Hemorrhoids frequently turned out to be cancer

In recent years, the 65 year old Wang Bo found his stool often wrong color, but not the normal brown, dark red. Taking into account the ten


In recent years, the 65 year old Wang Bo found his stool often wrong color, but not the normal brown, dark red. Taking into account the ten years has been suffering from hemorrhoids, Wang Boyi did not think, thought the old trouble attack, he bought the drugs, but some treatment of hemorrhoids in the course of contacts, "hemorrhoids" no better. Since they can not cure, Wang Bo went to see the Chinese medicine, opened a number of topical ointment smear. But after a period of time, dark red stool has not changed. Wang Bo that some worry, rushed to the Guangzhou City Red Cross hospital surgical examination, but check just know, "Curse" is not hemorrhoids, but long rectum cancer. Fortunately, early detection, cancer cells have not yet spread. Doctors rushed to Wang Bozuo surgical removal of the tumor, ruled out the "time bomb".

How to prevent hemorrhoids before sitting computer

Medical guidance / Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, deputy director of gastrointestinal surgery, tumor doctor Liu Shaojie

Interrogation record:

Doctor: have you ever had a dark red stool before?

Patients: hemorrhoids attack, stool bleeding, but with this time the situation is different. Hemorrhoids bleeding before the color is bright red, is dripping out or ejected, obviously not bloody stool. And more than a year, always out of the dark red stool.

Doctor: do you have abdominal pain?

Patient: No.

Doctor: do you have any other abnormalities?

Patients: more times than before, about three or four times a day, about one or two years.

Next, the doctor had anorectal examination to Wang Bo, found at 7 cm from the anal rectum in the middle there is a 3 cm size of the cauliflower like mass, blood stained with fingerstall. In addition, the examination found that Wang's mixed hemorrhoids, but did not find hemorrhoids bleeding. Further through colonoscopy, "cauliflower like mass" is actually a worsening of tumor, called rectal tubular adenocarcinoma, cancer is the block makes Wang Bo repeatedly appear blood. Fortunately, because of the timely diagnosis, Wang Bo's rectal cancer is still in its early stages, has not spread, timely surgery can be cured.

The doctor uses the finger to insert the rectum to carry on the touching inspection, this is "the rectum refers to the examination", the rectum refers to the examination to be possible to discover which disease? For more information, please click on the >>>>39 library for "rectal examination"

Experts remind:

Colonoscopy is not a substitute for dre

"80% of colorectal cancers are missed." Liu Shaojie pointed out that rectal cancer is one of the diseases that endanger human health, the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer, second only to gastric cancer and esophageal cancer. Early symptoms of rectal cancer is not obvious, easy to be confused with other diseases of the anus, which is often overlooked. Because many patients delay treatment is on the blood in the stool and not enough, mistaken for hemorrhoids, anal fissure, casually to the pharmacy to buy medicine to cure, wait until the invalid or serious illness to the hospital for examination, the majority has to advanced rectal cancer. In addition, some doctors diagnosed only limited to the results of the instrument examination, or to check the hemorrhoids will no longer do further examination, but also do not want to refer to the anus. The results can not be found in the rectum before the occurrence of precancerous lesions, such as polyps, ulcers, etc..

In fact, the diagnosis of rectal cancer is not difficult. Colorectal cancer is the majority of colorectal cancer, while 80% of rectal cancer in the middle and lower rectum, can be diagnosed by finger." Liu Shaojie said, rectal examination is a simple, non-invasive finger inspection refers to the inspection situation can directly reflect the pathological changes of anorectal region. Early rectal cancer lesions are generally confined to the mucosa, the doctor can refer to the detection of a slightly elevated nodules, then the patient can have no symptoms. Until further development of cancer, cause secondary infection, ulceration, effect of intestinal cavity unobstructed, appear symptoms included constipation, hematochezia, abdominal pain, tenesmus, and then stool thinning mucus, sacroiliac of unexplained pain. It can be used to detect foreign bodies of different shapes in the rectum, such as polypoid masses, pedicle, movable, or nodular masses, which are hard, irregular in shape, and free of movement. If the finger stuck with that bloody discharge of mucus, pus.

It can detect 80% of rectal cancer. However, many people dislike this way and feel sick. In addition, some patients think they have done colonoscopy, and refers to the inspection is make an unnecessary move. Liu Shaojie said that some patients do not long before colonoscopy, but found rectal cancer, find it difficult to understand. He explained that although colonoscopy is very advanced, and cannot replace the simple and convenient to check. "A lot of low rectal cancer, sphincter at the site, no colonoscopy stay here too long, did not look carefully!"

Abnormal stool color malignant lesions

To early detection of rectal cancer, in addition to the annual physical examination adhere to do refer to the test, usually can also be found by observing their own bowel disease alert".

Liu Shaojie said, hematochezia means a disease of digestive tract, from the stool color can largely determine the bleeding site, bleeding time and bleeding. In general, the stomach and duodenal bleeding, blood through a few meters of the intestinal tract, the occurrence of a variety of chemical changes, gradually black, therefore, these places bleeding, the amount is not very large, then the stool should be black. In patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding due to ulcers accounted for about half, most of which are duodenal ulcer bleeding. In addition to ulcer disease, gastritis, liver cirrhosis with esophageal or gastric varices, gastric cancer, is also a common cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

The lower gastrointestinal tract, including the jejunum, ileum, rectum, colon, due to the "short distance", less chemical changes, these parts bleeding, stool should be red.

Note that either the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding, there is a characteristic that blood and stool mixed together, if not with blood mixed with the stool, only a deviation in the stool surface or part, even after the blood, it is suffering from hemorrhoids.


Changes in bowel movement or rectal cancer

Liu Shaojie said that the development of colorectal cancer is relatively slow, cancer cell invasion of the intestinal a year time, the early symptoms are often subtle.

Need to be reminded that the change in bowel habits, may also be early signs of rectal cancer. Under normal circumstances, each person's defecation has a certain regularity, or once a day or every other day. After this has got cancer, changed regular bowel habits or constipation, three or four days in a solution; or diarrhea, daily 4 ~ 5 times or more; or constipation, diarrhea or alternately; after solutions will have meaning, not defecation feeling. This kind of constipation and diarrhea appear alternately, it is a very important alarm signal.



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