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Like the vast majority of patients, to know oneself got hepatitis B, feel the sky is falling down, even the heart has to die. The earliest k


Like the vast majority of patients, to know oneself got hepatitis B, feel the sky is falling down, even the heart has to die. The earliest know oneself in the medical school for 03 years to check it out, then the teacher is a very good man, he is very comforting to me, your blood check out positive, don't worry, there are a lot of people, usually eat a little light it is good. Until 10 years later, these words have been that I remember, and I feel very happy. When I was in school, I didn't know what it was. I didn't know what to do. The teacher in charge told me that after a few days I had completely forgotten about it and lived a normal life.

Until 08 years, suddenly to blood when they have the idea of escape in the school examination, he did not want to participate in the school's blood, find a reason to slip away, then monitor I find an excuse to find the class count the number of escape. In fact, since then my memory is recalled, before the teacher and I said, back in your head, in order not to let the students know that I usually pretend calm. To listen to a holiday home dad said relatives with the disease, to find a doctor to cure the local soil, I have to shout to cure my dad, I was too naive, he was probably carried by the official state, because of their ignorance, the earth medicine disrupted the balance of the body, leading to disease. By the 10 year of the year of the year, all the year round, the body feels weak, often feel very sleepy, prone to dizziness, cold and fever. By the end of 11 years to do the inspection, found their aminotransferase and liver function is abnormal, the virus is also very high. Later in the infection under the guidance of a doctor for direct antiviral therapy, now in retrospect feel a little regret, then assess the condition if you know this well, maybe I don't start antiviral or delay, many doctors according to the guide to see your transaminase, said the virus to guide the virus directly to you.

In the beginning of the anti-virus after I regret it, good fear, the drug can not stop eating, in case of a halt, the disease rebound, leading to deterioration of how to do? At that time, it was a good regret. 11 years I have now boyfriend, that he did not know that I had hepatitis B, I don't know how to tell him, I am afraid, he would know that after I leave the head also don't return, I have not the courage and he confessed. I have been unhappy, and he later in exchange for a long time in the sad, boyfriend always ask me why? He said he liked me optimistic and lively appearance, I asked him: "if my body is not good, you will not leave me?" He said: No. Though his answer is no, I can't believe it in my heart. If he knows will not abandon me? What would his parents think? Because of this thing in my heart suffering repeated that I should tell him that every day to him I feel very sorry for him, I don't want to hide, but I can not say, often in life or friends and chat, friends said, I have hepatitis B, heart is very afraid. But always pretend calm to accompany them to change the subject.

12 years I decided to confess, I took a lot of courage, then I took my boyfriend to see a single laboratory, also a teach him how to read. After he was finished, I was very calm and said, have you decided to join me? If you leave, I won't stay, when he said he would never leave me. I couldn't believe it. I went on and asked, aren't you scared? He said he was not afraid. At that moment I thought he was the most happy, even though God in my body feel wronged me, but because of that, let me meet the person.

To this we have to talk of marriage, her boyfriend said we checkups, I readily agreed, but her boyfriend's mother, the best to premarital examination in the registration. I am very angry after hearing, is she worried about my physical problems, or worried about my fertility? I think there is no way to accept, determined not to say, and in my hometown, only registered couples do checkups, no one to marry her boyfriend in the premarital examination, in my insistence and said: "if you agree with the first check ups, first check ups, we also do not agree with the registration examination." In fact, I know why I was so afraid to go up, because I was afraid of her boyfriend's mother in the know they have hepatitis B, will accept me? After several days of fighting with her boyfriend, he lost down, no longer forced me to go, I told the story to my brother, my brother said to me: to face sooner or later, the old man just want to see if you have no fertility, what are you afraid of? Listen to my brother's words, I feel very calm, anyway, premarital examination of both sides, is also responsible for the next generation. Finally, after careful consideration, I think the checkups, at night I told her boyfriend, I went to the premarital examination before registration, and you, would you please tell your mother on me, if she accepted, I was very happy, she didn't accept my nor hate. Boyfriend said to me at this time: "my mother knew you had hepatitis B, she did not think there is any problem, but I hope we can do a check on each other are good." I don't know if it's true or false. And he decided to spend the weekend to do inspections, the weekend finished checking back, I'm afraid, do not know will not have what problem, but also look forward to the results of his mother's boyfriend and attitude. Back to his home in the afternoon, his mother said to me a lot of comfort, although I can not listen to, do not know whether it is true, these are not important, I just hope that the results come out early.

Frankly to need a lot of courage told from the beginning did not want to, but I think the face of love, affection, friendship, perhaps is a test to others is also responsible attitude to hepatitis B patients, first of all to change their mentality, they have no way to face their own face, dare not, how to face the future? What you need in your life is the positive energy of optimism, and I hope I can be brave in the future.

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