Tumor (cancer) patients during chemotherapy of self conditioning

The method of using drugs to kill tumor cells is chemotherapy. But because most chemotherapy drugs are “ the &rdquo is difficult to di


The method of using drugs to kill tumor cells is chemotherapy. But because most chemotherapy drugs are “ the &rdquo is difficult to distinguish good and bad; cytotoxic drugs, attack the tumor and kill many normal cells, thus triggering a series of adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood, liver and kidney dysfunction, reduce hair loss etc.. These side effects seriously affect the quality of life of patients, and even make people fear and give up treatment. Therefore, experienced cancer physicians by adjusting the dose and time of medication and to transform vomiting and diarrhea, protection of heart, liver and kidney of the assistant drug adverse reaction to a minimum, to ensure the smooth implementation of the treatment plan. As a common ally in the struggle of cancer patients and their families, if they can learn more about how &ldquo and adverse drug reactions in chemotherapy; self ” knowledge, with the inevitable will help them in with the doctor in understand more and more active, with the minimum cost smoothly through the &ldquo chemotherapy; ”.

What are the common side effects of chemotherapy and its causes? (1) digestive tract reactions: anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. This is often due to chemotherapy drugs to stimulate the brain vomiting center or damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing edema and can not absorb food nutrition. Therefore, the vomiting is heavy, should start from the consumption of fresh water, lotus root juice and gastric gastrointestinal absorption in food and nutrition at the same time to fully recuperate; then, with a good appetite, a gradual transition to Steamed Egg Custard, porridge, Hanging noodles soup semi liquid food, and then gradually return to normal diet. If the diarrhea lasts longer, it can also be used under the guidance of a doctor to eat some yogurt, yams and other foods, may help stabilize the distribution of bacteria, intestinal function recovery. Conversely, if the constipation time is longer, you should eat more food rich in cellulose and fresh fruits, such as celery, bananas, honey, etc., to help defecation. (2) blood reduced: including reduced red blood cells and platelets, white blood cells. This is due to the damage of chemotherapy in bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells, which can proliferate to mature blood cells caused by. In addition to the use of hematopoietic drugs, but also eat some red dates, peanuts, spinach, liver, blood tofu and other protein rich food, edible gelatin, or some ginseng under the guidance of a doctor. Special attention is required, the immune function of the patients are in the doldrums, so pay special attention not to catch cold and rest. (3) the heart, liver and kidney function damage and oral mucosa, skin ulcer: this often require treatment, under the guidance of a doctor rather than relying on “ &rdquo can recover the tonic. (4) hair loss: seemingly “ insignificant ” but also to many patients (especially women) has brought unspeakable anguish. At the same time, can be used to eat some walnut kernel, honey and black sesame paste into a paste, can help grow new hair.

In addition, according to their years of experience in clinical practice, for the tumor patients and their families to understand some of the errors, in this regard to be explained:

(1) “ tumor can not chemotherapy, chemotherapy will collapse, die faster ”. In fact, in the early 80s, the doctors had to chemotherapy or nutritional support treatment can be carried out clinical study of thousands of cases bring more benefits for cancer patients, and draw the conclusion: effective chemotherapy and nutritional support treatment than simple nutritional support therapy effect is better, longer survival time, quality of life is also higher. That is to say, treatment of cancer by “ not necessary, Fuzheng ” “ &rdquo band;. Of course, most chemotherapy drugs kill tumor and normal cell “ &rdquo, a double-edged sword; if used improperly, will really make people beat, “ die quickly ”. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that chemotherapy is an art, need radical tumor should be pursued vigorously, “ ” to maintain strength when the gentle wind and rain “ ” two, both of the body to balance stability. A good doctor must be a good grasp of the balance, go well “ &rdquo steel; the artist, can let in the maintenance of good chemotherapy in patients with autoimmune ability as well as its use, to maximize its therapeutic effects.

(2) “ in order to increase immunity, chemotherapy is to eat more, eat less than when it is better to eat ”. As mentioned earlier, one of the important causes of gastrointestinal reactions caused by chemotherapy drugs is damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing edema and “ refusal to accept ” food. This is actually a kind of body on the gastrointestinal epithelial cells of the “ self-protection ” reflection, if forced to eat, will make them not “ rest ” even worse injury. Therefore, the diet should be as mentioned above, eat more meals, the first thin dry, step by step, the principle should be summarized as “ eat when you eat, how much to eat how much to eat ”.

(3) “ in order to strengthen their own resistance, chemotherapy must strengthen exercise, restore physical ”. In fact, their resistance strength depends more on daily exercise and physical fitness, is precisely the period of chemotherapy, the weak immune system should be “ energy accumulation, and ” and physical exertion will only delay in rehabilitation, to breathe the fresh air should also pay attention to the prevention of cold. Therefore, exercise should be gradual, according to their specific circumstances can not act with undue haste.

In short, chemotherapy is an art, a doctor and patient hand in hand dance art. With more knowledge, know the hearts of the bottom, to treatment with the more active. A good doctor, therefore, must be a good artist and missionary teacher at the same time.



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