You have the right to know the following information of your psychiatrist

1. Education background: Bachelor degree? Graduate professional direction?Note: undergraduate psychology or clinical medicine is best, gradu


1. Education background: Bachelor degree? Graduate professional direction?

Note: undergraduate psychology or clinical medicine is best, graduate students are the best direction of clinical psychology or counseling psychology.

2, professional training background: whether the system has received professional training? What?

Note: the following training system had better: German psychotherapy college training class (the German class), China - Norway psychoanalytic training class, University of Hong Kong professor Li Weirong family therapy classes and Hongkong professor Lin Mengping presided over the psychological counseling doctoral seminar, American Psychoanalytic Association CAPA training, or the reputation of the international organizations accredited training programs: the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), the International Federation for psychotherapy (IFP), the American Association for counseling and counseling psychology, American Psychological Association, China psychological association clinical and counseling psychology.

3, the psychological doctor was personally supervised hours? Hours supervised by groups? What are the supervision of the industry recognized supervisor?

4, the psychological doctor in the supervision of the practice of counseling or treatment hours? (referring to a patient's face to face counseling)

Note: the more the better. Should not be less than 200 times under the supervision of patients face to face consultation.

5, the psychological doctor self experience (by psychotherapy) hours? (face to face with his therapist)

Note: in general, the more the better, the better the number of hours of psychological treatment is not less than 200 hours; it is best not to accept this service.

6, the psychiatrist professional qualifications?

Attached to 2: the first time to meet, the help of the psychological doctor is also an indicator of observation

The following situations can immediately determine the psychiatrist is not professional enough:

(1) to establish a relationship with a friend or a similar action (e.g., a private meeting, coffee, etc.);

(2) during the first meeting, the psychiatrist said more than you;

(3) any information you can learn more questions before 1-6, ask questions nor meet 1-6 give a positive answer.

(4) the consultation site (or consultation settings) is not safe, such as a telephone or a person to come in at any time to disturb the consultation site often replaced; because of the doctor's reasons for your consultation time is often unstable old changes.

(5) if you find is Counselor (not a psychiatrist), you sell all kinds of products (including pharmaceuticals).

(6) after the first consultation, you are required to pay a one-time fee for a "treatment". Qualified psychologists will use the principle of back-end charges, such as: after each consultation charge fees; if it is a long-term psychological counseling, the monthly or weekly is the last time to charge the current month or week.

(7) as long as you do psychological counseling, psychological counseling service without written agreement "(or similar agreement), this agreement will generally be specified as follows: the limits of confidentiality and informed consent, fees, referral, ethical basis, issues such as vacation.

In addition, whether you or other reasons, if you do not like the first time the doctor, do not force yourself to be good.

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