CT diagnosis of parotid masses

CT diagnosis of parotid massesabstractObjective: to analyze the CT images of 15 cases of parotid gland tumor and to analyze the clinical fea


CT diagnosis of parotid masses


Objective: to analyze the CT images of 15 cases of parotid gland tumor and to analyze the clinical features of CT in different areas of parotid gland, and to emphasize the important role of CT in the diagnosis of deep parotid tumor. Materials and methods: a total of 15 patients with parotid gland tumor were collected, including parotid gland tumor in 10 cases, parotid gland tumor in 3 cases, chronic inflammation in parotid gland in 2 cases. Results: the CT findings of 13 cases of parotid gland tumors were similar, and the CT manifestations of the other 5 cases were not consistent with the clinical diagnosis. Conclusion: it is concluded that the CT scanning of parotid gland region has a decisive effect on the identification of the internal and external tumors by the analysis of the CT images.

Keyword: parotid gland tumors in the parotid gland tumor diagnosis and differential diagnosis of CT

CT Diagnosis the Masses Parotid Gland in of Region

Xia Deng Sheng, Dental Department, BeiJing YanShan Corporatoin Petrol-Chemical Hospital

Objective:To provide the CT features of the parotid gland area masses and evaluate the capability of CT diagnosis. Materials and Methods:CT scan in with the parotid gland 15 patients area masses were retrospectively studied. Results: CT scan revealed a common morphological manifestations in the gland tumors.Conclusion:CT is helpful 13 parotid to differentiate the parotid gland tumors from the non-parotid gland tumors in the parotid gland area masse

Key words:CT diagnosis, the parotid tumors, the non- gland tumors, differential., gland, parotid



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