"Jiang Zeyuan's youth tour," the sixth chapter to buy sweet scented osmanthus with wine

The master said from my pen, this is a node, to me, is a pen regardless of the secular vision before, not the name, not for profit, nor the


The master said from my pen, this is a node, to me, is a pen regardless of the secular vision before, not the name, not for profit, nor the result.

I remember two years ago at the "big when he not sticking to formalities", "this leads us to a powerful and unconstrained style, extraordinary significance, absolutely world class, you with me, after will be a winner", that time is completely unsuspectingly, Li Jue unknown around. Even if we have good ideals, but still difficult to ignore the tough road ahead. At that time I was against the University as "Stocking" like teaching reform students hold high the banner, but the school does not support students and numb let me deeply feel the feeling of loneliness and sadness of this system. Then I began to study philosophy, indifference, to explore the origin of life. But I also want to thank this experience let me grow up, let me have a little experience and master the overlap, so in teaching, on the road, we always resonate, so when the master came to his clinic voice only chatter without stop, where I think of writing, word is true.

Once my idea is to graduate then Yichang Central People's Hospital work, master is the "beast" to him for his work as stuck in a small office, like a medicine machine face different patient medication examination, why no one in that they did not let them have the basic pathogenesis before the ability to see a doctor and some common sense? Why didn't anyone manage their prognosis? Why don't people care about the quality of their lives? I don't know what makes a nearly forty year old with the background of the famous doctor give up so many opportunities for promotion and salary raise to do this "important but often overlooked" thing, how no manpower resources support how to carry out? It is this world although millions of people, a few people dare to dream to go to travel?

Now my ear still surrounds the words "parents must be admitted to graduate, so that we can find a good job, their eyes make me feel guilty and care from their family, my heart is most difficult to let go of the part, don't want to disappoint them, it was the most firm voice, I my party or go to school, or a variety of excellent selection, just do not want to see them again about his son in front of strangers at the subconscious of avoidance, some pain is too deep, let me step by step self, made me feel deep despair in the system under the weight, until the master at the foot of follow up a lot of things already bearish, before the contact of education is a trap, is a kind of suppression of personality.

Recently they also get the best understanding and support, so I can put more effort into the formation of the PMP family business, master more than once asked me, why I could have been so determined to follow him so far, I think mainly because of his grace and a lot of PMP, I chongen, Tu when Yongquan, my love, it is a part of my life can not let go.

"To buy the sweet scented osmanthus with wine, will not like young, I very very love you" is a word, now the PMP community has just completed the first phase of the project, residents just stay, and just the water and electricity, and the two phase of the project is the final stage of work, hope that the 780 PMP family we set up early and more, entertainment, fitness and other aspects of the construction of PMP in our community facilities. This to me is an impromptu play, is a catharsis of the heart, is a decide the future direction of the decision I give my parents pressure to, otherwise I will now join the forum the army continue to strive.

Similar to an ideal, also like to a well, a situation, we do this old music bitter, often taunt each other jokes, but then the Rong Rong and Wang came into the team, behind the PMP team also gradually large, this is a matter of youth travel, it is very beautiful, too may be very painful. This is a journey through my youth in the long future, although the United States, but it seems a bit far fetched, has not turned out. The fate dictates, we meet, even the remotest corners of the globe, in front of customers, we never abandon, work life.

Two years ago, is no longer a participant mentality, really put their own physical and mental strength to the construction of our PMP community, "with tens of home, shelter the world are delighted, glycerol" is a promise, and the pursuit of life is my master.

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