Xu Fusong's experience in treating male disease from lung

Xu Fusong, chief physician, Professor, doctoral tutor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, one of the founders of contemporary Chinese


Xu Fusong, chief physician, Professor, doctoral tutor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, one of the founders of contemporary Chinese men. His rigorous scholarship, profound medical knowledge and outstanding therapeutic effects. I have the honor to attend the teacher side, pro education, benefit. We will use the experience on treatment based on lung disease in men are as follows, for reference.

The uroschesis after open orifices

Wang x, 70. October 8, 1997 first visit. Patients with dysuria or urinary line interruption for more than 1 years, a gradual increase in January. The urinary hesitation, inability to urinate, urine thinning, or interrupted urination, urine dribble after. Night urination, as many as 6 times, so that it is difficult to sleep. 2 weeks ago accidentally feeling cold, cough, expectoration, sputum from white to yellow gradually clear and watery phlegm, thirst, dry stool. The tongue is dark red with purple, yellow moss, pulse string slide. For the differentiation of phlegm heat in the lung, lung unfavorable descending arrhythmia, can regulate the waterways, which is closed under the coke heat, blood stasis and dampness resistance, for uroschesis. When the legislation of clearing lung and eliminating phlegm, clearing heat, combined with blood circulation. Prescription: 30g Sangbaipi, trichosanthis 12g, sunburn aster 15g, almond 10g, 10g Dianthus 10g, Polygonum aviculare, Shi Wei 15g, Plantago 10g (package), Maozhaocao 30g, peach 10g, Eupolyphaga sinensis 6G, agastache 10g, Yi 20g, 14 agent. Calm down after medicine.

According to: the lung is the source of water, there is "through the regulation of the channel, under the bladder" power. The cases of phlegm heat in the lung, lung qi. Lung clearing and descending, under the coke as blood stasis and dampness blocking, bladder dysfunction, open disorders, hair for uroschesis. When the treatment of clearing lung heat, dredging the channel, it can have the Uroschesis of power, as Zhu Danxi said: "the lung qi, and bladder for coke, the coke is closed under plug, such as dripping device have orifices and then water out of Yan."

Guzhen Jingyuan peace fence

Li x, 30. September 23, 1997 first visit. After 3 years of marriage, sexual life is normal, did not take any contraceptive measures, the woman gynecological examination is normal, the male semen test without exception. Serum anti sperm antibody, the woman was negative, the man was positive. The patient had a small, easy to cold, shortness of breath, sweating, no pleasure in eating, thin stool, day 1 ~ 2 times. Pale red tongue, thin white fur, pulse fine. Evidence of lung qi deficiency, evil into the blood points, attributed to the essence of the room, the appropriate treatment of lung and spleen. Prescription: Ginseng 6G, Astragalus 12g, white atractylodes rhizome 10g, Poria yam 10g, 10g 6G 3G, Costus root, Amomum villosum (after) 15g, coix seed, Gorgon 10g, 6G fried chicken. The 1 day, with the addition and subtraction cards for taking March, no cold, stool as usual, the disease is becoming more, anti sperm antibody negative serum, semen routine test in patients with normal pregnancy, the wife after January, the following year a full-term baby.

Press: Xu Shi in the long-term clinical observation found that repeated upper respiratory tract viral infection can promote the role of men's own immune response, cold is a potential cause of male immune infertility. Under normal circumstances, due to the protection of the blood testis barrier, the immune response is very rare, but when patients with colds, autoimmune reaction, sperm antigen exposure and antisperm antibody, sperm agglutination appeared with the brake, resulting in infertility, such patients are Qi deficiency of lung and spleen, ginseng, astragalus, Xu's common operation, grass so, Qi, Wei Qi temper Jian, Guzhen barriers, Jingyuan peace without scrambling to make antibody disappear, breeds success.

Wang Ying Wei Li Jinsheng blood gas

Song x *, 26, November 4, 1997. After 2 years of marriage, sexual impotence, but as usual. Have self serving "Viagra", is invalid, had no history of chronic disease, no history of trauma, no smoking and drinking, physical examination: electrocardiogram, liver and kidney function, blood lipids, blood viscosity tests were normal. The diagnosis was white (white), looked tired, lassitude, soreness and weakness of waist and knees. Pale tongue, thin white tongue, thin pulse. Identified as lung and kidney two empty, Yang do not use, when the treatment of lung and kidney, angry blood, Xing Yang thing. Prescription: dangshen 10g, astragalus root 15g, fried Atractylodes 10g, licorice 6G, Rehmannia 12g, angelica 10g, medlar 10g, root 10g, psoralen 10g, 10g 15g (actinolite Cynomorium, first), 7 agent. Visit, Yang has been easy, following the original cast 7 agent, functional recovery.

According to: the main lung qi, toward the North pulse, heart blood. Erection of penis depends on the promotion of Qi and blood. If the weakness of the lung qi and lung heart auxiliary promote and regulate the blood running ability decreased, the penis can not normal hyperemia, and erectile dysfunction, and sex itself not due to weak, consumption of Qi and Yang, so Xu division from replenishing qi, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation of both, and received gold gas warming kidney to invigorate Yang Wang, Ying Wei Li of the blood good effect.

Benefit the lung to protect the essence and strengthen the essence and guide the turbid

Xu x, 43. January 8, 1998 first visit. Frequent micturition, urine white recurrent 10 months late. Very easy to cold, runny nose, a habit of urine. Carved diagnosis: a small, limb fatigue, urinate frequently, uric end drop is white, lower abdomen and testicular pain. Dark red tongue, yellow greasy moss thin, fine pulse. Physical examination showed that the penis, bilateral testis, epididymis and spermatic cord were not abnormal. Dre: prostate full, tenderness (+), normal texture, no nodules. Prostate fluid routine test: high power microscopic white blood cells (+ + +), lecithin body (+ +). Evidence of this virtual reality, its virtual in the lung and kidney, in fact, the responsibility of the wet muddy bet. Treated with Yifei solid kidney, removing dampness and turbid removing, Party Xuanyu screen powder and bi tu decoction. Prescription: Astragalus 15g, fried Atractylodes 10g, wind 6G, Bixie 10g, Shichangpu 3G, Lindera 6G, Alpinia 10g, Poria 10g, Plantago 10g (package), shayuanzi 10g, 10g chinensis, dodder 10g, root 10g, calcined oyster (off) 20g. After 3 doses condition is greatly improved, the primary side of a change, after taking 30 doses, Zhucheng Yang noted flat, laboratory examination were normal.

According to the Chinese medicine for chronic prostatitis: "jingzhuo", Cheng Zhongling said: "the turbidity for two, a kidney losing fine streamer, a damp heat into the bladder." Xu Shi thought the disease kidney deficiency, damp heat is the standard, if the body of lung Wei Qi, easy to catch a cold, when coke under the damp heat, fine room has been disturbed, jingzhuo confusion, fine customs is not solid, turbidity is lingering finish. Xu's use of Bixiefenqing decoction combined with dodder pill: create sweet soup, with kidney tonic Daozhuo, to jingzhuo pathogenesis, clinical received good effect. More use of Yuping wind scattered lung health, Tori solid table, Royal evil outside attack, so that the bottom of the essence of the Department of storage and storage of turbid turbid degree, refined turbidity self-healing.



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