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All articles of this personal website, welcome to reprint. Looking for ways to promote mental health promotion and cooperation, contact information

Why is it so tired -- "tool survival"

This article has been published in family medicine

I have a patient, a more than and 30 year old man, he only watches science and education film, because he had a sense of guilt when he saw the art or entertainment programs, and felt that he was wasting his time. He is always the heart is always hanging, where there is no fear of his best, will be left behind in the competition. When he does something, he often thinks of something else to do. When you have a weekend or a holiday, give yourself a list of things you should do, such as reading a few professional books, so he never had a good rest. Because he is always worried about their efficiency is not high enough, always in a tense mood, so his work or study the actual efficiency is not high.

Here, I would like to extend this example to illustrate the effect of a lifestyle, which I call "the tool of survival."". That is, when our life is submerged in the consumer / shopping / material to enjoy happiness, work for the main / / personal fame first chase ", the people become the tools into their own and others and slaves of desire.

When a person's living condition is only a part of a huge machine, life becomes fresh and shrinking. It is very easy to happen! When people become tools, boundless anxiety, depression, resentment, despair followed.


There are many forms of anxiety, one of which is "working slave" or "learning slave", or "forcing others to be a slave."".

In addition to the patient who only looked at the science film, another example was a classmate of mine at college. Sometimes I find her a long time to teaching in the self-study room the same page. Once she

Said to me: "in fact, I do not see a lot of time to read, but to play in the heart is not practical, so I have been forced to sit in the self-study room to see. I've been here since I was a kid.

When I was small, as long as the other one, my mother saw in a hurry, I always say. It was only when I was sitting at my desk." I am sorry to hear her say so. When I was young and she is very different from the tutor: my parents never urged me to read, they have often encouraged me to find classmates, I am in the parents of "Happy Education" grown up, the primary school to the university academic performance has been good, has been keeping on learning interest, still love to explore new things.

The anxiety of the tool life, has suppressed the vitality and the creativity of the life, has fettered the joyful and the freedom of the mind, deprived of a person's true happiness. Once a man becomes a tool, he enters an invisible spiritual prison.


"The boss always gives me a pile of work, I can not refuse, for fear that he is not happy. I have to work hard, hard performance, there is a chance of promotion. When I got home in the evening, I was so exhausted that I didn't want to do anything. My wife complained that I always ignore her, or for a little bit of her temper, I think she did not understand me, our relationship is getting worse."

"My father died last month before the hospital informed me that dying, I was working on a big project, is a critical moment, not walk away, not to see his father one last time. After the unit gave me a notice of praise, said I was home for the role model.

My heart is not the taste...... I don't want everyone to learn such a model."

The pain caused by tool life is grave.

Our families are under the weight of a tool for survival. The tools of survival, not for husband husband, wife wife, father father, son son, home is not home. All material interests as the center, only material, no life, this is a common problem in our society. This social disease affects more than one generation, and through the influence of the family, its impact will be passed on to children...... Home is not home, the child is the most serious injury.

Our ecological environment is under the weight of the tool to survive. In the tool of survival, shopping is the main source of happiness, a lot of people's leisure life is shopping, in addition to buy happiness is spiritual emptiness. Today, shopping to buy a pile of new clothes, very happy, did not come back a few times, do not like to throw away, and then buy. Such a way of life on the one hand increases the consumption of natural resources and energy, increasing pollution to the environment, and on the other hand, increases the number of people working at the same time

The need for individuals (for individuals, need to make more money to buy happiness; for society, the need to create more goods to meet the "buy"). And the pollution of the environment and busy work in turn increase the spiritual emptiness and unhappiness of the modern people.

Resentment...... In the "Analects of Confucius" words, "they will be blamed."


Where is the way out?

Rest, return to oneself.

Rest of the "interest" from the font, above is a "self", the following is a heart of the heart". The real rest is resting on your soul (not resting on it).

The true rest is the return of the mind and the rest of the mind. How many people, even if the night lying in bed, still worried about the heavy, restless? How many people, even in their sleep are still nervous, woke up still tired?

Rest is not lazy, but how to develop the wisdom of the beginning of life energy.

Rest, return to oneself. Even if it's just a few minutes, let the heart return to the real self, to perceive the breath, to experience the present life. At this moment, you are not a tool for acquiring fame and fortune, nor is it used by others to gain fame and fortune, but a living person.

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