How fast the finished eyelid postoperative swelling......

A lot of the United States who finished eyelid often complain: swelling, congestion, especially heavy eyelid shallow, the nursing practice a


A lot of the United States who finished eyelid often complain: swelling, congestion, especially heavy eyelid shallow, the nursing practice after surgery is important, of course, doctor

You can't get home supervision is not seriously care, it would have to rely on myself, proper care will definitely achieve a multiplier effect.

Nursing eyelid surgery is very important, and we share the following nursing.

1, 3 days of oral antibiotics, amoxicillin or Lijunsha choose a can (when necessary oral Aescuven forte accelerate swelling)

24 hours after the operation, 2 will automatically remove the gauze gauze wound, if the blood to remove bad wound, with sterile swab with physiological saline (pharmacies and clinics for sale), the wound gauze can remove wetting

3, the day after the surgery more open eyes, multi-purpose eye, is conducive to the formation of double fold. This is very important, his eyes also pay attention to, not see it, but the eye level or try to see, so it can form part of the eyelid incision deep folds, forming good obvious eyelid. Not open the eyes of the eyes will be relatively shallow, not good-looking. Teach you a small way to finish the surgery to go home to watch TV when you might as well sit on the ground, so that the location of the TV is relatively high, watching TV as far as possible but not to look up but eyes wide open.

4, after the ice three days, it is crucial to ah, after three days to ice, as long as the time is long to put the ice ice. You can prepare two packs alternately deposited, the ice in the fridge freezer, this bag has some ice, but also a very good fit and eyes. (ice time also open your eyes Oh, can not be lazy)

5, keep the wound clean and dry the surgical site, means that in the water before the eyes is not clear, so when the ice to ice bag wrapped in a thin towel, wrap or gauze.

6, after the 3 day of dressing change, the removal of the corner of the eye sutures for the next 5 days, the removal of double fold suture for 7 days. Especially to corner suture time stitches, stitches late easy long scar. Do open eye pro drug to use anti scar in my stitches a week later inhibit scar hypertrophy.

7, after a month, three months, six months and one year of follow-up, what issues should be timely and doctors to communicate

Postoperative nursing care is also the key factor to determine the effect of postoperative. After careful care can shorten the recovery time, so that you recover earlier, the United States and the United States

Go out. Here to give the mushroom cool tips, stitches a week after you can make-up, and this is the most perfect method can reduce the visual sense of swelling, i.e.

Will not make up the mushrooms cool they have to learn to apply mascara......

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