Treatment of psoriasis do not blow cowhide

Lao Wang is more than and 50 years old this year, but nearly 30 years of history of the "psoriasis". In his own words, this is 30 years for


Lao Wang is more than and 50 years old this year, but nearly 30 years of history of the "psoriasis". In his own words, this is 30 years for the treatment of this disease have been recognized by the Beijing, Shanghai and other hospitals, but has been repeatedly, very distressed, a few days ago, listening to a patient having secret in a clinic somewhere, a cure for psoriasis! A field of view, there are many patients taking medicine prescription, originally also relax vigilance strings, try holding the psychological, the capsule medicine there, and a shot, did a few days later dander was significantly reduced, and smooth the skin - effect of PEEP, very happy! But good times don't last long, a week later, the body had normal facial red skin, also seriously and aggravate the recurrence of psoriasis - scaling!

In clinic, we often encounter such as Lao Wang's example, psoriasis torture for decades, began to dare not in those small clinic, also feel not reliable, in the treatment of the size of the hospital, the condition still repeatedly, creates frustration, hear where there is a secret, where all would like to try, often such a test the consequences can not escape the same fate of pharaoh.

According to the current level of medicine, psoriasis or a need to overcome the problem, can not cure! Cannot be the root! Don't listen to quackery boast! To the formal medical institutions Department of Dermatology, psoriasis can achieve control is to eliminate the rash, prolong the recurrence cycle, improve the quality of life. At present, there are a variety of methods such as the application of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, the treatment of local skin rash, the physical therapy and so on.

At present, Zhengzhou people's Hospital Department of Dermatology for psoriasis in integrative features, in order to "correct guidance, green treatment" principle, to the correct understanding of "green therapy" for the concept, the treatment method of ladder, sequential, scientific, individual treatment, and received good treatment effect, for tens of thousands of psoriasis patients from pain.

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