Surgical treatment of phimosis in children must be?

Xiao Ming is 5 years old this year, these days about urinating laborious, sense of pain, "chicken chicken" in red and swollen, often out of


Xiao Ming is 5 years old this year, these days about urinating laborious, sense of pain, "chicken chicken" in red and swollen, often out of many white things, he also often appear similar phenomenon. The doctor diagnosed as "children with phimosis", with balanoposthitis, advised to eliminate inflammation after surgery.

Xiao Ming to surgery, all of a sudden caused no small vibration at home. The Xiao Ming is the home of the "emperor", "little sun" in the hearts of parents, four old men ", a child so small a pearl in the palm" can bear "surgery", do phimosis must operation?

In fact, such as Xiao Ming phimosis is very common in the little boy, the incidence is as high as 16%-32%. Phimosis is a peculiar disease in men, generally are born. Newborn babies, the penis inside the foreskin and the head surface of the penis are mostly mild adhesion, blocking the foreskin on the flip. But after a few months of birth, this physiological adhesion gradually absorbed, the foreskin gradually separated from the penis, can become active, the foreskin can be turned over. Most of the boys at the age of 2, with the growth of the penis, this physiological phimosis will disappear. But 3 years later, if the foreskin is still very tight, the foreskin can not be turned on to the coronary sulcus, clinically called phimosis.

Children with phimosis is often shown as thinner urine, slow, even dysuria, young children often because of dysuria and crying. Sometimes urinary tract enlargement can be seen as a "spherical"". Because the foreskin foreskin may have small, many white "dirty", called smegma. Inspection can be seen when the foreskin is narrow, the foreskin can not be turned over, even small as the mouth of the foreskin tip. Although some children foreskin mouth is not too small, but the foreskin and penis tightly adhesion, the foreskin can not be turned over.

Now the children are mostly only children, parents of children's life and study show the utmost solicitude is often neglected, but their children "chick" health and phimosis in children in general, no special feeling, the child can not cry no trouble, even with the glans bag dermatitis, children often complain is not clear. Parents are not easy to find. When children enter puberty, they gradually found their problems. Phimosis without timely treatment, often repeated balanoposthitis, manifested as local swelling, painful urination, sometimes urethral mouth outflow pus yellow white. In addition, there may be a foreskin stone, the glans penis and prepuce vitiligo, and the long-term stimulation of the foreskin, it is an important cause of penile cancer, but also the marriage of spouses of uterine cancer predisposing factors. A lot of young love, until after marriage, the husband and wife to live harmony phimosis effect, it had to go to the hospital to get a knife. Therefore phimosis in children should be treated as soon as possible, generally better in preschool treatment, should not wait until after puberty and treatment. Otherwise, not only will there be a variety of complications, but also increase the difficulty of treatment.

The previous general surgery for the treatment of phimosis in children must, namely circumcision. Surgical treatment of phimosis, with great pain, children do not cooperate, the concerns of parents is also larger. Over the past 10 years, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital of the Second Military Medical University experts according to child foreskin soft, full extension of the characteristics of the first balloon catheter dilation in domestic, non operative treatment of phimosis in children with phimosis, make this knife free. Balloon therapy is to use a special plastic bag with a catheter inserted in the foreskin, and gradually to the inside of the airbag gas injection, the airbag uniformly expanding foreskin, after a few minutes, the foreskin stenosis is expanding, the foreskin can be turned on, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. Use of balloon dilation therapy in the treatment of children with phimosis, the method is simple, no knife, do not cut, without needle, without dressing, usually can be completed within 20 minutes, after the treatment does not affect the normal life and learning of children. The clinical application of domestic ten cases, the cure rate reached more than 99.5%, at the same time also won the national outstanding invention invention four prize and the first prize in Shanghai city.

Balloon dilatation therapy for the treatment of phimosis in children, children with less pain, quick recovery, easy to accept the parents, so the majority of children and parents welcome. Generally over the age of 3 children with phimosis were feasible balloon catheter dilatation, however, if the children of long-term recurrent balanoposthitis, foreskin makes the formation of Adoral scar stenosis, loss of elasticity, or the formation of difficult separation of serious adhesions, surgical treatment is still.

For your child's healthy growth, please take your child to the hospital for outpatient treatment and counseling.

Professor Xu (Department of Pediatrics, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital)

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