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Brief introduction of male pasteMale sexual function and reproductive function is a barometer of physical and mental health, sensitive react


Brief introduction of male paste

Male sexual function and reproductive function is a barometer of physical and mental health, sensitive reaction to the physical or mental state changes. After the discovery of such problems in a timely manner to help the early rehabilitation of physical and mental diseases, is one of the important applications of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the disease in the clinic.

Male paste party to adapt to the crowd: the application of Chinese medicine in the field of prescription cream prescription conditioning, conditioning a long history, has accumulated a large number of clinical experience. In the current social conditions, for the following male population, through the identification of physical fitness, dialectical dialectical combination of the application of the cream side has a few times the effectiveness of:

1 poor physical fitness are congenitally deficient;

2 study life and work pressure, physical and mental overload students, manual workers, white-collar workers, etc.;

3 age, the decline in physical function in older men;

4 long term sub-health status, the need to adjust the Constitution and not frequent medical treatment.

Male common diseases: paste to the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, male sexual function and reproductive function in a healthy state of mind as the premise, the basic function can play a normal, and kidney, filling kidney or not directly related with the heart, the regulatory function of lung and spleen to provide adequate blood and not closely linked. Therefore, viscera dysfunction or disorder can lead to different degrees of fertility, hypothyroidism or disorder. Clinical hypothyroidism mostly in Qi deficiency and decline of vital gate fire or thinking injured spleen, melancholy sadness, liver dysfunction, malnutrition of penis and cause; but may also be due to eating wine, Feiganhouwei products, not stagnation, poly wet heat bet which leads to penis caused by Yang do not lift. Therefore, sexual dysfunction cannot think is deficiency of the kidney, tonifying the kidney cannot quite make up a. It is better to be treated by the doctor on the basis of dialectical theory, according to the actual situation for the proper conditioning. The most common such as low libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea and spermatorrhoea, oligospermia and asthnospermia, dead sperm, sperm deformity, accompanied by a variety of symptoms such as anorexia, fatigue, shortness of breath, limbs, chills, sweating, aversion to heat, insomnia and so on deficiency manifestations are: treatment indications.

The prescription of male paste is commonly used and adapted to the crowd:

Nourishing kidney essence: congenitally deficient or acquired overstimulation, deficiency of kidney essence, lack of energy;

Soft liver nourishing: long life pressure, poor mood, excessive anxiety, liver blood deficiency;

Auntie: Yangxinanshen excessive, lack of effort, hung up, Xiubuan night;

The spleen qi, spleen qi deficiency, eat less fatigue, lack of energy, weakness of limbs;

Lungssolid table: Tixu susceptible, often sweating, fatigue and shortness of breath, fear of fear of cold wind.

In fact, causes of hypothyroidism is not a single, not so simple machinery, often is often for various reasons and, deficiency and excess syndromes, which requires more conditioning cream. Because the cream is often composed of thirty or forty traditional Chinese medicine, can be used for a variety of causes of different combinations of traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine prescription compared to the treatment of more room to play. Experts point out that, from the current situation of clinical treatment, the prescription and treatment, the harmony between man and nature, slow and powerful, is indeed a good method of treatment and fertility decline.

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