Liao Yimei's son does not rely on only peace of mind?

The pain of life is worth treasuringLiao Yimei jokes that he is "my body can't stand my mind." She said: "if I am not up very uncomfortable,


The pain of life is worth treasuring

Liao Yimei jokes that he is "my body can't stand my mind." She said: "if I am not up very uncomfortable, not mad, I'm not going to write. So when I'm writing often neurasthenia, can't sleep sleep, often stomach ache."

"Amber" shows "everyone can keenly aware of the predicament." Liao Yimei said, I am not a person to avoid pain, I basically have to tie the knife point on the people. If you have been living in a comfortable, pleasant and smooth environment, you will become superficial. Human beings are growing up in a painful way, which can help you to grow up. I cherish the pain in my life.

Son does not rely on peace of mind

Liao Yimei's understanding of love is between her and her son. "I don't think the child should be completely dependent on his mother, only he is confident and happy, I will feel at ease."

"One time I was on a business trip home, and I didn't see my son for days. I pushed the meeting and waited for him to come back from kindergarten. That day, my son rushed into the house and said, "Mom, I'm going to my friend's house.". I said, mom did not see you for several days, let's play together. My son wants to say, mom, that's okay. I invite you to go to a friend's house. I know some of the mothers will be upset to hear those words, but I was long out of breath, the heart fell, I know he does not rely on I will be very happy, I feel very comfortable, I think this is a healthy mother mentality."

The famous writer Liao Yimei the interview involves education and interaction of children, as psychologists, from between the lines feel inner growth and "dependent child". Mother left the child on a business trip, when the mother came back, the children do not want to be with her mother. Mother to your inner self comfort feeling comfortable, the children grow up, maybe I feel the child's mother and child, mother's heart is to accompany, when the mother Frence leave or disappear, the inner world of children is how sad. Helpless, no child psychological development certainly accompany her mother to go through a rough road.

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