How to distinguish the authenticity of coronary heart disease"

Some preliminary judgment is coronary heart disease, mainly to see what aspects?1, from the patient's symptoms, angina pectoris of coronary


Some preliminary judgment is coronary heart disease, mainly to see what aspects?

1, from the patient's symptoms, angina pectoris of coronary heart disease is often paroxysmal chest pain, palpitation, chest tightness, general 3-5 minutes, can relieve or ease after medication, check the local no pressure pain, and the range of fuzzy boundaries. Myocardial infarction chest pain often more than 30 minutes, accompanied by sweating, frequent death, suffocation. If the intercostal neuralgia, cartilage pain, often the pain will continue for a period of time, and there will be a partial pressure without pain, palpitation, etc.. ECG than usual will not appear obvious abnormal change.

2, ECG in the heart of the pain will occur when the onset of ischemia, but often after the onset of ECG and return to normal. Myocardial infarction will generally have a myocardial infarction pattern, will not stop because of the onset of seizures.

3, from the age, the patient is often more than 40 years of age, but in recent years, the incidence of coronary heart disease in advance, for those who have clinical manifestations of discomfort, the need for timely screening to the hospital, so as not to delay the disease.

4, coronary heart disease patients often have a family history. For example, the father has coronary heart disease, children are greatly increased the chances of coronary heart disease.

It mainly refers to the high risk population of the people? How often do people with symptoms above age need to focus on coronary heart disease?

Easy access to coronary heart disease risk groups mainly have a few:

1, hypertension; 2, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, lack of exercise; 3; 4, smoking crowd; 5, long-term excessive labor, staying up too late; 6, there is a family history of coronary heart disease; 7, overeating, heavy drinkers.

Usually more than 40 years of age in male patients, menopausal women patients with symptoms, but also those who have high risk factors, to focus on the timely visit to the hospital.

Or if the twenty or thirty year old young people had the typical symptoms of coronary heart disease, the need to consider whether the coronary heart disease?

If the young appeared above coronary heart disease, we must pay attention to whether the investigation is coronary heart disease. First of all, to consider whether the patient has more than high risk factors, such as a high degree of vigilance against coronary heart disease.

There are 2 male patients of my recent patient, a 32 year old, a 33 year old, was hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction, the main risk factors are smoking, two is overwork, excessive pressure caused by the. One of the patients had a family history of coronary heart disease. Fortunately, after some treatment, 2 patients were improved and discharged. So young people should be wary of coronary heart disease ah!

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