with the disease? This is what symptom, and neurosis related? Eat something is not straight waist, can only bend the waist to feel good. Eat a lot of drugs, have not changed. Stomach power medicine also eat a lot. What symptom is this? Department of Gastroenterology; the Fourth People's Hospital of Sichuan province Chang Yuying:

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1 superior mesenteric artery syndrome is due to the superior mesenteric artery is too long, too short or superior mesenteric artery variation caused by intermittent episodes of stagnation of duodenum from the abdominal aorta from the site is too low or when the angle from the transverse section of duodenal stenosis oppression.

2 there will be intermittent duodenal stagnation of postprandial abdominal discomfort, fullness, heaviness, occasionally right upper abdomen, xiphoid or back acute pain, take reclining or prone position can alleviate or relieve pain.

3 treatment methods are conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

4 conservative treatment methods are: after eating small meals, take the left supine and prone to rest, and the foot of the bed elevation. Usually to strengthen abdominal exercises, prevent visceroptosis. In the remission period, try to improve the nutritional status. The drug can be used prokinetic agents, spasmolytic analgesics etc..

5 surgical treatment: if the medical treatment is invalid, and the condition is serious, can consider the operation treatment.

6 your above condition description is not very detailed, for your understanding of the situation is not very comprehensive, recommended to the regular hospital near the Department of gastroenterology consultation, the doctor will according to the specific situation of the consultation and inspection, given appropriate treatment recommendations.

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