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Ovarian cyst is one of the most common gynecological diseases. It is a traditional Chinese medicine "Zhengjia" category. Clinical observatio


Ovarian cyst is one of the most common gynecological diseases. It is a traditional Chinese medicine "Zhengjia" category. Clinical observation on with menstrual volume, dripping wet, distention and pain of lower abdomen, characteristic of infertility. The main pathogenesis is Qi stagnation and blood stasis, phlegm dampness. The woman said: "school note for her abdomen blood stasis, menstrual or postpartum blood volume closed entirely, or cold stagnation stasis, long and disappear, for accumulation of mass." Such as the treatment of "blood syndrome theory" said: "where is the total blood stasis to." In the treatment of blood stasis removing drugs at the same time, according to the clinical syndrome with Qi, phlegm, Ruanjian Chinese knot swelling, dampness, qi. The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Liu, director of the use of Chinese medicine to cure patients with ovarian cysts hundreds of cases, has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, is summarized as follows:

1 essential drugs

Seaweed 15g, white mustard 12g, three 10g, Rhizoma Curcumae 10g, Coix 20g, Prunella 12g, peach 10g, Arisaema 6G, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 6G, licorice 6g. named this xiaonang mixture, can regulate qi and activating blood stasis, detumescence, phlegm dampness, ruanjiansanjie. Fang Sanleng and Ezhu, peach kernel, red peony root, Qi and blood, blood stasis; seaweed, Xia Kucao, white mustard phlegm can be swelling, Ruanjiansanjie; Arisaema, coix seed can dispel dampness; licorice, wet the spleen, to reconcile the various drugs, and seaweed, white mustard with, can eliminate the sticky evil. The application of the above drugs compatibility, play a total of phlegm dampness, Qi and blood, eliminate the role of cysts.

2 diagnosis

Clinical observation found that the majority of patients with abdominal pain on both sides, leucorrhea multicolor yellow and white, before or after fatigue is aggravating, shortness of breath, palpitation, waist soreness or sacrococcyx discomfort. B ultrasound showed unilateral or bilateral ovarian tumor, the mass of the liquid dark area, boundary clear, the mass is generally within 7.5cm * 7.5cm, the patient can be combined with acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, uterine fibroids.

3 treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs

In the election side, the clinical application of qi deficiency and phlegm stasis mutual resistance, can also be seen in damp heat or cold coagulation. The treatment of blood stasis, phlegm removing disease. In patients with partial body deficiency, the original 10g 10g of ginger and aconite, fennel, 6G, antler glue (red) 10g, partial deficiency, the original Astragalus 30g, dangshen 20g, Atractylodes 15g; partial blood deficiency, the original Decoction with rehmannia 20g, angelica 15g, gelatin (red) 10g; partial phlegm the original, Gavin Ling 15g, Atractylodes 15g, Poria 15g, orange peel 6G; partial heat, the original jiadanpi 10g, Phellodendron 10g, rhubarb 6G; partial blood stasis, the original Salviae 20g, leech 10g, 12g adenophorum; partial Qi, the original flavor of 15g, from 15g. Orange kernel 15g.

4 medical records

4.1 Chen, female, aged 25, 1994-10-10 first diagnosed, married 1A not pregnant. When the menstrual cramps before and after 6 months of marriage, menstrual delay of 5 ~ 10d, 40 ~ 50D after breast pain, irritability, the less pain what. The amount of more profusely than. Ultrasound examination revealed: left ovarian cyst (6.1cm * 4.0cm), petechiae tongue, yellow moss, pulse string slightly astringent, liver qi stagnation, blood stasis uterus caused by yin. Treatment of Qi and blood, removing stasis and medication to the original 15g 15g with turmeric, Cyperus rotundus, orange 15g, bupleurum 10g.1 months after follow-up, patients with a total of 30 drug agents, the symptoms disappeared after ultrasound cyst has completely disappeared. The 4 months follow-up after menopause 2 months of follow-up, the positive pregnancy test.

4.2 female, xiaomou, 38 years old, 1995-02-01 in patients with newly diagnosed, good eating cold things, the leucorrhea, pale menstrual volume, abdominal bulge, cold feeling, abdomen warm, abdominal pain and second hospital. Abdominal examination in abdomen right touch bag piece, no tenderness, activity, have pouch sense. And then confirmed by B ultrasound for the right ovarian cyst (7.5cm * 6.1cm). The suitable treatment temperature by Tongmai, for stagnation of dampness, softening and swelling. In the original 10g 10g plus ginger, cinnamon, tuckahoe 30g, Atractylodes 20g, cumin 6g. shuijianbi. March 11th review, 3.0cm * 2.1cm. cyst has disappeared no more side effects, and even served. 50D after the appointment, the original party take 15 agent, comfortable, and then by B-ultrasound, cyst has completely disappeared.

5 discussion

Ovarian cyst is one of the most common benign tumors in gynecology. Judging from the symptoms in traditional Chinese medicine "Zhengjia" category. Because of a very "three disease andsyndrome" theory: "many will be lost in the meridians, poor postpartum nursing, internal causes, and six exogenous, yin and Yang, eating raw, suizhi Wei is not lost, the new Chen Wu, with the defeat of the turbid, shower gel for disease to stagnate, breakdown." Its formation is mainly due to the viscera function disorder, emotional, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, abortion induce ovarian cyst formation, its clinical manifestation has its own characteristics. Is liver qi stagnation and blood stasis, retention time, gradually to poly; spleen is accumulation of phlegm, dampness, phlegm blood stasis, and cyst. The form based on the deficiency of Qi, deficiency of spleen and kidney disease is the stagnation of liver qi and blood stasis are the changes of the standard, mutual influence, the corresponding layers, condensed into pieces. In use, according to the "phlegm homologous" theory, the reuse of white mustard, Prunella, seaweed, softening and degree of absorption of dissipation of ovarian cysts and inflammatory hyperplastic lesions. The use of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of ovarian cysts, should pay attention to the different syndromes, jiubingtixu patients should not attack too, can attack supplementation, with Qi reinforcing body resistance to drugs, drug taste and calm, with fierce broken blood products. Western medicine in the treatment of ovarian cysts, can only take the method of surgery, and surgery on the human body after trauma, palliative, easy to relapse. Traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of ovarian cysts without the above shortcomings, the patient only need to take medicine, the course of treatment will not be too long, and no pain, the treatment of the same, reliable. After treatment, the patient no longer relapse, still normal fertility.

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