Skin whitening from the inside out

Cold winter, the skin to resist bad weather, but also to deal with dry indoor environment. How can we not have too much work in the state, y


Cold winter, the skin to resist bad weather, but also to deal with dry indoor environment. How can we not have too much work in the state, you can have healthy skin? In addition to doing a good job in the morning and evening foundation maintenance, there is no way to let the skin shine? Life at home Xiaobian specially for you to collect every kind of skin whisper, let you easily cope with the winter skin problems!

The beauty of Chinese medicine health law believe that everyone heard the name of the unknown, the secret. We think so many ancient beauty is how to maintain the fair, in addition to a born beauty, delicacy is also essential to learn TCM magic it!

Whitening really from the inside out

People often to the physicians for reaction, whitening, investment to buy a lot of bottles, but still no match for the dull, sallow complexion! At this time you should reflect on life style is not healthy enough, the essence of the right to regulate the viscera. Different from western medicine stresses directly dilute melanin, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes regulating qi, detoxification, the so-called traditional Chinese medicine skin whitening, transparent and glossy, the ratio of carefully selecting a foundation color depth is more important, the liver, spleen and kidney are three key conditioning.

Liver is often nervous, angry, it will cause the stagnation of liver qi, appear yellow face.

The partial eclipse will hurt the spleen and spleen, detoxification, poor blood slowly, not only causes the skin dull, more easily accumulated spots.

Kidney illness, overwork cause kidney damage, which will make the skin too busy but, love long things become a little face.

The doctor said: in summary, eat well, sleep well, good mood, is the best medicine. A visceral!

Hour, meridian whitening method to maintain a good health

When it comes to herbal supplement, everyone's afraid of herbs and decoction of trouble, here to teach you a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is both delicious and convenient "meridian hour. Whitening method, on the basis of early and late afternoon, meridian, the deployment of a simple white light food Qi detoxification, not good at cooking people can easily to use oh!

7:00-11:00 in the morning - mung bean milk

The morning went to the stomach and large intestine meridian, meridian is an important beauty, rich in protein and starch, has good detoxification, whitening effect, after breakfast, a cup of mung bean Soybean Milk morning to go to work, attention to detoxification.

Recipe: buy a person Soybean Milk, put the right amount of roses and cook the mung bean mung bean can soft drink.

2:00-5:00 PM - sugar orange peel vinegar

The afternoon of elevated blood pressure, blood acid increase, the skin is easy to hypoxia and dark, then go to the liver meridian, vinegar and tangerine peel could relax depressed gas, but also regulate hormones, blemish and dissolve melanin function.

Recipe: big bottle of vinegar into the sugar industry research 100g+ tangerine peel 50g, fridge free brew for three weeks, every day drink directly.

7:00-9:00 PM: Almond Soup

After dinner to lung fire, almond is very warm medicine, it can settle the night skin cells, plus tremella, can replenish collagen, after dinner dessert is very light.

Recipe: Tremella 20g+ almond powder 40g+ 500cc water, do not add sugar to eat in two minutes.

External and internal control

Topical skin care can only partial solution to the skin epidermis, dermis can not arrive, to fundamentally solve the problem of skin, internal adjustment required. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the body's skin, to a comprehensive internal conditioning, in order to achieve the purpose of comprehensive management.

As traditional Chinese medicine need to eat a light diet, traditional Chinese medicine should also pay attention to the beauty of food mix, in order to have a better effect.

White food recommendation

Pea: has a "go dark, make facial gloss" effect. Further research found that peas are rich in vitamin A, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, play a role in moisturizing the skin.

White radish: "benefit the five internal organs, it is pale and skin". The reason why white radish with this function, because it is rich in vitamin E, can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, prevent fat oxidation and prevent lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eat white radish can make the skin white and delicate.

Carrot: known as "skin food", can moisten the skin. In addition, carrots are rich in pectin substances, can be combined with mercury, so that the body of harmful ingredients to be excluded, the skin looks more delicate rosy.

Asparagus: rich in selenium, anti-aging and prevention and treatment of various diseases associated with excessive oxidation of fat, so that the skin white.

Sweet potato: contains a lot of sticky protein, vitamin C is also very rich, vitamin A content is close to carrots. Eat sweet potatoes can lower cholesterol and reduce subcutaneous fat, complement deficiency, Qi, spleen and stomach, kidney yang, which contributes to the beauty.

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