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Gelatin walnut cream - Beauty recipeRaw material:Dong'e gelatin 125 grams, Yellow Wine 250ML, walnut 200 grams, 200 grams of red dates to go


Gelatin walnut cream - Beauty recipe

Raw material:

Dong'e gelatin 125 grams, Yellow Wine 250ML, walnut 200 grams, 200 grams of red dates to go nuclear, medlar 60 grams, cooked sesame 60 grams, 60 grams of crystal sugar.

Container specifications: length 20cm, width 13cm, high 2.8cm.


1, Ejiao smashed into pieces, placed in the bowl, pour Yellow Wine, 3-5 days to soak gelatin softening (bowl cover);

2, familiar with the rolling pin broken black sesame, red dates remove the pit;

3 red dates, meat, walnuts and mince some medlar;

4, good foam glue even Yellow Wine together into the pot, small fire slowly heating;

5, heat while stirring, until all melted gelatin;

6, add sugar, stirring until sugar to melt;

7, will deal with walnuts, black sesame seeds, red dates, wolfberry fruit into the pot;

8, after a thorough mixing off the fire;

9, prepare flat bottomed container, a layer of plastic film;

10, donkey hide gelatin walnut paste cool, pour in the dish;

11, cover with plastic wrap and flatten by hand compaction;

12, after a night, the whole paste experience becomes a little hard, take out and cut into small pieces;

13, cut into the container, put into the refrigerator to save, eat 2, 3 small pieces can be.


1, black sesame prior to stir fry and then crushed, can help the body to absorb;

2, red dates to go nuclear, but it is not recommended to buy nuclear free dates, because it can not determine the health of the process is guaranteed;

3, yellow rice wine can help the drug is better absorbed by the body, so there are a number of nourishing and promoting blood circulation of traditional Chinese medicine will be used in rice wine. If you do not want to use wine, can also use boiling water to open a small fire and fragments of gelatin, heating of cooking, behind the program;

4, this ointment is a strong function of blood circulation, women do not take physiological period;

5, not only can be used as female blood beauty, men can also eat oh;

6, don't save contact in water, take note of health.

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