Why can't hit the allergen in the "culprit"?

In recent years, in the Department of dermatology outpatient encounter allergic patients than in the past increased significantly. Many pati


In recent years, in the Department of dermatology outpatient encounter allergic patients than in the past increased significantly. Many patients require the doctor to check the allergen, in order to find out the pathogenesis of the culprit, but some patients had allergic symptoms obviously, allergen test is negative, this is how it happened?

In fact, there are thousands of substances that cause allergies in our environment, and nearly 20 thousand species are recorded in the medical literature. They are present in the air, food, beverages, drugs, and even accessible daily necessities, by inhalation, ingestion, injection or contact with the body to produce allergies. At present the original check method commonly used in skin prick allergy still detection, blood detection.

A. skin prick testing as long as 1 cm intervals, gently a few drops of allergen solution in patients with volar forearm, with a diameter of 1 mm standard needle prick vertical piercing the skin, gently pressed a second after pull out the needle. 15 minutes later, through the positive and negative control of the two groups, to identify patients with the location of the tumor mass and the diameter of erythema, you can quickly determine the type and extent of allergens. This method is easy to operate, convenient and quick.

B. blood test: the extraction of elbow venous blood 2-5ml, the use of professional allergen reagent and instrument testing. This method is sensitive, easy to tolerate, and is not easy to appear false positive, false negative results.

Due to the limitation of the level of science and technology, these two kinds of traditional inspection methods generally found only about 20 kinds of allergens, so often results in allergic patients negative phenomenon, which shows the patient's symptoms are not caused by these 20 kinds of allergen, but also from one side that covered in the 20 kinds of food allergies the original does not cause allergies, can also take to avoid excessive diet caused by nutritional imbalance.

It is also worth mentioning that, in recent years, the popularity of bio resonance detector, some medical units claimed to be able to check hundreds, thousands of allergens, attracting a lot of patients. At present, China has not yet reached a unified understanding of the scientific nature of the biological resonance detector, even in its origin in Germany, there is no formal hospital use or incorporated into medical insurance. In general, only conventional methods can not check out, the effect of poor conventional treatment can be considered in the use of bio resonance instrument.

But no matter what kind of detection method, we should pay attention to at least days before the test do not take any anti histamine (allergic) ingredients, hormone ingredients, so as not to affect the accuracy of the test results.



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