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The treatment of stroke, referring to the ancient name "dry" and "Weizheng" and "falling" treatment of clinical disease, often in the acupoi


The treatment of stroke, referring to the ancient name "dry" and "Weizheng" and "falling" treatment of clinical disease, often in the acupoints of Yangming and Shaoyang meridian in two, but because the treatment failed to take into account the change and development of stroke from beginning to end, and the effect will be affected to a certain extent.

The so-called "impotence given Yangming", is said to treat flaccidity Yangming Meridian, Yangming for Qi and blood vessel, Yang Qi smooth, upright strong, flaccid muscle can recover its function. But in fact, stroke before muscle shrinkage, to varying degrees, there will be a cause such as dizziness, coma, coma, consciousness disorder, limb numbness, limb motor dysfunction, mouth crooked, language barriers, incontinence, and other symptoms of dysphagia, therefore simply by treating atrophy or simply by taking only Yangming is not enough.

"Lingshu thorn festival really evil" cloud: "the thorn Festival said doubts, but you know the master of regulating yin and Yang, reinforcing more than enough phase tilt shift...... The wind in the body, blood partial deficiency, deficiency, more than real, not heavy, do not know what over Wan V, I do not know how the north and south, first on, at first against complex, upside down is to confuse....... Reducing the excess, the complement of yin and Yang, calm down, with a needle if the disease, to dispel doubts." The "classic" five words a thorn thorn doubts, apoplexy, rely on pure or simple Yin Yang thorn thorn is not enough.

According to the "five hit doubts regulating yin and Yang acupuncture classic", combined with clinical keenly aware of reinforcing and reducing method of acupuncture in different period, talk about different stroke patients.

Purging Yin Pingyang

Xingshen resuscitation

Xie Yin Pingyang Xingshen resuscitation for stroke, closed card, more common in hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease, the syndrome is dangerous, blood in yuan, making the brain, resulting in phlegm and blood stasis obstructing the tunnel, blinded Qingqiao gods and suddenly faint fall, mind consciousness disorders. However, awareness of the disorder is not unique to hemorrhagic patients, ischemic cerebral vascular disease patients also have symptoms of consciousness, such as short-term confusion, memory loss, lethargy, language disorders, etc.. In addition, the arrhythmia control brain, also visible limb movement disorder, incontinence, visual or language barriers, these obstacles are explained by brain were blocked, and to use the same points in order to recovery the gods, to connect the three yin and Yang Qi, recalled the brain of the various parts of the body right.

The acupoints should be selected, Renzhong, Neiguan Taichong, etc.. Because the brain is the house of God, Du coherence brains, Renzhong is on the point to improve the operation of Qi and blood vessel, receiving opening and closing effect of Xingnao Kaiqiao; heart of God, as the heart outside the pericardium Wei, monarch of order, the liver to the top of the head, the pericardium meridian and acupoint Neiguan liver meridian original point Taichong phase echo. The above points basically take a strong stimulus to reducing disturbance of consciousness eased, and then consider the treatment of head and limb movement disorder.

Nourishing yin and suppressing yang

Tongluo Yiyuan

The treatment of stroke recovery, improve limb motor dysfunction, mainly in tongues, head and face at the beginning, the muscle is mostly soft and not wilt, the main purpose of treatment is to start joint, tongue orifices, taking into account the pathogenesis of stroke is probably the vacuity, water does not contain wood, yin deficiency of liver and kidney, liver Yang wind, wind Yang nuisance, or phlegm, or caught fire, or dampness and blocking orifices. However, the most direct cause of stroke, whether it is caused by bleeding hematoma or vascular infarction caused by cerebral ischemia, can be regarded as "brain collaterals blood stasis, blood stasis is the standard for the brain, liver and kidney yin deficiency is the pathological characteristics, the selection of points should also be taken the head for attending the yang meridians, yin meridians to attending the physical principles of treatment, such as head and neck people, Fengfu and yamen, Renying, limb chize, Stephen, daling, Neiguan, Sanyinjiao, Taixi, Taichong, limb Yang Meridian can be considered and point to the committee. General Yang points more than make up and diarrhea.

Tongluo Yi Yuan is designed to communicate the brain to the body of the effective instructions. The motor function of the affected side has been restored, and the joint movement, then consider further improve muscle strength to strengthen the patient's functional exercise.

For patients with cerebral hemorrhage, in the acute phase or hematoma can not be properly absorbed before, the need for absolute bed conditions, do not post acupuncture wind house, mute door.

Yang Yang and Yin

Removing blood stasis

Patients with sequelae of apoplexy in the role of acupuncture under the action of limbs, the body should be further considered to improve muscle strength, muscle tension, to prevent muscle atrophy. A more sparse point selection of Yangming and Shaoyang meridian, with medial Yin meridian auxiliary. Yang Meridian as Fengchi, shoulder Yu, Quchi, Hegu, Waiguan, Huantiao, Yanglingquan, Weizhong, Zusanli, JieXi, Xuanzhong, Kunlun; yin meridians as mentioned before.

In this method, the purpose is to strengthen the role of dredging meridians, Qi and blood, promote the rehabilitation of the body. If prolonged limb hemiplegia, often occur in extensive muscle atrophy or spasm, the acupuncture treatment, the reinforcing method, the ipsilateral and contralateral acupuncture points are required to consider. Wei soft thorn yang meridians, Yin meridian contracture.

Xie Yin and Yang

Promote rehabilitation

In the process of development in the outcome of stroke sequela, the Yin and Yang Qi and meridians in the changes of yin or yang or yin and Yang is weak, weak, all meridians through actual Cunkou, Renying two veins and strength comparison. "Lingshu" cloud: "Shi Ji Shi, the meridians, maikou, Renying, known as Yin and Yang than enough, and the inequality." "It" Lingshu meridian and the actual start reinforcing said: people welcome a Sheng (twice on foot shaoyang disease in Cunkou), diarrhea, foot Shaoyang and Jueyin complement, with two and one supplement, once a day, if the Renying pulse and a restless, in the hands of shaoyang disease diarrhea, hand Shaoyang and repair of hand Jueyin disease; two people Ying Sheng, in full sun, and sun up Shaoyin foot with two, and one supplement, once every two days, if the Renying pulse two Sheng and restlessness, disease in the hands of the sun, and the sun hand and fill Shaoyin; at the three Sheng, in the foot Yangming disease, diarrhea and complement the Foot Yangming Taiyin; two and a needle reinforcing method, daily two times, if the Renying pulse three Sheng and restlessness, hand Yangming disease in diarrhea, hand Yangming and fill the. A disease in the Cunkou, foot Jueyin, and foot Jueyin and Shaoyang complement, with two make a catharsis, once a day, if a restless pulse, disease in the pericardium, and hand Jueyin and make up the sun; two Cunkou Sheng, in the disease of foot Shaoyin, foot less diarrhea Yin and make up the sun, with two repair method was applied once every two days, if the Cunkou pulse two Sheng restless, disease in hand Shao Yin, purging Shaoyin and fill the sun hand; three Cunkou Sheng, in the disease of foot Taiyin, diarrhea and Yangming foot Taiyin complement two patch, with daily needle manipulation. Two, if the Cunkou pulse restlessness, disease in hand Taiyin, purging Yin and supplement of hand Yangming hand too.

The Renying Cunkou pulse examination, ascertain the interior exterior meridians of the actual situation, in the corresponding channels according to the proportion of acupoint selection, with reinforcing and reducing, in order to achieve the balance between Qi and blood vein disease, such as diarrhea, foot Jueyin and Shaoyang complement, with two make a catharsis, can consider diarrhea LiV3, Yang Ling Quan, xuanzhong.

The above briefly introduces several methods of acupuncture treatment of stroke, because each stage of the disease development and prognosis without a clear boundary, so the treatment can be flexible according to the condition, or a method used alone, or with the application of alternating method.

Case introduction

Case 1: lateral medullary syndrome, brainstem infarction

Zheng x *, male, 69 years old, retired workers, hospitalization number: 605439.

In April 14, 1994, patients with dizziness with unstable walking more than half, to walk and admission, admission examination: BP:20 / 12kPa (-), heart and lung, God, inarticulate, left nasolabial fold, bilateral soft palate lifting, uvula centered, pharyngeal reflex, left eye optic nystagmus is visible the level of the left facial acupuncture hypesthesia, limbs, upper and lower limbs of the distal 0, I 0 brain CT showed mild atrophy of the cerebellum, right hand finger nose test (+), a history of hypertension.

Admission diagnosis: walking instability of unknown origin, lateral medullary syndrome, possibly brainstem ischemic lesions.

In May 10, 1994, the Department of acupuncture treatment, check with the former, pale tongue, white and greasy fur, wiry pulse, permit an imaginary evil is real and wind phlegm from attack on brain collaterals, low due to consider its location, it also points close to the brain stem. Take the head to Fengfu, Fengchi acupoint Qufeng, thorn can dredge Du, Shaoyang Qi, promoting vertebral basilar artery blood flow, to improve the status of brainstem ischemia. Patients with ambiguous language, with the people, the wind and the dumb door. Fengfu and yamen point two alternate applications, at the same time, limb chize, Neiguan, Sanyinjiao and the total Commission. 1 times a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

In May 23, 1994, after a course of treatment, the patient's speech has been clearer than before, and began to walk down, but walking powerless, need other people to support. Renying Cunkou diagnosis, Renying, doubled on foot shaoyang disease in Cunkou, diarrhea, and complement the quasi foot Shaoyang Jueyin, with two and a reinforcing method, and Fengchi, Yanglingquan, complement LiV3, taking into account the muscle fatigue, hearten Yang, action taken ipsilateral shoulder bone, Quchi, Hegu, waist Yu Yang Guan, Kunlun, at the same time combined with acupuncture Fenglong to bilateral phlegm dampness, to a course of treatment.

June 7, 1994, patients with dizziness disappeared, walking without difficulty discharge, discharge limb muscle strength V0. Discharge diagnosis: lateral medullary syndrome, brain stem infarction, hypertension.

At the end of July follow-up, patients were daily independent out walking distance of up to 4 to 5 miles, no discomfort.

Case two: middle cerebral artery infarction

Wang x, female, 74 years old, retired cadres, hospital number: 606745.

July 12, 1994 visit,

The June 22nd noon meal when suddenly feel the right hand holding chopsticks and right limb numbness, weakness, dizziness, no obvious headache, and limb gradually increased, the right hand is not flattering, right lower limb walking dragging.

Examination: BP:26 / 12kPa, right nasolabial sulcus shallow, right upper limb muscle strength: proximal I 0, distal 00, right lower limb muscle strength III, 0.

Admission diagnosis: left middle cerebral artery infarction, right hemiplegia, hypertension.

Patients with pale tongue tender, slightly purple, thin white fur, pulse string corrosion, the card is the gas poor, discord meridians, and blood stasis caused by brain. The central artery blood resistance, the central branch of the infarction, resulting in a certain range of superficial cerebral blood network of emptiness, the brain tissue blood supply affected by it, it is necessary to treat Tongluo yuan. Examining the two pulses of about three times, Renying Cunkou pulse dry sheng,

At the three Sheng Yangming disease, cure diarrhea when the Foot Yangming Taiyin, complement two diarrhea fill, diarrhea, Renying, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao complement, Renying diarrhea with needle sticking method to promote the carotid artery blood flow increase cerebral blood flow. Right upper limbs, hemiplegia, limb action take Jiquan, chize, Neiguan, lower limbs Weizhong, Taichong tune.

In July 26, 1994, after a course of treatment, the lower limb activity returned to normal, minus the committee, taichong.

In August 10, 1994, the shoulder and the elbow can move freely, finger flexion and extension activities, but only slightly, the thumb and four fingers don't touch, Renying Cunkou pulse, Sheng weak similar blood pressure to calm down, Renying, Zusanli and sanyinjiao.

On August 24, 1994, the left lower limb muscle strength V 0, right upper extremity proximal distal 0 V0, IV, right leg IV 0-, the right hand has been able to hold things and then discharged.



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