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From the first time to see the doctor, introduced me to this site, I have a strong desire to join, but because of the personal life of the p


From the first time to see the doctor, introduced me to this site, I have a strong desire to join, but because of the personal life of the problem, there is no good learning on the site, in this very sorry!

Now calm down to see a lot of articles, so far, although there are many articles that have not read, read the article there is no part of complete digestion, but I feel that I have benefited from it, then I will spend more time and energy to learn.

2003 physical examination of hepatitis B, do not know what is the disease, but the doctor said without treatment, the disease is incurable, it is still not online, I doubt only to the bookstore to see the books about hepatitis B, don't know, a look that fell into the bottomless abyss... Understand that no drug can kill off the hepatitis B virus, will eventually end up with hepatitis B trilogy, but the most I Qinsinanan is it terrible infectious, I don't want to because of their disease. Friends, cheerful I became lonely and sad, can not accept this cruel reality later. Learn to surf the Internet, via in query infectious crazy online, but the result is so disappointing, then most desire is to have what medicine was able to put the virus killing, in the online search to cure, and finally to the recipe, but I didn't try, my heart is still not understand may, never reconciled to that fantasy, eventually into despair and frustration, and for your life is no longer what hope, his depression. Since 2008 and 2012 the incidence of over two times, also asked a lot of questions about infectious doctors, can every doctor is not the same, I think this disease even doctors do not understand, until I met Dr. Fang, I recommend this site, the site was home to open (hepatitis B infectious is harm to the public a false proposition) attracted by this article I read many times through this article, I really understand the problem of hepatitis B virus infection, but my heart still has doubts, after two times asked Dr. Fang, pressure in the heart for ten years in the stone down, when relaxed and cheerful down after that, nothing can replace, now I just want to say: doctor, why don't you have breakfast? Hey!

Through this study, not only improved my spirit, also let me understand the importance of the relationship between doctors and patients, the hepatitis B before I see very offbeat, now think of hepatitis B and hypertension similar disease also no essential difference is too large, since hypertension patients can use the life the time to care and treatment of hepatitis B, why not.? From then on I will develop good habits, and constantly learning, under the guidance of a doctor, do a qualified follow-up of patients with hepatitis B.

With the rest of their own time, with their own youth, to restore the patient a healthy heart, in exchange for the smile of countless patients, your selfless dedication, will be the people's gratitude and respect!




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