PMP-T136 friend's first medical history and experience report (Continued)

Now I will write the inspection report below2010.9 entrance examination, liver function is normal2011.8.8Alanine aminotransferase 47.8 refer


Now I will write the inspection report below

2010.9 entrance examination, liver function is normal


Alanine aminotransferase 47.8 reference value: 0--40 abnormal

Ast 25.2 reference value: 0--40

The ratio of alanine aspartate 0.53 reference value: 0.8--1.47 anomaly

Total bilirubin 13 reference value: 3--20

Hepatitis B virus DNA8.44E+06 reference value < 1.0e+03; HBeAg

Doctors advise: no treatment.


Reference value of albumin 50: 34--48 abnormal alanine aminotransferase 18 reference value: 0--60

Ast 17 reference value: 0 - 37 of total bilirubin 16.7 reference value: 6--20

Hepatitis B virus DNA3.96e+003 reference value < 1.0e+03; HBeAg

Doctors advise: no treatment.

6, the incidence and treatment of hepatitis b:

(1) in the 2013.5 months before have been preparing for the college exam, know I was admitted after going to find a part-time internship or later, in early June Decathlon supermarket to find a part-time job. Asked to do health certificate of food, I went to the Internet to check, we found that this type of people in the 09 year can also be started, thanks to the efforts of the Lei brothers (sincere thanks to him). With the psychological apprehension went after a week to get informed I ALT 181, check the E, was scared silly, a few days to say no e, according to the relevant provisions of the food can get a health certificate. Where the doctor suggested that I go to check the body, to see where the problem, I know in my heart, it may have triggered the bomb. Holding the psychological luck to online search, consultation with several friends, they said that the first 2 months should be able to break down, and then went to work, is the kind of early late work, sales assistant, a station for several hours, it should be said that there is no rest. In July, the morning old feeling mouth has the smell of blood, a spit, found blood inside, that is the gum out of the question, not in your heart. In August, I went home. No relevant drug intervention.

(2) at the beginning of September, the school should require physical examination, the doctor told the 215 ALT and HBsAg positive is infectious, schools require hospitalization, or take home treatment, then hospitalized.

Date of admission: 2013.9.6 discharge date: 2013.9.16

Treatment of the relevant drugs as follows:

Main test results: (hospital: Shanghai, Pudong infectious diseases hospital is a two)

2013.9.9 routine, urine routine, stool normal

Liver function: ALT:100TBIL:17.7AST:32A/G:49.5/25.4

R-GT:25 AKP:62

Renal function: Cr 66.5 BUN 3.6 UA 358

Fasting glucose: 4.5

Blood lipids: total bile solid: 4.47 glycerin three fat: 1.07

Hepatitis C virus antibody

B: liver echo distribution, thickening of gallbladder wall rough;

ECG: normal

2013.9.12 HBV-DNA:5.93622E+005copy/ml

2013.9.13 liver function: ALT:39 AST:24 TBIL:14.3

The course of disease and treatment results: after admission to the hepatoprotectiv: sweet, glutathione, chuipencaogranules.

After treatment of patients with normal liver function, refused to antiviral treatment, to help discharge.

Hospitalization and discharge: the sole negative, spider angioma. (others are normal, slightly)

After discharge medication and recommendations: discharge orders: outpatient follow-up.

Take medicine: Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate Enteric-coated Capsules (sunny Gan Ping) 6 boxes; chuipencaogranules 3 boxes

My personal summary:

In the hospital 10 days this feeling uncomfortable, dare not say to a friend, on my own, I can correct understanding of their understanding of this disease, I know from your article in chronic ill: patience, patience. The doctor suggested antiviral, if not antiviral after withdrawal will certainly rebound, and abnormal liver function, but also said that the first attack can not resist, the doctor can also, I asked him the question he can reply to my patience, and for my relationship to explain the abnormal liver function and virus. Because I read your article, so I chose not to resist and signed the word (meaning the consequences of their commitment).

(3) inspection report and life behavior after discharge: (in the hospital)


Alanine aminotransferase 46 reference value: 4--40 abnormal

Ast 36 reference value: 0--40

Note: during the period of taking medicine with discharge: Ganping, Chuipencao

Life adjusted sleep, pay attention to rest, light diet, I hope I can carry the past.

The follow-up was carried out 5 boxes of hanging grass.

2014.1.23 (winter vacation home in the town hospital for examination)

Alanine aminotransferase 201 reference value: 0--40 anomaly

Ast 64 reference value: 0--40 anomaly

Total bilirubin 14.6 reference value: 5.1--20

Note: during the drug did not go to buy a meal, I feel good, after all, the last time on the 46 cubic plus the final exam to prepare, did not put the disease on the heart. This time to see the results of this test flustered. And feel the ribs there is a little feeling of liver, can not tell the feeling that the pain is not painful, is to make you feel uncomfortable.

In the winter vacation is not too late or no food, no drink, sleep early at night.

2014.2.9 (still in town hospital for examination)

Alanine aminotransferase 141 reference value: 0--40 abnormal transaminase 70 reference value: 0--40 abnormal

The total bilirubin of 14.4 reference value: 5.1 - 20 DNA of hepatitis B virus 1.07e+007 reference value < 1.0e+03< span=" " > HBeAg;

B ultrasound: ultrasound: the normal form of the liver, the size of the normal range, the smooth surface of the liver, the integrity of the capsule, sharp edges and corners, liver spot light intensity slightly thick, uniform distribution, vascular network display is still clear. Intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile duct. The diameter of the portal vein is about 10mm.

Gallbladder section of normal size and shape, rough wall, and no abnormal.

The size and shape of pancreas were normal, and the internal echo was not uniform.

The spleen was normal in size and regular in shape, the inner echo was not uniform, and the diameter of splenic vein was 6mm.

Note: the distance of a check for 16 days, half months C a drop of 60, a bit disappointed, because the old feeling under the right ribs that point where uncomfortable so do B. During the hospital in the town to buy jiangmeiling capsule and Flower brand Cai huganpian, follow the instructions to use.

2014.3.29 (back to Shanghai to stay in hospital)

Alanine aminotransferase 90 reference value: 4--40 abnormality

Aspartate aminotransferase 45 reference value: 5--40 abnormality

Note: eat jiangmeiling capsule and huganpian from home during the. From mid February began to run about 30 minutes early in the afternoon swimming. There is pain in liver area at the two rib, sometimes there will be back. The doctor called to reduce the amount of exercise. Recommended anti-virus, I refused to sign. This opened a 2 bottle of Compound Glycyrrhizin Capsules and Hugan tablets (40 tablets) 4 boxes.

2014.4.26 (follow up)

Alanine aminotransferase 93 reference value: 4--40 abnormality

Aspartate aminotransferase 47 reference value: 5--40 abnormality

Ultrasound: ultrasonic Description: acoustic conditions and image quality: General

Liver: the size and shape of the liver were normal, the surface of the liver was smooth, the capsule was complete, and the distribution of echo in the liver

Uniform, dense, clear blood vessels, intrahepatic bile duct expansion.

Gallbladder gallbladder size: normal morphology, cystic wall thickening rough, cystic wall thickness 4mm, bile sound


Pancreas: the size and shape of the pancreas were normal, the internal echo was uniform, and the main pancreatic duct was not dilated.

Spleen: the spleen was normal in size and shape, smooth and complete in the capsule, internal echo of Shang Junyun, not in splenic vein

See obvious expansion.

Kidney: right kidney size normal, regular shape, complete renal capsule, the system has not seen

From. Left right side.

Ultrasound showed that the distribution of liver echo was uniform and the density of cholecystitis was increased

Note: during the last visit to the drug and reduce the amount of exercise, still insist on, is still aerobic exercise, time reduction. There is pain in liver area at the two rib, sometimes there will be back, the doctor said associated with chronic hepatitis B. The results of the examination and the last did not change, I do not know why, is not the reason for dressing change.

The follow-up is still with Compound Glycyrrhizin Capsules 6 boxes, hanging pots of grass, 6 boxes, bile Shu Capsule, 1 boxes.

2014.5.21 (follow up)

Alanine aminotransferase 54 reference value: 4--40 abnormality

Aspartate aminotransferase 35 reference value: 5--40

Note: during the exercise is still. There is discomfort in the left and right ribs. Take the last medication. The follow-up to open the medicine Compound Glycyrrhizin Capsules 5 boxes (this medicine is also very expensive of $55 / box), hanging pot 6 boxes. ($20 / box).

2014.6.28 (follow up)

Alanine aminotransferase 66 reference value: 4--40 abnormality

Aspartate aminotransferase 40 reference value: 5--40

Hepatitis B virus DNA4.23E+7 reference value < 5.0E*10^2copy/ml

Note: during the last follow-up drug. There is discomfort in the liver and a little more in the left rib. The doctor said it was impossible. I usually go to the doctor who was in charge of my last visit. The doctor told me that a long time liver function is not normal, it is recommended that the summer hospital antiviral. The follow up opened the Compound Glycyrrhizin Capsules 3 boxes, hanging pots of grass, a box of 5.

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