Dr. Fang, please listen to me!

Dear doctor:Hello! I was a medical student, senior year, just to the hospital. Speaking of medical students, really a little ashamed, a few


Dear doctor:

Hello! I was a medical student, senior year, just to the hospital. Speaking of medical students, really a little ashamed, a few days ago, since a private hospital doctor to flicker.

I was in 2006 when diagnosed with hepatitis B HBeAg, then go out to work in the restaurant is the sister examination was diagnosed with hepatitis B HBeAg, was the hotel fire. My sister came home, my parents do not believe, took her to the county to check, check two times before. Later, our family also went to check, I and mother is also a big world, dad has antibody. At that time, the county hospital doctors, we saw the five list of hepatitis B, did not let us check the liver function, directly to my mother opened the liver and liver particles and interferon. The doctor said that the medicine is very expensive to buy in the hospital, his house is cheaper than the hospital half. Because mom and dad are farmers, my sister and I do not understand, as long as the treatment is also thought to have met a good doctor. He took us to his family home, gave us a meal, we came all the way from the countryside, not very easy. At that time, although spent more than 4 thousand but also very grateful to the doctor, go home and found that the drug is about to expire, and now think really ignorant. After returning home, my sister at home to take medicine, I go to school, but also how to eat. Third year, I have a lot of pressure, because I am afraid of hepatitis B infection to others, if teachers and students know, from now on, my character becomes withdrawn out of contact with anyone. The results also showed a linear decline in the year. Everyone in the home has been worried that the college entrance examination will not (home there is very poor, the news block, almost no understanding of the knowledge of hepatitis B Later, the mother also went to the school to ask a relative, relatives said nothing, did not affect the college entrance examination. I was relieved, I was lucky, I was admitted to the county key high school. At that time, summer and winter, the village doctor came to my house to give our mother three hanging water, do not know what medicine. I was secretly determined, we must learn to be a good doctor in the future, in order to my family in order to bear the hepatitis B patients like me. Sister and mother at home for half a year, basically did not go to check. Later my mother told the Henan province who see the old Chinese medicine of hepatitis B is very good, like father together all the way to the doctor, I didn't go with my sister. The doctor gave him two sacks of traditional Chinese medicine, I remember clearly, mom and dad no one back sack.

Since the two sacks of medicine back home, my family from then on with the "medicine jar" title. My sister and mother of 2007 until 2008, the home of traditional Chinese medicine, because my body has been good to her, she is suffering to eat traditional Chinese medicine. So the temper becomes very hot, remember to fall over several bowls. Later, relatives saw my sister advised that, mom said, let my sister go out for fun, a girl home all day at home to take medicine will eat wrong (my sister is two years older than me).

Sister went to check once in 2009, hepatitis B five: 1245 positive, liver function: Valley and 165

Other normal. The doctor recommended hospitalization, my sister said his body to live in hospital! She didn't believe in the doctor, probably because she had been at home for three years, and she had changed. Then parents can not, she went out to work. Later, when my sister is born children checked liver function two times, or big 3 this world, liver function is normal. Mother did not take the Chinese medicine, it is too bitter, they are now eating stomach problems.

I was worried until I went to college. University of physical examination, but fortunately my liver function is normal, and later never checked. In 2013, when I studied infectious diseases, I know that, like me, I would be on a regular basis. But the parents at home is not good, my sister has married, in time to tell them that they just said the disease also or life, a hospital to spend a few hundred dollars, do not know how to treat. I have been thinking about their own graduation, and other work to make money to take them to the hospital to do a physical examination, a good look.

Not long ago, on the Internet to see the country's 20 hospitals engaged in a total of anti hepatitis B free census activities. I went to the Shanghai Changjiang Hospital. The doctor reported liver echo slightly thick, has the trend of fibrosis, portal vein diameter 11mm, immediately close to normal, gallbladder wall rough, cholecystitis. Total bilirubin 21.7, said that I have a problem with the liver, direct bilirubin 6.8 also immediately more than normal. The virus is so high that it has to be treated now. At that time, the doctor also took a 27 year old boy B check list is said to be liver cancer, said the rapid treatment, otherwise the consequences are like that. I just started to have questions, and four with normal Valley aspertate need treatment? He said I have dated, now have changed, the amount of virus must be treated as. I didn't believe it at the time. Then he said let me not delay time to decide. When the morning test results asked a graduate student, he said the hospital's treatment effect is very good, she is more than a year of treatment the virus has negative. There are a lot of foreigners, say the effect is very good, I want to have 23, then to find a job, find the object, but also the children of ‍ I will have a crash, it will cure. Then, the nurse will take me to do the three oxygen autologous blood transfusion treatment, a shot of thymosin I asked the doctor to do several times better, she says you are a student will do two times a month, 30 times the rich have. But a few times, still depends on your own. I was supposed to do low frequency pulse therapy, but I didn't bring enough money. The doctor also according to the determination results of hepatitis B virus gene I the day to do the YMDD variant, said that the LMV LDT was highly resistant, opened a month of entecavir, told me that a lot of patients in his treatment, the virus clearance soon. I have a little doubt from the beginning of the doctor's treatment of me, but think of a lot of people say that the effect is not bad, but also a little bit of trust. Back to the hospital, I checked the Baidu three oxygen therapy, indeed there are papers that are good results. I have read a lot of science books about hepatitis B, which said that without the normal liver function without treatment, I went to the Chinese people's Armed Police Hospital in Shanghai on the second day, hung an expert. As a result, the doctor looked at my results, the virus is very high, said to be able to treat, said the virus is higher than 5 times, greatly increased the probability of liver cancer, if you do not want to rule can also be ruled out. If treatment with antiviral drugs and enhance immunity, more than 2 thousand per month. I thought about it, I think I have no income and family situation, would like to temporarily stop. After I came back, I checked a lot of information, into your site to see a lot of articles, said it is not free to eat chaos stop drugs, see their own more than and 800 to buy a few boxes of drugs, did not dare to eat. Dr. Fang, may I ask what is the effective method of three autologous blood transfusion therapy and low frequency pulse therapy? What is the indication of this therapy, can I continue to do it? I like this situation if the treatment is not to spend a lot of money, but the effect is not very good, in recent weeks is feeling tongue fever, mouth taste strange, a few days before the morning also nosebleeds, night sleep difficulties, morning wake up early every morning, after feeling very hot like don't know, it is not the weather, do not know is not caused by the virus have a fever, every morning feeling dizzy to sleep but also can't sleep, the spirit is very good, is that chronic hepatitis? Do you want to treat the situation like me, because of limited economic conditions at home, hope Party doctor gave good advice, thank you very much! There is my sister 25 years old, my mother is now at the age of 50, they have not checked for many years, you can give a good suggestion?




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