Treatment of hand foot mouth disease in children

Three, TCM TreatmentSyndrome differentiation and treatment1, acute phase1 evilcommitted feipi (mild)The main symptoms: fever; oral herpes an


Three, TCM Treatment

Syndrome differentiation and treatment

1, acute phase

1 evilcommitted feipi (mild)

The main symptoms: fever; oral herpes and foot palm, sparse distribution, clear blister fluid.

Secondary symptoms: cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;; the thin yellow greasy tongue coating, floating pulse number.

With the main symptoms and secondary symptoms (plus two tongue and pulse diagnosis can be necessary).

Treatment: Xuanfei solution form, dampness detoxification.

Selected side: mannose disinfection Dan addition and subtraction.

Prescription: Honeysuckle 12g, 9g, Yin Chenhao 9g, forsythia, Arctium 6G, 6G rugosa Mint 3G (after), 6G, licorice 3G duckweed.

Add: nausea and vomiting, plus 6G, 6G Zhuru Pinellia; diarrhea, and Coptis chinensis 6G, Plantago 6G; high fever, 15g, 6G and pueraria Radix Scutellariae; cough with almond 6G, Zhejiang Fritillaria 6g.

The dampness heat toxic (severe)

The main symptoms: high fever, foot, hip; oral herpes, dense, blister fluid turbidity.

Secondary symptoms: irritability, thirst, constipation, or antifeedant;; the dark red tongue, thick and greasy fur and yellow or yellow dry, slippery pulse.

With the main symptoms and secondary symptoms (plus two tongue and pulse diagnosis can be necessary).

Treatment: qingqiliangying, dampness detoxification.

Selection: qingwenbaidu decoction.

Prescription: 6G, 6G, Coptis Scutellaria, forsythia, gardenia 6G, 9g, 9g, 15g of gypsum Anemarrhenae rehmannia root 9g, 6G, 6G, Paeonia suffruticosa, licorice 3G shikonin 6g.

Add: restlessness, and mother of Pearl 12g, Tianzhu yellow 12g; thirst, plus 12g, 12g odoratum Dendrobium; constipation, rhubarb combined with 3G.

(3) complications

The evil in the heart

Symptoms: fever, headache, vomiting, irritability or lethargy, or even convulsions and coma, red tongue, moss Huang Houni, slippery pulse.

Treatment: calming, calms the nerves

Prescription: Xingnaojing injection 0.4-0.6ml/Kg, 1 times a day, intravenous drip.

Phlegm and blood stasis

Syndrome: cough, shortness of breath, cough spit white or pink frothy sputum, pale, lips cyanosis, dark tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse number.

Treatment: Blood Stasis phlegm, relieving cough and asthma

Prescription: 0.4-0.8ml/Kg Tanreqing injection and Danshen injection 0.5-1ml/Kg, 1 times a day, intravenous drip.

Qi Yin two injuries

Syndrome: palpitations shortness of breath, less gas lazy words, dizzy, restless sleep, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse or knot generation.

Methods: Qi Yin, Xinfu Mai Ning

Prescription: Shengmai injection 5-10ml/ times, once a day, intravenous drip.

The heart Yang

Syndrome: pale, lips cyanosis, sweating profusely, cold limbs, skin hair, pale tongue, thin white fur, thready pulse.

Treatment: reviving Yang

Prescription: Shenfu injection 5-10ml/Kg, 1 times a day, intravenous drip.

The above complications, with Western medicine.

2, recovery period

A rash after Yin

Symptoms: fever gradually retreat, throat discomfort, heal rash, dry lips, or a dry cough, loss of appetite, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse.

Treatment: Nourishing Yin, clearing heat and relieving sore throat.

Selection: Shashen Maidong decoction.

Prescription: 12g, 9g, Shashen Maidong 9g, polygonatum Radix Scrophulariae 9g, mulberry 6G, yam 6G, 6G, licorice 3G trichosanthin.

Add: low heat reclaim, s.dichotoma 12g, Artemisia 9g; irritability thirst, lotus and 3G, 12g shengdehuang; constipation, plus 12g, 12g heepseed from Trichosanthes kirilowii; loss of appetite, plus jiaosanxian 6g.

The lung and spleen deficiency

Symptoms: fever repeatedly, a small, sweating weakness, cough phlegm, poor appetite, loose stool, pale tongue, white or white greasy, thin and weak pulse.

Treatment: tonifying lung and spleen, Qi to help transport.

Selection: SHENLINGBAISHU decoction.

Prescription: Codonopsis 12g, Poria 9g, Atractylodes 9g, tangerine peel 6G, white lentils 6G, 6G, 3G, Amomum lotus seed meat licorice 6g.

Add: cough phlegm weight, plus 6G, 6G from Aster; white face sweat more severe, with Huangqi 12g, Triticum 12g; severe diarrhea, ginger, nutmeg and 6G 6G; and the loss of appetite, jiaosanxian 6G, Atractylodes 6g.

Two traditional Chinese Medicine

1, Qingrejiedu oral liquid: each 5-10ml, 3 times a day, for the evil of the lung and spleen syndrome.

2, clear stomach Coptis pill: each time 6G, 2 times a day, for damp heat syndrome.

3, Angongniuhuangwan: 3G each time, 2 times a day, for heat Shenhun person.

4, Potassium Sodium Dehydroandroandrographolide Succinate Injection: 5-10mg/Kg, 1 times a day, intravenous drip for acute period.

Three external treatment of traditional Chinese Medicine

1, watermelon frost: infriction oral lesion, 3 times a day for evilcommitted feipi card.

2, zhuhuangsan: infriction oral lesion, 3 times a day for dampness heat.

3, the powder of Ruyijinhuang: sesame oil, apply to the foot, hip herpes lesions, 3 times a day.

Four, dialectical prevention

During the epidemic, children should pay attention to wash their hands, to avoid public gathering places; he should ventilation, ground drying clothing; light diet, eat spicy greasy; parents should also pay attention to personal hygiene.

At the same time for different physical fitness of children, can use the following prescription:

Prescription: white chrysanthemum, honeysuckle 12g, 6G 9g, 6G of Radix Isatidis leaves. Water decoction, daily 1 agent, a small amount of frequency service. Suitable for healthy children usually.

Prescription two: Astragalus 12g, 6G, 6G, wind whiteatractylodesrhizome Paris 6g. Water decoction, daily 1 agent, a small amount of frequency service. For always frail susceptible.

Note: the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years of age; children under the age of 3 can be reduced to use; those who are over the age of 6 can be taken in addition

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